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Cabeza in Saturday Supercade
Cabeza (right) with his muscle man (left)
Species Human
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("El Donkey Kong") (1984)

Cabeza is a character appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "El Donkey Kong." His name means "head" in Spanish.

He is first seen after Mario and Pauline first enter the bullring, where they spot him and his muscle man operating a mechanical bull with the intent of cheating in an upcoming bullfighting competition to win the prize money, with the former gloating that no matador will be able to defeat it. As the bull knocks over some barrels in its path, one of them lands on Mario, causing the shady participants to notice him. They then send their bull after them, causing Mario and Pauline to retreat, and they decide to follow them before they can tell anyone else about the bull.

Mario and Pauline manage to hide behind a nearby vendor, but fail to shake them off their tail. However, thinking quickly, they dress in stereotypical Mexican attire, enter the cantina Donkey Kong is sitting at, and attempt to use a record player to dance over to him as they pretend to play music. Cabeza and his muscle man, though initially fooled, instantly recognize them when the record player skips parts of the record, and use a nearby net to capture them. Donkey Kong attempts to stop the former from escaping, though Cabeza uses and tablecloth to fake him out, then taunts him and Don Diego before leaving.

They later appear at the bullring during the competition, where they spot Mario and Pauline sneaking up to warn Donkey Kong about the mechanical bull, to which they send the bull after them. As Donkey Kong begins turning the tide, giving Mario and Pauline an opportunity to snatch Cabeza's remote. Cabeza and his muscle man are last seen attempting to flee the bullring, when Donkey Kong throws the mechanical bull's remains on top of them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Cabeça