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Uproot Icon SMO.png
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Uproots are enemies from Super Mario Odyssey that can be controlled with Cappy. In their natural state, Uproots have flower pots on their heads, and have red eyes. They can stretch their legs to reach high places.

Uproots can be found in the Wooded Kingdom, a secret, lava-filled area in the Seaside Kingdom, and the Darker Side. In order to break the flower pots on their heads, Mario needs to throw Cappy at them, allowing him to take control of the Uproot. They can be used to reach places Mario normally couldn't reach.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セノビー[1]
From 背伸び (senobi), to stretch one's back to make oneself appear taller.
Spanish Cebolleto Litte Onion
French Poupousse Portmanteau of pousse (bud) and the verb pousser (stretching).
Dutch Uproot -
German Mieswurz From mies (bad) and the noun Wurzel (Root).
Italian Bulbotto Little Bulb
Russian Корняк
Korean 쭈우키
From 쭈욱 (jju'uk, stretching) and probably 키 (ki, height).
Chinese 腿伸伸 (Simplified)
Tuǐ shēn shēn
賽諾比 (Traditional)
Sài nuò bǐ
From 腿 (tuǐ, leg) and 伸 (shēn, to stretch).

Transliteration of the Japanese name.


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