Luigi on the Roof

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Luigi on the Roof
Luigi sends Mario a postcard pointing out he is in the Good Egg Galaxy
Location Good Egg Galaxy
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Bro! I got a star, but now I can't get back. This picture shows where I am. HELP ME!”
Luigi's message, Super Mario Galaxy

Luigi on the Roof is the sixth and final mission of Good Egg Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This mission is only accessible after receiving a letter from Mailtoad after finishing Luigi and the Haunted Mansion telling Mario (or Luigi) about Luigi being trapped on the roof. The primary goal in this mission is for Mario to access the top of the roof of the starting planet to rescue Luigi. This mission can be completed on any of the galaxy's non-comet levels.


Mario first lands on the grassy starting planet. Here he has to navigate around some blue Electrogoombas. Eventually, he finds himself on the bottom of the starting planet. Whilst here, he finds an orange Warp Pipe that takes him inside a secret room inside the planet. This room is filled with boulders. Mario first has to find a ramp that takes him to the rightmost wall of the area. He then navigates to the back wall of the area by walking across another ramp. A third ramp takes him to the leftmost wall of the area, whilst a fourth one takes him to the top of the room. Here there is an orange Warp Pipe. This Warp Pipe takes Mario to the roof of the house where Luigi is trapped. Talking to Luigi reveals the Power Star of the mission.

Alternatively, Mario can Triple Jump or Somersault up to the roof.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴ星団せいだんの ルイージ
Tamago seidan no Ruīji
Luigi in the Egg Star Cluster
Chinese 蛋蛋星团的路易吉
Dàn dàn xīngtuán de Lùyìjí
Luigi of the Egg Star Cluster
French (NOA) Luigi dans la Galaxie des Planètes Œufs Luigi in the Good Egg Galaxy
French (NOE) Luigi dans l'amas stellaire des œufs Luigi in the egg's star cluster
German Luigi im Eiersternhaufen Luigi in the Egg-Star-Cluster
Italian Luigi nell'Ovocosmo Luigi in the Egg Cosmos
Korean 달걀 성단의 루이지
Dalgyal seongdan ui Ruiji
Luigi in the Egg Star Cluster
Spanish (NOA) Luigi en la Galaxia Ovoestrella Luigi in the Good Egg Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Luigi en la constelación ovoide Luigi in the ovoid constellation