Freezing water

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Mario skating on freezing water in the Freezeflame Galaxy while utilizing the Ice Flower
“BRRR! Frostbite Danger! Do not swim here. I'm serious. --The Penguin”
Sign in Snowman's Land, Super Mario 64

Freezing water[1] is a hazard for Mario in several games, due to its low temperature.


Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

The freezing water below Mario

In Super Mario 64 and its remake, Super Mario 64 DS, freezing water appears in Snowman's Land in two forms. The first type of water cannot be touched at all, and any character who makes contact with it loses three wedges of health (or four and a half wedges if Mario, Luigi, or Wario has no cap) and bounces away, in a similar manner to lava. This water is found only in a large pool underneath the Chill Bully's platform. When pushed off, the Chill Bully will melt in the freezing water and be defeated.

The second type makes up the freezing pond and acts much like regular water; however, this water is so cold that the player will begin to lose a wedge of their Health Meter for every two seconds they are in it, and will not recover health automatically like in regular water.

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

Freezing water also makes an appearance in Super Mario Galaxy in the Freezeflame Galaxy. Like regular water, it can be swum in; however, if Mario or Luigi stays in it for too long, they will lose one slice of their Health Meter. Therefore, to traverse it, an Ice Flower is required. When jumping into this water, the screen will "tingle" for a split-second.

There is a exploit that allows Mario or Luigi to traverse freezing water without using an Ice Flower or taking damage over time. Usually, Mario or Luigi can not jump in water unless they are next to land. However, a second player utilizing the Star Cursor can make Mario or Luigi jump, even if they are in water. Jumping out of the freezing water immediately cancels the code for taking damage in water. This means that if the second player makes Mario or Luigi jump consecutively within around 2 seconds of each jump, Mario or Luigi will safely be able to swim across freezing water.

Super Mario Odyssey[edit]

Freezing water can be found primarily throughout the Snow Kingdom, as well as a bonus area in the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. If Mario swims in it, the screen will gradually become covered with frost, and if he stays in too long, he will take damage. He can avoid taking damage from the freezing water by capturing one of the kingdom's purple Cheep Cheeps. Gushens can also travel safely across freezing water. One area of the Darker Side course also features a moving block of freezing water, through which Mario must swim to avoid a set of Fuzzies.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Acqua ghiacciata
Lago Gelato[2] (Chill Bully's variant)
Acqua gelida (Super Mario Odyssey)
Chilly water
Freezed Lake
Frigid water


  • In Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, if the player loses their last piece of health in the freezing pond, the drowning animation is still used. Also, the low health alarm will be heard when the player has one or two wedges left.
  • In Super Mario 64, if mods are used to fill Cool, Cool Mountain and Wing Mario Over the Rainbow with water (due to their being "cold" courses and Mario's shivering in his idle animation in these courses), the water would be programmed to be freezing by default.[3]
  • In Super Mario Odyssey, the same ticking sound that Bob-ombs make in more recent games plays when Mario is in freezing water.