Shiveria Town

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Shiveria Town
SMO Snow Brochure B.png
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Snow Kingdom
“Shiveria is a huge excavated settlement beneath the ice. It's warmer here than up above, but you'll want to bundle up all the same. Despite the cold, the cheerful Shiverians will thaw any traveller's frozen heart. And if you visit the center square, you'll see the fiery passion the Shiverians have for their traditional races. Take one look at the screens showing the action, and you'll be caught up in the excitement too!”
Snow Kingdom brochure, Super Mario Odyssey

Shiveria Town is a location in the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

To find and enter Shiveria Town, Mario must locate the chute in the middle of the outside of Shiveria, Above the Ice Well. He may need to clear away some of the snow hiding the top of the chute to find it. He may then drop down to find himself in a much warmer, and friendlier, setting, inhabited by Shiverians.

In the middle of Shiveria Town is a Crazy Cap shop run by Shiverians. Outside of the shop is a Shiverian who awards Mario with a Power Moon if he speaks to him while wearing boxers. Talkatoo is near here. On the south side of Shiveria Town, Mario may find boxes stacked with a Power Moon above them. Next to the boxes is a Warp Pipe which takes Mario back to the outside world. A piece of Hint Art can be found in the corner, hinting at a Power Moon in the Lost Kingdom.

On the other end of Shiveria Town is the chute leading to the Snowline Circuit, initially blocked off by a number of barricades. Mario must head to the four surrounding areas (namely Wind-Chill Cavern, Hollow Crevasse, Icicle Cavern and Snowy Mountain) and acquire specific Power Moons in each section to open up the chute. There is also a pole in the area Mario may climb up to reach a set of platforms close to the ceiling. A Power Moon can be found here, buried under a heap of snow in a spot that must be Ground Pounded to reveal it, along with another in a treasure chest on the other side. A Shiverian also stands on these platforms and guards a locked door, only letting Mario in if he wears both the Snow Hood and Snow Suit; the door leads to a room containing an 8-bit pipe and five Moon Shards.

After beating the main story, Princess Peach and Tiara can be found in Shiveria Town - speaking to them earns Mario a Power Moon.

The Snow Kingdom brochure describes Shiveria Town as a warm community, much warmer than the outside. The brochure also promises hospitality from the Shiverians and excitement from watching and participating in the races.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パウダーボウルの町
Paudābōru no Machi
Powderbowl City

Italian Città di Ibernia
Shiveria Town
Spanish (NOE) Friolandia capital
Shiveria Capital City