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This article is about the object in Dr. Mario World. For the recurring blocks in the Super Mario series, see Ice Block. For the object known as "Ice" in Mario Clash, see Icicle.
Ice from Dr. Mario World
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2019)

Ice is a stage object from Dr. Mario World. It is depicted as either an ice cube or partially-broken ice. An ice cube that is broken will become partially-broken ice, while partially-broken ice will be destroyed if it is broken. For the ice to break, an object that can be matched with capsules such as viruses or exploders will require matching with the capsules, while in other instances including ice that do not contain anything, just making a capsule match near the ice will break it one time. In either instance, any skill, item or stage object that can eliminate can also break the ice one time. Ice fans can also cover a virus or objects that can eliminate other objects (e.g. shells) in ice.

Dr. Ludwig's skill involves ice, where in stage mode he can break up to 10 objects covered in ice one time in the stage, while in versus mode he can cover up to 10 viruses in ice on the opponent's play area. Dr. Morton's skill in versus mode also involves ice (in addition to bubbles), in which he will cover some of the viruses inside ice. Both forms of ice may appear in some of the starting layouts in versus mode. In versus mode, Dr. Ludwig and Dr. Morton's skills cover viruses in ice in the partially-broken state, but will not change viruses already covered in ice into its ice cube state.