Zipper (Super Mario Odyssey)

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A Zipper in Super Mario Odyssey
Mario undoing a zipper in the Lake Kingdom

Zippers are capturable objects in Super Mario Odyssey. When captured, they provide a means of accessing secrets. Switches, Power Moons, and coins are among the objects that can be found behind the zippers. They may also be used to form bridges over gaps. They appear only in the Lake Kingdom.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファスナー
Chinese 拉链 (Simplified)
拉鍊 (Traditional)
Dutch Rits Zip
French (NOA) Fermeture éclair Zip fastener
French (NOE) Tirette Zipper
German Reißverschluss Zipper
Italian Chiusura lampo Zip fastener
Russian Бегунок
Spanish (NOA) Cierre Zipper
Spanish (NOE) Cremallera Zipper