World 2 (Dr. Mario World)

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World 2
DMW World 2 Map.jpg
Appearance Dr. Mario World
Levels 44
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World 2 is a desert world in Dr. Mario World. It introduces green viruses as part of the viruses mixed in its regular stages, replacing the yellow virus, and viruses encased in bubbles as hazards. The world also introduces obtaining Virus Coins from defeating viruses over the marked area as a method of completion. The second area introduces viruses in cages where activating Lock Blocks exposes them. When an area is cleared, Spikes and Pokeys appear.

Area 1[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld-Stage41.png Stage 41 This stage introduces viruses in Bubbles, which float toward the top of the screen.
DrMarioWorld-Stage42.png Stage 42 This stage has a bunch of bubbles at the bottom, with viruses between blocks above.
DrMarioWorld-Stage43.png Stage 43 This stage has Shells at the top with bubbles below, to the right.
DrMarioWorld-Stage44.png Stage 44 A diagonally-oriented stage, with three lines of viruses. The viruses in the middle line are encased in ice.
DrMarioWorld-Stage45.png Stage 45 A stage that involves obtaining Coins from Brick Blocks, with four columns of blocks and one row above.
DrMarioWorld-Stage46.png Stage 46 This stage has lots of viruses between Brick Blocks, including bubble viruses. There is also a shell and a Skill Charger.
DrMarioWorld-Stage47.png Stage 47 A stage with lots of bubble viruses, along with an exploder in a bubble.
DrMarioWorld-Stage48.png Stage 48 A stage shaped like a percent sign, made of ice viruses and brick blocks. Each brick block contains a red virus.
DrMarioWorld-Stage49.png Stage 49 A stage with lots of ice viruses, with short columns of Empty Blocks and a shell at the top.
DrMarioWorld-Stage50.png Stage 50 In this stage, the player must obtain coins from a rectangle of brick blocks, with viruses surrounding it and two exploders inside.
DrMarioWorld-Stage51.png Stage 51 This stage has bubble viruses between blocks, with lots of viruses in brick blocks at the top.
DrMarioWorld-Stage52.png Stage 52 A stage with rows of brick blocks at the top, and a column of bubble viruses on each side.
DrMarioWorld-Stage53.png Stage 53 This stage has a column of exploders between bricks, with viruses between empty blocks on the sides.
DrMarioWorld-Stage54.png Stage 54 A stage with viruses in the shapes of a square and triangle.
DrMarioWorld-Stage55.png Stage 55 This stage has brick blocks in the shape of four brackets, each with a skill charger.
DrMarioWorld-Stage56.png Stage 56 In this stage, both sides have a column of bubble viruses in a set of many empty blocks, with exploders next to them. Several viruses are present at the top.
DrMarioWorld-Stage57.png Stage 57 This stage has a shell of each color in the middle, and many exploders at the top.
DrMarioWorld-Stage58.png Stage 58 A diagonally-oriented stage with regular, ice, and bubble viruses between bricks.
DrMarioWorld-Stage59.png Stage 59 This stage has viruses arranged in the shape of a star, with brick blocks around it.
DrMarioWorld-Stage60.png Stage 60 The last stage of the first area. It has bubble viruses between brick blocks, with more of the stage coming downward after enough is cleared. Completing this stage awards the player with 500 coins.

Area 2[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld-Stage61.png Stage 61 This stage introduces Lock Blocks. When activated, they expose viruses in cages. The stage is made up of five columns of caged viruses, with empty blocks in-between.
DrMarioWorld-Stage62.png Stage 62 A stage with viruses surrounding a lock block in the middle, with caged viruses around them.
DrMarioWorld-Stage63.png Stage 63 This stage introduces lock blocks encased in ice. There are two sets of viruses arranged in the shape of keys, separated by a two rows of caged viruses.
DrMarioWorld-Stage64.png Stage 64 This stage has caged viruses arranged in the shape of a triangle, with a lock block surrounded by brick blocks in the corner.
DrMarioWorld-Stage65.png Stage 65 This stage introduces Virus Coins, which are hidden inside sets of viruses.
DrMarioWorld-Stage66.png Stage 66 A stage with several bubble viruses below a set of brick blocks.
DrMarioWorld-Stage67.png Stage 67 This stage has four sections separated by empty blocks, each section having exploders encased in ice. Half-capsules must be placed between the exploders.
DrMarioWorld-Stage68.png Stage 68 A stage with ice viruses arranged in the shape of a bug-eyed creature.
DrMarioWorld-Stage69.png Stage 69 A stage with many caged viruses arranged in squares.
DrMarioWorld-Stage70.png Stage 70 This stage has several viruses surrounding a lock block surrounded by brick blocks, with hidden coins within the viruses.
DrMarioWorld-Stage71.png Stage 71 This stage has bubble viruses arranged in an arrow shape, with viruses and blocks around it and two rows of caged viruses at the top.
DrMarioWorld-Stage72.png Stage 72 A stage made up of several brick blocks. A row of bubble viruses is present at the bottom, with exploders and shells on the sides above it. Above that is more viruses between the blocks, with an exploder in the middle.
DrMarioWorld-Stage73.png Stage 73 This stage has caged viruses arranged like three rings, with lock blocks inside each one.
DrMarioWorld-Stage74.png Stage 74 A stage with many viruses inside a set of brick blocks, with a lock block in the middle. Caged viruses surround the blocks, with skill chargers on the sides.
DrMarioWorld-Stage75.png Stage 75 A stage with many sections divided by brick blocks. Each section has a set of viruses with a hidden coin.
DrMarioWorld-Stage76.png Stage 76 The lower half of the stage has five areas divided by empty blocks, each having a column of bubble viruses, blocked off by a row of brick blocks above. The upper half has sets of brick blocks with viruses surrounding the side ones.
DrMarioWorld-Stage77.png Stage 77 A stage with three lock blocks, each surrounded by viruses in cages of the same color. They can be activated using shells.
DrMarioWorld-Stage78.png Stage 78 A stage a row of exploders surrounded by brick blocks, with viruses above and below.
DrMarioWorld-Stage79.png Stage 79 A stage with many bubble viruses and brick blocks.
DrMarioWorld-Stage80.png Stage 80 The last stage of the second area, with more of the stage coming after enough is cleared. The first part has sets of bubble viruses between many brick blocks, with a column containing shells and viruses on the right side. The second part has rows of ice viruses, and then more viruses between brick blocks. Completing this stage earns the player a free Staff Ticket.

Challenge stages[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld-Stage2A.png Stage 2A Within a 90 second time limit, players need to eliminate all viruses. This stage has two sets of many columns of viruses, divided by caged brick blocks that must be unlocked.
DrMarioWorld-Stage2B.png Stage 2B Within a 60 second time limit, players need to eliminate all viruses. This stage has many viruses surrounding small sets of brick blocks.
DrMarioWorld-Stage2C.png Stage 2C Within a 90 second time limit, players need to eliminate all viruses. This stage has long columns of viruses on the sides, with rows of pink viruses and rows of caged viruses and blocks throughout the middle.

Special Stage[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld-SpecialStage2.png Special Stage This stage has several bubble viruses, with two exploders and shells in the middle, along with caged shells and a caged exploder in the top left corner. When enough is cleared, the rest of the stage comes in, made entirely out of brick blocks with a lock block in the middle. Completing this stage awards the player 1000 coins, and as of Version 1.2.0, Dr. Yoshi is also awarded.