Hirokazu Tanaka

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Hirokazu Tanaka
Hirokazu Tanaka, composer for Super Mario Land
Born December 13, 1957
Mario-related role(s) Composer, sound designer

Hirokazu Tanaka (Japanese: 田中 宏和 Tanaka Hirokazu), also known as Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka or Chip Tanaka, is a video game composer and sound designer. While working for Nintendo, he composed the soundtracks and sound effects for Wrecking Crew, Super Mario Land, Dr. Mario and Mario Paint.[1][2] He also worked as a game designer, sound engineer and composer for several arcade and Game & Watch games as one of the key members of Nintendo Research & Development 1. Now the president of the company Creatures Inc., he remains involved with Nintendo, though mainly contributes to the Pokémon franchise.

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