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Seaside Kingdom
SMO Seaside Kingdom.jpg
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Seaside Kingdom is a tropical location in the upcoming game Super Mario Odyssey. It is the greater location of Bubblaine, and is a tropical location. Its Regional Coins are shaped like seashells.


  • Lighthouse
  • Underwater Tunnel to the Lighthouse
  • Glass Palace
  • Rolling Canyon
  • Hot Spring Island
  • Ocean Trench West[1]

Power Moon Locations[edit]

The Seaside Kingdom has purple Power Moons.

There are a total of 52 Power Moons in this kingdom.[2] Mario will need a total of 10 Power Moons to power up the Odyssey.[3]

  • 01: The Stone Pillar Seal: Obtained by using an octopus enemy to climb up a pillar near the beach by the Odyssey.[4]
  • 02: The Lighthouse Seal: Obtained by entering the pipe at the end of the Underwater Tunnel to the Lighthouse.[5]
  • 03: The Hot Spring Seal: Obtained by using an octopus enemy to clear away the lava at Hot Spring Island and diving to retrieve the moon.[6]
  • 04: The Seal Above the Canyon: Obtained by climbing the Rolling Canyon the breaking the crate-wall at the end of the path.[7]
  • 13: Slip Through the Nesting Spot:
  • The Glass is Half Empty![8]
  • Ocean-Bottom Maze: Treasure: Obtained by reaching the end of the 2D maze section underwater.[9]
  • Ocean-Bottom Maze: Hidden Room: Obtained by crouching and entering a secret room in the 2D section of the Kingdom.[8]
  • Good Job, Captain Toad!: Obtained by climbing up a steep summit and reaching Captain Toad, who has made base there.[8]
  • Merci, Dorrie!: Obtained by diving under the purple Crazy Cap shop.[10]
  • Obtained by using an octopus enemy to reach the Moon floating above the yellow Crazy Cap shop (only accessible after defeating the octopus boss).[11]
  • The Sphynx's Underwater Vault: Obtained by answering the Sphynx's riddle and gaining access to his vault.[12]
  • Beach Volleyball: Champ: Obtained by scoring 15 points in the Beach Volleyball minigame.[13][14]
  • Obtained by scoring 100 points in the Beach Volleyball minigame.[15]
  • A Rumble on the Seaside Floor: Obtained by ground pounding a specific area in a secret room accessed via a Warp Pipe.[16]
  • Lighthouse Leaper: Obtaining by gliding from the top of the lighthouse with a captured Glydon to the central island and then talking to the local.[17]
  • Wading in the Cloud Sea: Found at the end of a secret, foggy area accessed via a Rocket.[18]
  • Love by the Seaside[19]: Obtained by meeting with the female Goomba while controlling a Goomba Stack[20]
  • Hurry and Stretch: Obtained by using an Uproot to traverse across a secret area located under the Hot Spring Island.[21]
  • Stretch on the Side Path: Obtained by using an Uproot to traverse across a side path in the "Hurry and Stretch" Moon area.[22]
  • Bubblaine Northern Reaches[23]
  • Moon Shards in the Sea[24]
  • Obtained by capturing a purple octopus enemy and using it to climb through an area in the southern cliff wall.[25]
  • Obtained by opening four treasure chests in the correct order in an underwater sea cave.[26]
  • Can be purchased from the Crazy Cap shop for 100 yellow Coins.[27]
  • Obtained by collecting all the Rainbow Notes above the water near the Lighthouse.[28]
  • Found on top of a high cliff ledge on the western side of Bubblaine.[29]
  • Obtained by traveling through an underwater tunnel.[30]
  • Obtained by traveling to the bottom of an underwater series of tunnels.[31]
  • Found by ground pounding some brick blocks in an underwater tunnel near the southern areas of Bubblaine.[32]

Multi Moon Locations[edit]

  • 05: The Glass is Half Full!: Obtained after defeating the octopus boss.[8]




Names in other languages[edit]

Seaside Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 海の国
Umi no Kuni
Sea Land; same as Water Land.
Spanish (NOE) Reino Ribereño[33] Riverside Kingdom
French (NOE) Pays de la Mer[34] Sea Country
Dutch Strandrijk[35] Beach Kingdom
German Küstenland[36] Coastal Country
Italian Regno del Mare[37] Sea Kingdom
Russian Пляжное царство[38]
Pl'azhnoe carstvo
Beach Kingdom
Chinese 海之國[39]
Hǎi zhī guó
Sea Kingdom


Language Name Meaning
Japanese シュワシュワーナ
From シュワシュワ shuwashuwa (the fizziness of carbonated drinks)
Spanish (NOE) Playa Pulpierre[33] From playa (beach), pulpo (octopus) and pierre (a French name)
French (NOE) Pétillance[34] From pétillant (sparkling)
Dutch Bubbelbeach[35] Bubble-Beach
German Blubberstrand[36] Bubbling Beach
Italian Bollicinia[37] From bollicine (bubbles)
Russian г. Пузырьен[40]
g. Puzyryen
Puzyryen City. Puzyryen is made from pyzyr (bubble) and -en (a common ending of town names)


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