One Star Saloon

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One Star Saloon
The One Star Saloon in Saturday Supercade
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Get Along, Little Apey") (1983)
Greater location United States of America

The One Star Saloon is a business appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "Get Along, Little Apey." Its name is a reference to Texas's nickname, the Lone Star State, derived from its former status as an independent republic. It serves as a stopover for Mario, Pauline, and Donkey Kong before the Greenhorn Texas Rodeo.

The saloon is notable for being the place where Pauline is kidnapped in the episode. As Hoss and Coach chase her around the saloon, Donkey Kong throws the tabletop Mario fell on underneath them, causing them to fall onto a buckling machine, which they use to kidnap her. They then shoot an arrow with their ransom note bundled around it into a pillar, demanding Donkey Kong to withdraw from the rodeo in exchange for her release.