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Mario surfing on Ray
Mario surfing on Ray
“Are you a surfer too? Oh, but this is your first time ray surfing, right? Well then, let me show you the ropes.”
Coach, Super Mario Galaxy

Ray surfing is one of two minigames in Super Mario Galaxy, the other one being Bob-omb Blasting. Ray surfing appears in two galaxies: the Loopdeeloop Galaxy and Loopdeeswoop Galaxy. In the Loopdeeloop Galaxy, the player is taught how to ray surf by Coach. To do so, the player must surf on Ray, using it as a surfboard to traverse a course made up of water. The player must point Wii Remote at the screen and twist it to the left or the right to go in said directions. A Button is used to accelerate, and flicking Wii Remote allows Mario (or Luigi) and Ray to jump. Turning too much makes Ray fall off the stage, resulting in losing a life. After he collects the galaxy's Power Star, Mario is considered a champion surfer.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エイ
Ei nori
Ray riding

Chinese (simplified) 乘鳐鱼仔
Chéng Yáoyúzǎi
Riding Ray

Spanish (NOE) Raying
From raya ("ray") and "surfing"