Stanley's Nursery

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Stanley's Nursery
Stanley's Nursery in Saturday Supercade
Donkey Kong in Stanley's Nursery
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Greenhouse Gorilla") (1984)
Greater location Earth
Owner Stanley

Stanley's Nursery is a garden appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "Greenhouse Gorilla." It may be inspired from the blue, gray, and yellow greenhouses of Donkey Kong 3.

During the episode, Mr. X kidnaps Herman from the nursery while his owner Stanley is distracted with a bug he sent out. When running into Donkey Kong, who fled into the nursery as Mario and Pauline chased him, Herman takes an immediate liking to Donkey Kong, and Mr. X suggests they leave together. Stanley arrives to stop them, but Donkey Kong knocks over some beehives to distract him, and they all escape. The nursery is not seen for the rest of the episode.