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Panel featuring Eliana, from the comic issue "It's a Small World After All".
Eliana (left), with Pionpi and Tannis Rhodes

Eliana is a minor character in the Game Boy issue "It's a Small World After All". She is a flight stewardress for an unspecified airline.

After being introduced to Tannis Rhodes, Eliana suggests to take her to a guided tour of the cockpit before the plane takes off, which Tannis enthusiastically accepts. While watching Tannis gets briefed by the flight crew, Tatanga's forces and Herman Smirch barge in and hijack the plane, taking Eliana hostage with the rest.

Pointing at Herman, Eliana, believing him to be Tatanga, stands up to him and says he has no right to terrorize a young girl such as Tannis. Tannis corrects her and explains who Tatanga is and how to summon Mario from a Game Boy.

Landing in Cape Carnaveral, Pionpi orders all flight crew to leave the plane. Eliana refuses to go without Tannis, but Tannis assures her she can take care of herself.