Duke of Alençon

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Duke of Alençon
Duke of Alençon in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine
Full name John II, Duke of Alençon
Species Human
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)
“I may command their swords, but Joan commands their hearts!”
Duke of Alençon, Mario's Time Machine

John II of Alençon (2 March 1409 – 8 September 1476), referred to in Mario's Time Machine only as the Duke of Alençon,[1] was a French nobleman in the Hundred Years' War. He fought alongside Joan of Arc against the English and actively supported her, eventually commanding the French army while following her.


Duke of Alençon in the SNES release of Mario's Time Machine
Duke of Alencon in the SNES release of Mario's Time Machine

After Bowser travels back in time and steals Joan of Arc's Shield, Mario returns to Orleans with the shield in hand. At Orleans, he finds the Duke of Alençon in one of the army's tents, fully clad in armour. He can be questioned about who he is and the general situation of the area. He confirms that he is the commander of the soldiers in the area, but also that everyone is truly following Joan of Arc. The Duke of Alençon goes on to explain that she rides into battle with the other soldiers, all of them willing to follow her example. He mentions her custom suit of armour, which is smaller than a regular man's and carries no crests. He also speaks of her sword that was found at St. Catherine de Fierbois's church after she instructed some priests to bring it to her, despite her having never visited the village. The Duke of Alençon strongly believes Joan when she says that the voices of three saints are what informed her of the sword's location; he has come to think of her as a sister. He was distraught when she was hit by an arrow in battle, although she is going to heal quickly. When Mario mentions the shield in his possession, he offers to write a note that lets Mario safely around the camp, but he cannot at the moment because he does not have a quill. Mario can later return with a Quill Pen, and the Duke happily takes it. He then gives Mario a Horse's Bit for his personal horse, and asks it to deliver it to the stablemaster.


  1. ^ "Hmm... As the Duke of Alençon, a note signed by me would give you safe passage around the camp to look for her." — Duke of Alençon, Mario's Time Machine