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Multi Moon
SMO Art - Multi Moon (Vector).svg
A trio of Power Moons with a crown on top.

First Appearance

Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Screenshot of a Multi Moon in the Sand Kingdom.

Multi Moons[1] are collectable items in Super Mario Odyssey. Equivalent to the Grand Stars in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, they grant three Power Moons when collected, and are usually collected after completing a level with a boss or another story-related mission.[2] Like the Power Moons, the Multi Moons are given specific colors depending on the kingdom in which they are found.



Multi Moons feature a different color depending on the kingdom in which they are found. Their color also matches the color of the kingdom's Power Moons and the pole of the Kingdom's Checkpoint Flag.

Kingdom Color
Cap Kingdom -
Cascade Kingdom Gold[3]
Lake Kingdom Red[4][5]
Luncheon Kingdom Cyan[6]
Metro Kingdom Mahogany
Mushroom Kingdom (?)
Sand Kingdom Green
Seaside Kingdom Purple[7][8]
Snow Kingdom (?)
Wooded Kingdom Blue[9]
Forgotten Isle Yellow
Unnamed lava kingdom (?)


  • Multi Moons were originally called Grand Moons during the E3 playthrough.[10]

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