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Princess Daisy
Artwork of Daisy from Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Artwork from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Species Human
First appearance Super Mario Land (1989)
Latest appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Latest portrayal Giselle Fernandez (2023 – present)
“Don't underestimate me, people! Just because I'm a princess doesn't mean I won't fight dirty!”
Princess Daisy, Fortune Street

Princess Daisy, or casually Daisy, is the princess of Sarasaland and a recurring character in the Super Mario franchise. Despite being a princess, she is tomboyish and energetic, traits stated in her debut appearance in 1989's Super Mario Land on the Game Boy.[1] Daisy would not make a major appearance again until Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 in 2000, and has since made relatively frequent appearances in games of various genres. She is also Luigi's love interest and Peach's best friend. Her traits and abilities are often flower-based.

Creation and development

In Super Mario Land, the developers wanted the game to take place in a new setting, far away from the Mushroom Kingdom, and Daisy was created to fill the damsel-in-distress role.[2] Sarasaland was named after a type of floral design, and Daisy was created with a matching flower motif.[3] Despite Daisy's role, she was prescribed a unique personality,[1] which has continued to be part of her defining traits in subsequent appearances.

After an early hiatus in the 1990s, Daisy was reintroduced in Mario Tennis. The planning department at Camelot wanted more characters with bodies better suited for the real-life sport than what most Mario characters provided, and they found Daisy to be a valuable addition when Nintendo suggested her. This was also after Nintendo turned down the game's assistant director, Yusuke Sugimoto, proposing a Wario-like version of Peach because they thought it would not be cute.[4] Since then, Daisy has made regular appearances as a playable character in most of the Super Mario multiplayer games, including Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Super Mario sports titles.

After many of Daisy's appearances being limited to spinoff titles, she was made playable in the Super Mario series in Super Mario Run with an update.


Main article: History of Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy has made her first appearance in Super Mario Land as a damsel-in-distress. Despite her Super Mario debut, she rarely appeared in the core series. Like Waluigi, she made most appearances as a playable character in Mario spin-offs.

General information

Physical description

Debut appearance
Modern appearance
Daisy's debut appearance (left); Daisy's modern appearance (right).

Daisy is a young[5] woman with vivid blue eyes and deep orange hair.[6] She has an average height compared to other Super Mario characters, being shorter than Peach but taller than Luigi,[7] and she is usually classified in the middle of weight classes in the Mario Kart series. Her hairstyle is flipped with parted bangs, and it reaches past her shoulders in length. Her facial features include distinctive, round cheeks, a button nose, soft and natural lips, and large, round eyes with two thick, black lashes and long, curved eyebrows. Her lips vary from light rose to orange in color or having orange lipstick.

Daisy usually wears a yellow, floor-length dress similar to Peach's, but with white and orange accents. It has puffy sleeves with white, petal-shaped openings, a matching collar, orange panniers at the waist, and two rows of orange frills at the base; there is sometimes a white petticoat underneath. She wears short, white gloves with petal-shaped openings and heeled pumps varying from orange to vermillion in color. She wears round, viridian earrings with white, petal-shaped encasings and a matching, oval brooch. She also wears a gold crown with round gems that match her other jewelry on the front and back and round, red gems on the sides.

Daisy's appearance has been varied and revised over time. Especially throughout her early appearances, details of her design differed and varied until being set to a more common standard as of a redesign introduced with the release of Mario Party 4 on the Nintendo GameCube in 2002.

In her debut for Super Mario Land in 1989, her hair extended past her waist and covered her ears, and her crown was red with a single jewel on the front. The jewel of her crown had six petals and her earrings each had five. She had black eyes and jewels, and her floral collar was centered at the seam of the petals as opposed to the tip. Her dress had a white waistband and there was a white dollop pattern along the bottom of it. In-game, Daisy's sprite resembled a girl with long hair wearing a dress, using only two shades from the Game Boy's limited palette.

In NES Open Tournament Golf in 1991, she was shown with blue eyes and jewels, as well as yellow slippers. Daisy and Peach wore miniskirts as opposed to their previous floor-length dresses, and they lacked their crowns. They were also shown to be the same height and were seemingly body-doubles in size and stature. In-game, Daisy's sprite appearance highly differed from her look in artwork; her hair was blond, and her dress was blue, and some physical details were off-model, as well.

In Mario Tennis in 2000, Daisy was given a darker hair and skin color, being depicted with a notably deeper skin-tone than other characters in the game like Peach and Baby Mario; as seen in the game's promotional and title-screen art. She and some other characters had pale skin in-game, however. She still sported a miniskirt, common with Peach's appearances in sport games, but she didn't have a crown on despite Peach now wearing her own again. Instead of the previous slippers, Daisy and Peach wore matching orange sneakers with a yellow strap and white tube socks.

In Mario Party 3, Daisy was depicted with a long dress and a crown again for the first time since her debut. Artwork showed her crown to be pink instead of the original red, with an oval, yellow jewel on the front, encrusted in six white, floral petals; additionally, on the sides of her crown were round, blue jewels. Renders also depicted her wearing orange heels, and with her earrings having five, white petals around them with blue jewels in the center that matched the blue of her brooch. Her in-game model depicted the crown as red again, her heels a matching red, and the jewels of her earrings and brooch were more greenish than blue. The jewel on the front of her crown lacked the floral details on this model, and her earrings had six petals instead of the previously usual five. Unlike in Mario Tennis, her tan was retained in-game and on the promotional materials alike. This was also the first time Daisy was determinably shorter than Peach, as they previously shared a body type, but now had completely unique models.[8]

In Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Nintendo GameCube in 2001, most characters' appearances are derived from their looks on the Nintendo 64, and Daisy's is based on hers from Mario Party 3 in particular. The only notable difference in her trophy is her jewels using multi-colored tones encompassing both the blue colors typical of her art and the green tones found on her in-game model, as well as additional magenta hues, depicting an overall iridescent appearance unique to this game and in line with its more realistic style. Princess Peach's alternate costume in this game takes on not just Daisy's color palette at the time, but also unique details of her costume like the floral motif and the dress's pattern, and it included some unique details like shoes matching her jewels instead of the then red or orange heels.

With the graphical changes from the Nintendo 64 to the Nintendo GameCube, starting with Mario Party 4, Daisy's appearance changed further and established a more consistent design for her that has remained mostly unchanged compared to the shifting details from her initial appearances. These changes made some aspects of her appearance more similar to Peach's, like giving her a gold crown instead of a red or pink one, dress details like panniers and ruffles on the bottom that replaced the white waistband and dollop pattern, and reverting Daisy's skin to a lighter tone. Some more unique features were implemented, as well, like giving her shorter, more uniquely styled hair, making orange her primary color, establishing the unique body physique, as well as retaining the greener jewel color.

For the most part, Daisy's appearance has not changed throughout the years since her last major redesign. There are instances where her hair may be a brighter or darker shade of orange, and her skin-tone sometimes has varied between a pale white and a light tan, but as of Mario Golf: Super Rush in 2021, Daisy has consistently been depicted with a lightly tanned skin-tone, and Nintendo has been revising old renders to solidify this skin-tone as well as a more consistent, deeply hued and shaded color of orange hair.[9]

Alternate outfits

Artwork of Princess Daisy for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (reused for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition)
Daisy in her two-piece athletic uniform.

In NES Open Tournament Golf, she wears a sundress that is similar overall to her usual dress, although shorter, yellow ballet flats, and she lacked a crown. In-game, however, she was depicted having blonde hair and wearing a blue dress, presumably due to graphic limitations.

For Daisy's official breakthrough into the Super Mario franchise overall in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64, Daisy wears a dress similar to the one she wore in NES Open Tournament Golf, where the primary colors are amber yellow and the polka dots and linings are white. In addition, she wore orange shoes with white high socks to suits the sports theme properly. She also had an alternative color palette in Short Game mode, where her dress was lavender and indigo, while the shoes were colored indigo as well.

When the GameCube Super Mario sports installments came around, her current sports attire started to make their debut appearance as well. Daisy's primary athletic wear is a two-piece uniform, which was first introduced in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. It includes a sleeveless yellow top with her flower brooch, orange shorts, and tennis shoes with mid-height white socks. Daisy appears in this outfit more often than any other outfit, including her usual gown. She also has an athletic minidress, which was first introduced in Mario Hoops 3-on-3. It is a short yellow dress with two orange frills at the bottom resembling the ruffles on her usual gown. This outfit was first an unlockable alternative to her two-piece athletic uniform and was later used as her primary athletic wear in Mario Tennis Open and Mario Golf: World Tour.

In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, she wears a new outfit similar to her regular athletic outfit; the top now has white accents on the sides and slightly bares her midriff, while the shorts are a bit darker and longer and come with yellow linings on the sides. This outfit receives some minor additions depending on the sport, such as a brown harness belt in the Sport Climbing and Archery events, or burnt orange knee-high socks in Football and Rugby Sevens.

Super Mario Strikers artwork: Princess Daisy
Daisy in her Strikers uniform.

In Super Mario Strikers, Daisy wears a two-piece soccer uniform that bares her midriff. Both the jersey and shorts are orange with emerald green linings on the sides. Also included are emerald green high tops with orange high socks. In Mario Strikers Charged, she wears the same uniform, but with pieces of armor overlapping it due to the game's intensity. It is available in two colors: the first is orange while the alternate is emerald green. Daisy's soccer number can be found on the back of her chest-plate. Daisy appears in this outfit for her trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In Mario Strikers: Battle League, her soccer uniform no longer bares her midriff and now consists of a soccer jersey and shorts that can now be worn with or without armor.

In Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Daisy wears a special biker suit when riding motorbikes instead of karts, and also on ATVs in the latter two titles. Daisy's jumpsuit is white with yellow as a secondary color. It includes a yellow scarf and a yellow heart graphic on the back. It features yellow elbow-length gloves with white accents, similar to Princess Peach's regular gloves, matching knee-high yellow boots with white trims and soles, and a matching belt with a silver buckle. In Mario Kart 8, the white on her jumpsuit is now a yellowish-white color.

In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Daisy wears an outfit more suited for cold weather, consisting of a yellow mini-dress with long orange sleeves and orange leggings with vertical white stripes on both sides. She also wears white gloves and boots with yellow laces.

In Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Daisy wears a yellow leotard with orange lining on either side that also functions as a swimsuit; she is seen wearing this for the Rhytmic Gymnastics and Aquatics events in these installments.

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, Daisy wears a new outfit that suits the golfing theme more. This outfit consists of a yellow polo shirt, a white skirt with an orange belt and two flower badges attached to the left center. The footwear is similar to what she wore in Mario Tennis Aces, although a set of spike cleats are attached to the soles, and she wears orange high socks with a yellow stripe at the near top. Daisy's hair appears to be reverted to titian brown, and her skin tone appears tanned.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Daisy's standard dress was modified to a greater level of detail. Her crown has embossed patterns added on its surface. Embroidered details have been added to her collar, sleeve openings, and gloves. Seams were added on her torso that segment it into sections. A detailed white centerpiece was added in her midsection. An additional skirt layer was added that is split down the center and tipped with a tatted, white frill. Detailed plant-like patterns were added to her gown in various locations, including some akin to her original dress pattern. The two ruffles on the bottom of her dress were raised to display a yellow opening. The orange ruffles themselves were also covered in greater levels of detail. Her heels were made a matching orange color to her dress accents, and the red crown jewels are much pinker. The petticoat sometimes seen beneath Daisy's gown is absent in place of a deeply shaded void. Her dress comes in eight different color palettes.

Image Color Description
Artwork of Princess Daisy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Orange Daisy's default amber yellow and orange dress with white accents, orange heels, and viridian green jewels.
Daisy's palette swap from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Green A chartreuse green and yellow dress with white accents, fuchsia purple jewels, orange heels, and additional gold and teal blue details.
Daisy's palette swap from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Pink A pink and amaranth red dress with white and gold accents, orchid purple jewels, amber yellow heels, and gradient effects. This is based on Peach's sprite in Super Mario Bros. 2.
Daisy's palette swap from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Blue An azure blue and white dress with violet panniers, pine green jewels, chartreuse green heels, and additional gold details. This is based on her title screen sprite in NES Open Tournament Golf.
Daisy's palette swap from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Red An amaranth red and black dress with gray panniers, celadon green jewels, goldenrod yellow heels, and additional gold details. This is based on a Spanish flamenco.
Daisy's palette swap from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Purple A lavender purple and rose pink dress with white accents, pale cyan panniers, lime green heels, crimson pink jewels, small gold details, and gradient effects. This is based on her Player 2 color in Short Game mode of Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64.
Daisy's palette swap from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. White A white and pink dress with a silver crown, pistachio green jewels, white heels, and gradient effects. This is somewhat likely based on a wedding gown.
Daisy's eighth color palette, which somewhat likely references to a maid uniform. Black A black and white dress with viridian green panniers, orange jewels, black heels, and additional copper details. This is somewhat likely based on a maid uniform.

In Mario Kart Tour, Daisy is seen in alternative forms. In her Holiday Cheer form, Daisy wears a red coat with white trimmings and buttons. The build also features a red beret with holly leaves, and she has black leggings with white-and-red colored ankle boots, befitting the Christmas aspect of the London Tour. In her Fairy form, Daisy wears a yellow flower dress with green leaf straps, a belt of green leaves with pink and white flowers, a daisy wreath and yellow butterfly wings similar to common depictions of fairies. In her Yukata form, the yukata is colored orange with white streaks and scale designs, a blue sash, and a Cheep-Cheep mask. In her Swimwear form, Daisy wears a yellow and orange swimdress, with the frills resembling flower petals and orange shorts underneath, a yellow and orange striped thin hairbow and matching flip-flops, with buckles resembling her flower brooch. In her Farmer form, she wears an orange-yellow long-sleeve shirt with blue overalls, similar to Peach's in Super Mario Odyssey, but instead of wearing a straw hat, she wears a headband similar to the one she wears in her Swimwear variant but without the stripes. In Her Thai Dress form, she wears a green and orange sabai, a golden crown with a round red gem, and silver heels. In her Sailor form, she wears a white and orange sailor shirt and hat with orange shorts and golden buttons, as well as the same orange shoes that she usually wears with her athletic uniform in the Mario Sports games.

In Super Mario Bros Wonder, Daisy is seen with several power-up forms. With a Fire Flower, her dress turns white while the orange parts remain the same and her collar becomes orange. With a Drill Mushroom, Daisy wears a drill hat, while the dress is colored onyx black with light grey stripes forming a spiral around it, similar to Peach's version of the same power-up, while the orange parts and white openings remain the same. With the Elephant Fruit, Daisy turns into an orange elephant, her dress is largely the same as her regular dress except she has visible bloomers underneath. With a Bubble Flower, Daisy's dress turns purple with the orange accents becoming yellow.


Artwork of Princess Daisy in Mario Party: Star Rush
Profile artwork of Daisy for Mario Party: Star Rush

Daisy is portrayed as a tomboy with an extroverted personality and a tough demeanor. She can be described as spunky, energetic, loud, cheerful, and confident. In the song Save Me With Your Charm, she was shown to speak with a British accent, although in later appearances, when speaking, she uses American slang and has a twang to her voice. She also has a sassy side, often regarded for her wittiness and attitude. Unlike Peach, Daisy is not as proper or poised as she would be based on her appearance and status as royalty; such as standing with her hands on her hips, exhibiting hotheadedness in defeat, and showing off in victory or to get her way. It has been suggested her choice of colors could reflect her personality[10], with orange being her favorite[11]. She likes to go shopping and dine at fine restaurants, but gladly passes up such enjoyments to train instead.

Daisy is also portrayed as a champion. In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, she seems to be an expert on skating sports; at the point, she was the only one who managed to beat Lakitu's missions. In Mario Strikers Charged, she won the Brick Wall Award for four consecutive years, and five after beating her challenge. In Mario Party 3, she said that she had never lost before, not even with her father.

Daisy has claimed to be clumsy. She fell off stage while receiving her trophy in Mario Tennis. She needs help after becoming lost in the Remix 10 pipe in Super Mario Run, and admits to being absentminded while waiting for her turn in Fortune Street.

Daisy will use her charms and tough temper to get what she wants. In Mario Party 3, she flirts with the Millennium Star to get the Beauty Stamp, and she swats Bowser into the sky when he gets in her way.

In Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged, her personality is heightened. She celebrates scoring by showboating; throwing herself on the ground as she pumps her arms, brushing her shoulders off, and making a sizzling sound as she presses a finger to her backside. She responds to opponents scoring by trying to conceal her injuries, and she crosses her arms and taps her foot disapprovingly at her teammates, who cower in response to her wrath. In Mario Tennis Aces, she largely has the same personality traits as before, although she does show some lack of confidence after witnessing Lucien's possessing Wario, Waluigi, and Luigi, even believing they may not even be able to beat Lucien due to its powers. She also showed some common sense, as she immediately suspected Toad knew more than he let on about Lucien and demanded he tell the truth, and later became disappointed in Wario and Waluigi for even considering getting Lucien again after Mario beat Bowcien, especially after what happened to them earlier.

In Fortune Street, Daisy's personality is more heavily explored with the robust amount of dialogue among characters. She is shown to be impulsive and excitable, eager to take on big challenges and try new things; like scaling the Colossus and riding the flying train at the Observatory. She considers becoming a professional athlete when tasked to pick a new trade-in Alltrades Abbey, and she repeatedly remarks on wanting to take home cute creatures like Yoshi and Slime to have as pets. Daisy is shown to be domineering and direct to others, teasing and bossing Luigi around when his shops are not large enough. She also talks down to enemies like Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser, refusing to congratulate their success and criticizing their shops, believing they would commit foul play. The same game also shows she's not above pitching a fit or forcing others to pay up to allow her to get an expensive item at her request, based on some of her comments. She also implies that she has a bit of a ruthless side, as she makes clear that she's willing to "fight dirty" despite her status as a princess when warning others to not underestimate her. It is also hinted in her bio for Mario Party 3 as well as her comments to Birdo that she is a bit vain regarding her appearance.

Daisy's love for flowers is one of her most notable traits. In addition to having flower accessories/patterns on the majority of her outfits, her presents' room in Mario Party 4 notes Daisy likes to pick up flowers herself. In Fortune Street, Daisy says she would like to be gifted a flower bouquet rather than being gifted a victory. In the story mode of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Daisy is ecstatic to see the flowers a Chao took care of for her and proceeds to kick off a Kiki who wants to damage them. According to the Super Game Boy Player's Guide, Daisy enjoys working in her castle's rose garden.[12]

Powers and abilities

Overall, Daisy is usually an all-around or technique character in sports games. In Mario Superstar Baseball, she is a Balance type player who leans more towards Technique, and in Mario Power Tennis, she is a purely Technical player. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was the first time Daisy was classified as a Speed player, but even then, her rounded technique still qualified her for a balanced range of event handicaps. Like other Super Mario characters, Daisy can punch, kick, jump, wall kick, and ground pound, as well being able to jump in midair in Super Mario Run. She has also been occasionally shown to have a strong swing, having the longest non-star drive of any human player in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Daisy is also capable of using power-ups such as the Fire Flower among others, as shown for the first time in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Daisy executing her "Flower Swing" in Mario Super Sluggers

Most of Daisy's abilities and powers use some sort of flower-related effect, either as a visual side-effect or an active part of the technique. These often take the form of making petals appear, ranging from her Flower Ball abilities in Mario Superstar Baseball, which use petals to obscure the ball from the opponents' view, to her offensive Mario Power Tennis move Wonder Flower, giving her hits special powers determined by the color of the petals surrounding her racket, to the simple visual flair they bring to her Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Flower Shot. In Mario Golf: World Tour, one of her victory animations even features her changing from her tennis outfit into her standard appearance in a flurry of petals. In other games, she can summon entire flowers from the ground, such as a garden fence and a patch of daisies to block other players from catching the ball hit with her Flower Swing in Mario Super Sluggers, or the bed of daisies appearing beneath her during her defensive Mario Power Tennis Flowerbed Return.

Princess Daisy about to use her Super Strike, the Torpedo Strike, in Super Mario Strikers.
Daisy executing her "Torpedo Strike" in Super Mario Strikers

In Super Mario Strikers, Daisy is an offensive team captain. Her Super Strike is called the Torpedo Strike, and once more involves flower visuals behind her. However, in the sequel, Mario Strikers Charged, Daisy is a defensive team captain instead and is uniquely associated with crystal summoning abilities, having them erupt from the playing field for her Crystal Smash! Super Ability, and encasing her fist in them to punch the ball towards the goal during her Crystallized Daisy Mega Strike.

In Mario Party 3, she was shown to have enough physical strength to effortlessly send Bowser flying into the sky with a single slap.



Daisy and Luigi in NES Open Tournament Golf

One of Daisy's closest relations is with Luigi. In NES Open Tournament Golf, Daisy is seen as Luigi's caddie and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour shows Luigi and Daisy golfing alongside Peach and Mario. In her Mario Power Tennis victory scene, Daisy says, "Hey, sweetie!" to Luigi, and he gawks at her skating prowess. Also, in the Mario Baseball series, Luigi and Daisy share good chemistry. One of the most known references to their relationship occurs in Mario Kart Wii, where there is a giant, golden statue on Daisy Circuit that shows the two holding hands and dancing together, along with another of them as babies. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Daisy's trophy states: "After her appearance in Mario Golf, some gossips started portraying her as Luigi's answer to Mario's Peach". Their team names from the Mario Party series include, "Steady Sweeties" and "Tango Tanglers". In Fortune Street, Daisy expresses disappointment upon landing on his cheap shop, telling him that "[he] could make this shop so much bigger!" Daisy and Luigi are seen walking together in Mario Party: Island Tour's opening cutscene. The official Mario Party 4 guide states that Luigi has a crush on Daisy.[page number needed] In Mario Tennis Aces, Daisy is shown to be worried for Luigi when he disappears with Wario and Waluigi after being corrupted by Lucien, telling Mario to "[p]lease... just bring Luigi back safely!"

Official LINE sticker from the Super Mario series, featuring Peach and Daisy taking a selfie together.
LINE sticker of Peach and Daisy

Peach is Daisy's other closest friend. Daisy is often partnered with Peach by default in spin-off installments for the Super Mario franchise. The two share a team orb, the Flower Orb, in Mario Party 7 and share a team item, the Heart, in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Daisy and Peach share good chemistry in the Mario Baseball series, and Daisy is also on Peach's team in the Challenge Mode of Mario Super Sluggers. In Fortune Street, Daisy is encouraging Peach when she's going to win, saying, "I'm lovin' the girl power, Peach! Win this one for the ladies!" Mario Power Tennis's website says that Daisy is Peach's "sister in arms". Her bio from the Wii U version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games says she makes plans to go shopping with Peach in her downtime. In the Prima guides for Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii, Daisy is stated to be Peach's cousin,[13][14] a claim that has not been confirmed or denied by Nintendo. Before her official return in Mario Tennis and by extension, the start of Peach and Daisy's friendship, a 4-Koma segment of the manga Super Mario Kun depicted Daisy as being a rival of Peach, with the latter being jealous enough of Mario giving Daisy constant attention that she threw a mushroom at him in frustration.

Daisy and Mario are also shown to be on friendly terms. Early supplemental material for Super Mario Land such as the Super Game Boy Player's Guide indicates that Mario once had romantic feelings for Daisy,[12] while the Kodansha manga depicts Daisy and Peach as longtime love rivals infatuated with Mario; however, outside of a heart that appears between them after Mario rescues Daisy from Tatanga, Mario and Daisy have not even shown any particularly friendly interactions in subsequent games until Mario Tennis Aces. In Mario Party 6, Mario and Daisy are given the team name "Nice Couple" when paired together, while they have neutral player chemistry in Mario Superstar Baseball or its sequel. In Mario Tennis Aces, she offered to come with Mario to help him save Luigi and also was the first to tell them about the flier. Also, she made clear that Mario defeated Lucien anyway, despite the racket's fearsome powers when reminding Waluigi and Wario about how the greedy duo caused disaster from the last time they tried to obtain Lucien.

Birdo appears to be a good friend of Daisy. In Fortune Street Daisy shares a friendly joke with Birdo when the latter is close to victory or Daisy swaps shops with her: "I'd give you a blue ribbon for first place, Birdo, but somehow I think you'd prefer a pink ribbon! Hee hee!". They show good chemistry in Super Mario Sluggers, and in Mario Party 8 their team name is "Gallopin' Gal Pals". In Mario Tennis, Birdo is Daisy's Doubles Partner. She also was seen partnering up with Rosalina for the tennis bout in Mario Sports Superstars, hinting at good ties between them. Toadette also appears to be in good terms with Daisy. In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, they are seen having a conversation while waiting for Prince Florian to show up. Later on when Bowser merges with the Flower Castle, causing a sequence of tremors, Daisy stops Toadette from falling over.

Daisy is also shown to be great friends with Amy Rose and Blaze the Cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. She and Peach are seen next to them in the opening of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games with she and Blaze bonding in Ultimate Figure Skating. In Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, she and Amy are often seen hanging out together as close friends.


Waluigi and Daisy witness something in the distance in the opening cinematic.
Daisy and Waluigi in the Mario Party 4 opening

Daisy and Waluigi have been portrayed as having a bad relationship, with several games depicting Daisy's interactions with Waluigi as negative. In the official Mario Party 4 guide, it says that Waluigi has a crush on Daisy, and their team name in Mario Party 5 and Mario Party 6 is "Awkward Date". In the Mario Baseball series, Daisy and Waluigi have bad chemistry. In Mario Strikers Charged, Waluigi is her opponent in Challenges mode. In Mario Kart 8, Waluigi is Daisy's rival when playing in the Grand Prix. In Fortune Street, Daisy seems to think lowly of Waluigi. If she lands on one of Waluigi's low-priced shops, she says that the shop is disappointing, and she is not surprised that the shop belongs to him,[15] while when she lands on an average shop, she asks why she needs to stop here and she feels disgusted.[16] In Mario Tennis Aces, she felt that Waluigi and Wario were more suspicious than usual,[17] and also condemned them when they implied wanting to use Lucien again so they would become strong tennis players, especially when Mario already defeated Lucien, despite its ferocious abilities anyway.[18]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Wendy O. Koopa's trophy states that she sees Peach and Daisy as her rivals. In Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Wendy calls Daisy a "poser" as well as "lame". In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Wendy has Daisy as one of her rivals.

Daisy, like any known being of Mario, has an antagonistic relationship with Bowser. With a surprising amount of strength, she smacks the Koopa King into the sky in Mario Party 3, and refers to him as a misfit in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games after he and Dr. Eggman are defeated in the Adventure Tours mode. She also has bad chemistry with Bowser in the Mario baseball series. In the final cinematic of Mario Super Sluggers, Daisy escorted Bowser and his son Bowser Jr. to the Daisy Cruiser during the night, unaware of Bowser Jr.'s history of transforming Daisy into a statue during the events in Challenge Mode. In Fortune Street, Daisy sees no threat or significance in Bowser.[19] If Bowser is about to win the game, Daisy says she refuses to congratulate Bowser "no matter how awesome he did". Bowser, likewise, denigrates Daisy's efforts, seeing her as lower than Peach in Fortune Street. In Mario Tennis Aces, she indicates that one of the biggest reasons she loathes Bowser is because of his willingness to cause conflicts or even worsen them just to settle his arch-rivalry with Mario, especially when Bowser tries empowering himself by stealing Lucien and the Power Stones while she, Peach, and Mario were dealing with the possessed Wario, Waluigi, and Luigi. After witnessing Lucien possess them, as well as learning its possible origin, she was shown to be very disturbed by the racket and was somewhat shaken even after its ultimate destruction. Despite this, Mario Party Superstars has her look visibly frightened of Bowser's presence if she lands on a Bowser Space.

Daisy and Petey Piranha have negative chemistry in Mario Superstar Baseball, though this is no longer the case in its sequel, while multiple specimens live in her garden in both Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Mario Sports Mix, suggesting that they had a change of heart.

Profiles and statistics

Main article: List of Princess Daisy profiles and statistics

Daisy was introduced in Super Mario Land as a "tomboyish, full-of-spirit princess", and most subsequent bios characterize her similarly, commenting on her cheerfulness, spunk, and energy. Luigi's crush on her is frequently mentioned, often with hints that she reciprocates. Stats-wise, she is usually a Technique or Balanced sports player, with a Medium weight in most Mario Kart titles.

List of appearances by date

Title Description Release Format
Super Mario Land Non-playable character 1989 Game Boy, Virtual Console
NES Open Tournament Golf Non-playable character 1991 NES, Virtual Console, PlayChoice-10
Super Mario Bros. Print World Non-playable character (Artwork) 1991 MS-DOS
Mario Tennis Playable character 2000 Nintendo 64, Virtual Console
Mario Tennis Non-playable character 2000 Game Boy Color, Virtual Console
Mario Party 3 Playable character (Party Mode) 2000 Nintendo 64
Super Smash Bros. Melee Cameo (Trophy) 2001 GameCube
Mario Party 4 Playable character 2002 GameCube
Mario Party-e Playable character (Daisy's Rodeo) 2003 e-Reader
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Playable character 2003 GameCube
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Playable character 2003 GameCube
Mario Party 5 Playable character 2003 GameCube
Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party Playable character 2004 (Japan) Arcade
Mario Power Tennis Playable character 2004 GameCube
Mario Party 6 Playable character 2004 GameCube
Yakuman DS Non-playable character (Unlockable Opponent) 2005 (Japan) Nintendo DS
Mario Superstar Baseball Playable character 2005 GameCube
Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2 Playable character 2005 (Japan) Arcade
Mario Kart Arcade GP Non-playable character (Cameo) 2005 Arcade
Mario Party 7 Playable character 2005 GameCube
Mario Kart DS Unlockable playable character 2005 Nintendo DS, Virtual Console
Super Mario Strikers Playable character 2005 GameCube
Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Playable character 2006 Nintendo DS, Virtual Console
Wi-Fi Taiou Yakuman DS Playable character (Unlockable) 2006 (Japan) Nintendo DS
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 Cameo 2007 Arcade
Mario Strikers Charged Playable character 2007 Wii
Mario Party 8 Playable character 2007 Wii
Itadaki Street DS Playable character 2007 (Japan) Nintendo DS
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Playable character 2007 Wii
Mario Party DS Playable character 2007 Nintendo DS, Virtual Console
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Playable character 2008 Nintendo DS
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cameo (Trophy, Stickers) 2008 Wii
Mario Kart Wii Unlockable playable character 2008 Wii
Mario Super Sluggers Playable character (Unlockable in Challenge Mode, Default in Exhibition) 2008 Wii
New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis Playable character 2009 Wii
Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher Playable character 2009 (Japan) Arcade
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Playable character 2009 Wii
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Playable character 2009 Nintendo DS
Mario Sports Mix Playable character 2010 Wii
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Playable character 2011 Wii
Fortune Street Playable character 2011 Wii
Mario Kart 7 Unlockable playable character 2011 Nintendo 3DS
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Playable character (Girls Group Events only) 2012 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Party 9 Playable character 2012 Wii
Mario Party Whirling Carnival Playable character 2012 (Japan) Arcade
StreetPass Mii Plaza Cameo (Puzzle Swap) 2012 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Tennis Open Playable character 2012 Nintendo 3DS
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Playable character 2013 Wii U
Mario Party: Island Tour Playable character 2013 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Golf: World Tour Playable character 2014 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Kart 8 Playable character 2014 Wii U
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Cameo (Trophy) 2014 Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Cameo (Trophies) 2014 Wii U
Nintendo Badge Arcade Cameo (Badges) 2014 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Party 10 Playable character 2015 Wii U
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Playable character 2015 Wii U
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Cameo (Battle Card) 2015 Nintendo 3DS
Super Mario Maker Playable character (Costume Mario) (requires update) 2016 Wii U
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition Playable character 2016 (Japan) Arcade
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Playable character (Rhythmic Gymnastics, Football) 2016 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Party Fushigi no Challenge World Playable Character 2016 (Japan) Arcade
Minecraft: Wii U Edition Playable character (Skin) (requires update) 2016 Wii U
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Playable character 2016 Wii U
Miitomo Cameo (Artwork) 2016 iOS, Android
Mario Party: Star Rush Playable character 2016 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Sports Superstars Playable character 2017 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Playable character 2017 Nintendo Switch
Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Playable character (Skin) 2017 Nintendo Switch
Hey! Pikmin Cameo (amiibo) 2017 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Playable character (Japan only) (requires update) 2017 (Japan) Arcade
Super Mario Run Unlockable playable character (requires update) 2017 iOS, Android
Mario Party: The Top 100 Playable character 2017 Nintendo 3DS
Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition Playable character (Skin) (requires update) 2017 New Nintendo 3DS
Minecraft (Bedrock version) Playable character (skin) 2018 Nintendo Switch
Mario Tennis Aces Playable character 2018 Nintendo Switch
WarioWare: Gold Cameo (amiibo artwork) 2018 Nintendo 3DS
Super Mario Party Playable character 2018 Nintendo Switch
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Unlockable playable character 2018 Nintendo Switch
Dr. Mario World Unlockable playable character (requires update) 2019 iOS, Android
Mario Kart Tour Playable character 2019 iOS, Android
Luigi's Mansion 3 Cameo (Artwork) 2019 Nintendo Switch
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Playable character 2019 Nintendo Switch
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Arcade Edition Playable character 2020 (Japan) Arcade
Mario Golf: Super Rush Playable character 2021 Nintendo Switch
Mario Party Superstars Playable character 2021 Nintendo Switch
Mario Strikers: Battle League Playable character (requires update) 2022 Nintendo Switch
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Playable character 2023 Nintendo Switch


Daisy is voiced/portrayed by the following:

  • Kate Fleming in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64.
  • Jen Taylor in Mario Party 3, Mario Party 4, and Mario Party 5; with most of the Mario Party 4 voice-clips being a change in pitch from those used in Mario Party 3, and being reused again for Mario Party 5.
  • Deanna Mustard in most Super Mario franchise installments from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour in 2003, to Mario Strikers: Battle League in 2022.
  • Giselle Fernandez in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


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Audio samples

Audio.svg Mario Tennis - "Here we go!"- When selected. Portrayed by Kate Fleming in 2000.
File infoMedia:Daisy_Mariotennis64_select.oga
Audio.svg Mario Party 3 - "Yay! I got it!"- Receiving an item. Portrayed by Jen Taylor in 2000.
File infoMedia:DaisyYayIgotitMP3.oga
Audio.svg Mario Kart 8 - "Daisy!"- When selected. Portrayed by Deanna Mustard in 2014.
File infoMedia:Daisy MK8.oga
Audio.svg Super Mario Bros. Wonder - "Let's go!"- When starting a level. Portrayed by Giselle Fernandez in 2023.
File infoMedia:Letsgodaisy.oga
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Names in other languages

Main article: List of Princess Daisy names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese デイジーひめ
Princess Daisy
Chinese (Simplified) 黛西公主[20]
Dàixī Gōngzhǔ
菊花公主 (iQue localization, before December 23, 2022)
Júhuā Gōngzhǔ
Princess Daisy

Princess Chrysanthemum
Chinese (Traditional) 黛西公主
Dàixī Gōngzhǔ
Princess Daisy
Dutch Prinses Daisy Princess Daisy
French Princesse Daisy Princess Daisy
German Prinzessin Daisy Princess Daisy
Greek Πριγκίπισσα Νταίζη[citation needed]
Prigipissa Daizi
Princess Daisy
Italian Principessa Daisy Princess Daisy
Korean 데이지 공주
Deiji Gongju
Princess Daisy
Portuguese Princesa Daisy
Princesa Margarida (some magazines)
Princess Daisy
"Princess Daisy", referring to the flower with the same name
Russian Принцесса Дейзи
Printsessa Deyzi
Принцесса Дэйзи (prior to Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games)
Printsessa Deyzi
Princess Daisy
Spanish Princesa Daisy Princess Daisy
Ukrainian Принцеса Дейзі[citation needed]
Pryntsesa Deyzi
Princess Daisy


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