Desert Oasis (Super Mario Odyssey)

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This article is about the location in Super Mario Odyssey. For the Donkey Kong Jungle Beat level, see Desert Oasis (level).
Desert Oasis
The Desert Oasis from Super Mario Odyssey.
A view of the Desert Oasis.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Sand Kingdom

Desert Oasis is a location found in the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is a small body of water surrounded by a short cliff in the southeast area of the kingdom.


Upon first visiting the Sand Kingdom, the player is unable to interact much with the oasis, as it is frozen over by the extreme cold. Surrounding the oasis is some patches of grass and tall palm trees; on top of one is a note which starts a challenge for a Power Moon. There is also a Jaxi stop outside of the oasis, some Hat Trampolines, and a small sand dune where multiple birds are gathered; this can be Ground Pounded to reveal another Power Moon.

The alcove in Desert Oasis from Super Mario Odyssey.
The alcove where Captain Toad may be found.

Upon defeating Knucklotec, the oasis thaws and can be explored. In the water are some Tostarenan regional coins, and a Lakitu can be found nearby; Mario can capture it to fish in the oasis for Cheep Cheeps, and successfully reeling in a Big Cheep Cheep will earn the player a Power Moon. Mario as the Lakitu can also travel to a small alcove inside the cliff north of the oasis, where some more Cheep Cheeps are buried under the sand; reeling in the large one swimming out here will reveal that it was actually Captain Toad, who will then reward the player with a Power Moon when spoken to. There is also a shining bird flying around the oasis, and hitting it will make it drop another Power Moon. Finally, a lone Jaxi statue can be found right outside of the oasis to the northeast; riding Jaxi to this location and making it face the statue will give out a Power Moon.

After completing the main story, some Volbonans and a New Donker come to visit the area. After destroying the Sand Kingdom's Moon Rock, one last Power Moon can be found atop one of the palm trees surrounding the oasis.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 砂漠のオアシス
Sabaku no Oashisu
Desert Oasis
Chinese 沙漠绿洲 (Simplified)
沙漠綠洲 (Traditional)
Shāmò lǜzhōu
Desert Oasis
German Wüstenoase Desert Oasis
Russian Пустынный оазис
Pustynnyi oazis
Desert Oasis
Spanish (NOE) Oasis en el desierto Desert Oasis