Infiltrate Bowser's Castle!

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Infiltrate Bowser's Castle!
Location Bowser's Kingdom
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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Infiltrate Bowser's Castle! is the first story mission of Bowser's Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The mission's objective is to defeat a Stairface Ogre.


The mission begins at the Odyssey, near the entrance to Bowser's Castle. After crossing ten Goombas, Mario must capture a spark pylon to go to the next area. He must then capture a Pokio and use it to climb up the wall, evading the Spinies along the way. After capturing another spark pylon, Mario must pass more Spinies and head to his right, and subsequently defeat the Stairface Ogre, allowing him to collect the Power Moon.

Locations visited[edit]

  • Third Courtyard (Front)
  • Third Courtyard (Rear)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 潜入! クッパ城
Sennyu! Kuppa-jō
Infiltration! Bowser's Castle

Chinese (simplified) 潜入酷霸王城堡!
Qiánrù Kùbà wáng chéngbǎo!
Infiltrate Bowser's Castle!

Chinese (traditional) 潛入庫巴城堡!
Qiánrù Kùbā chéngbǎo!
Infiltrate Bowser's Castle!

Italian Infiltrazione al Castello di Bowser
Infiltration of Bowser's Castle
Spanish (NOE) Infiltración en el Castillo de Bowser
Infiltration of Bowser's Castle