A Very Sticky Situation

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A Very Sticky Situation
A screenshot of Mario traversing the Sling Pod Galaxy.
Location Sling Pod Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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A Very Sticky Situation is the only mission of the Sling Pod Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to utilize Sling Pods and Pull Stars to navigate the course. The name of the mission is a pun on the term "a sticky situation", which means being stuck in a difficult predicament.


The player has to make use of many Sling Pods to get around the level. In the first area, there are several cannons that will fire cannonballs in a set direction the player has to avoid while slinging from pod to pod. The fourth Sling Pod is surrounded by moving walls the player has to time their launch with, and the path between the fifth and six pods has four cannons going off at once. When the player reaches the Mine Area, they have to use Pull Stars to get through while dodging the stationary and moving Space Mines. Afterward is another Sling Pod segment, though the player now has to avoid Fire Bars instead. There is a 1-Up Mushroom in this area. The Power Star at the end is surrounded by several walls the player has to time their launch with in order to avoid hitting them.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひっぱりマユで んでゆけ!
Hippari Mayu de tonde yuke!
Fly using Sling Pods!
Chinese 拉力茧弹射飞行!
Lālì jiǎn tánshè fēiháng!
Launch with Elastic Cocoon!
French (NOA) Les Cocons Élastiques The Elastic Cocoons
French (NOE) Les cocons ėlastiques The elastic cocoons
German Fliege mit Kleb-Kokons! Fly with Sticky-Cocoons!
Italian In Volo con le Larve Elastiche Flying with the Elastic Larvae
Korean 당기는고치로 날아라!
Danggineungochiro narara!
Fly with Sling Pod!
Spanish (NOA) Aerolíneas Larvarias Larval Airlines
Spanish (NOE) Aerolíneas larvarias Larval airlines