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Trixie in Saturday Supercade
Species Human
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Circus Daze") (1983)

Trixie is a character appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "Circus Daze."

She first appears with Barney Todd and his muscle man as the former's assistant, as he announces his plan to capture Donkey Kong.

She later appears at Barney Todd's Circus, where Todd appoints her as Donkey Kong's trainer after he refuses to allow him to teach him the "Triple Trapeze Flip." She manages to convince Donkey Kong to perform several flips, but after he is hit by the trapeze and becomes fearful of heights, she is threatened by Todd to have him cured before his show, and decides to take him to the circus's veterinarian trailer. After Donkey Kong exposes Mario's doctor ruse by blowing off his disguise, she sends him back to his training routine.

After Todd locks Pauline and Donkey Kong away, he fires Trixie as his assistant. As she sulks over what to do, Mario asks her to rescue Pauline.

She later appears during Todd's show, where she commands an elephant, Jumbo, to seize Todd's muscle man and throw him into the cage Pauline is held in. She is last seen after Jumbo launches Donkey Kong out of the circus, where she and Pauline comment that the last trick was performed by "the one and only Donkey Kong!"