Rainbow Start

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Rainbow Start
A Rainbow Start
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2020)
Effect Changes the first 3 capsules into rainbow capsules!

Rainbow Start is a stage start in Dr. Mario World introduced in version 1.4.0. When used prior to entering a stage, it changes the first 3 capsules into full-sized rainbow capsules, making it easier to get a head start. Players can get a free Rainbow Start item in stage 10, while more can be earned through special events such as one of the skill summit rewards. During a Power Boost Rally, if the player has beaten at least one stage in a row, they are eligible to use this item for free during the rally's period until they lose or restart that stage. If there are no more free uses of this item, the player is required to spend 5 diamonds to use it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レインボーカプセル
Reinbō Kapuseru
Rainbow Capsule

Chinese (simplified) 彩虹胶囊
Cǎihóng jiāonáng
Rainbow Capsule

Chinese (traditional) 彩虹膠囊
Cǎihóng jiāonáng
Rainbow Capsule

French Gélule arc-en-ciel
Rainbow Capsule
German Regenbogenstart
Italian Arcobalpieno
Korean 레인보우캡슐
Rainbow Capsule

Portuguese Início arco-íris
Rainbow start
Spanish (NOA) Inicio arcoíris
Spanish (NOE) Inicio arcoíris