Maxwell and Boris

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Maxwell and Boris
Maxwell and Boris in Saturday Supercade
Maxwell (left), with his partner Boris (right)
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("The Incredible Shrinking Ape") (1983)
Species Humans

Maxwell and Boris are a group of toy makers appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "The Incredible Shrinking Ape."

They first appear after Donkey Kong plays with a toy train, where Boris tells Maxwell about his newly invented shrink ray, saying it can shrink humans and other animals to turn them into "living dolls." Upon spotting Donkey Kong, they decide to make his their first "victim," firing the shrink ray at the same time Mario catches him with his net. When Boris believes he and Pauline are trying to steal their "ape doll," they decide to shrink them as well.

Maxwell grabs the toy train Donkey Kong is in, but he uses the train's whistle to blow steam into his face and escapes to a dollhouse's bathroom. In the bathroom, Donkey Kong taunts him, and Maxwell, attempting to catch him, gets his finger stuck in its window. He then decides to call on his guard dog's assistance to track him down, the dog finding a scent from a nearby coffee shop. At the cafe, Maxwell traps Pauline in a glass, and he and Boris decide to use her as bait to lure Mario and Donkey Kong back to the toy store, planning to capture them when they attempt to rescue her.

As Mario and Donkey Kong fly around them, Maxwell tries to hit them with a flyswatter, but to no avail, and they wrap him and Boris with yarn. Maxwell eventually catches Donkey Kong as he floats down by parachute, but Pauline uses the shrink ray to shrink him and Boris down to Donkey Kong's size, and he winds up toy soldiers bearing his likeness to corner them.

Maxwell and Boris are last seen when Donkey Kong opens some jack-in-the-boxes and reveals he trapped them inside them.