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Koopa Trace-Walking in the Sand Kingdom

Koopa Trace-Walking (also known as simply Trace-Walking) is a minigame featured in Super Mario Odyssey. It appears in the Sand Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, and Moon Kingdom, where Mario can play it by talking to a Koopa Troopa. The minigame involves walking in a set shape marked with blue arrows and trying to replicate the shape as accurately as possible. After a few seconds, the arrows on the ground disappear, forcing the player to memorize the shape. The level of the shape's accuracy is translated into points at the end of the minigame, and if Mario achieves at least 80 points, he is rewarded with a Power Moon. After breaking the kingdom's Moon Rock, Mario can play the same minigame again for a second Power Moon, although this time he must score at least 90 points to earn it.

The first time Mario finds this minigame is in the Sand Kingdom, where a red-shelled Koopa Troopa wearing a sombrero appears northeast of Tostarena Town. Mario must replicate the circle shape as best as possible with at least 80 points, after which he will be rewarded with the "Walking the Desert!" Power Moon. Mario can play again post-game after breaking the kingdom's Moon Rock for the "More Walking in the Desert!" Power Moon.

The Snow Kingdom features another version of the minigame located in a door in front of the "Corner of the Freezing Sea" Checkpoint Flag. It takes place in a small cave, where a blue-shelled Koopa Troopa is seen sporting a snow hat. For this version, the shape is now a triangle and the floor is now slippery. Mario must once again score at least 80 points for the "Walking on Ice!" Power Moon and 90 points for the post-game "Even More Walking on Ice!" Power Moon.

The third and final version of the minigame appears in the Moon Kingdom after Bowser is defeated. This time, a purple-shelled Koopa Troopa is seen wearing a space helmet, and can be found by jumping off the ledge with the Crazy Cap shop. The shape is a circle again; however, there are a few bumps on the ground that can affect Mario's movements. Mario once again receives two of the kingdom's Power Moons—"Walking on the Moon!" and "Walking on the Moon: Again!"—from the minigame.

Mario cannot participate in the minigame if he captures a subject or rides a Jaxi. Additionally, if Mario brings a captured enemy to a Koopa Troopa, he will tell the enemy in question, "Outta the way, bro!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコウォーク
Nokonoko Wōku
Koopa Troopa Walk

Dutch figuurlopen
figure walk
French Marche Koopa
Koopa Walk
German Koopa-Pfeilelauf
Koopa Arrow Walk
Italian Marcia dei Koopa
Walk of the Koopas
Russian Купа-ходьба
Koopa Walk

Spanish Marcha de koopas
Walk of the koopas