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Nintendo Research & Development 1 (often abbreviated as Nintendo R&D1) was Nintendo's first internal development team. Its founding predates Nintendo's entry into the video game market, it being created to focus on the manufacturing of toy guns and other products.[1] It was managed by Gunpei Yokoi for most of its existence. In addition to developing games, R&D 1 designed hardware, including the Game & Watch, the Game Boy, and the Virtual Boy.

In 2004, all of the R&D departments were dissolved due to a corporate restructuring. Most of the staff were folded into Nintendo EAD or the newly created Nintendo Software Planning & Development Group #1.

Super Mario games developed by Nintendo R&D 1[edit]


Game Release date
Donkey Kong 1981
Donkey Kong Jr. 1982
Mario Bros. 1983
Donkey Kong 3 1983
VS. Wrecking Crew 1984

Home consoles[edit]

Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

Game Release date
Wrecking Crew 1984
Dr. Mario 1990
Yoshi's Cookie 1992

Super Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

Game Release date
Mario Paint 1992
Tetris & Dr. Mario 1994
Wrecking Crew '98 1998

Nintendo 64DD[edit]

Game Release date
Mario Artist: Talent Studio 2000
Mario Artist: Polygon Studio 2000

Nintendo GameCube[edit]

Game Release date
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! 2003

Handheld systems[edit]

Game & Watch[edit]

Game NA release
Donkey Kong 1982
Donkey Kong Jr. 1982
Green House 1982
Donkey Kong II 1983
Mario Bros. 1983
Mario's Cement Factory 1983
Mario's Bombs Away 1983
Donkey Kong 3 1984
Donkey Kong Circus 1984
Donkey Kong Hockey 1984
Super Mario Bros. 1986
Mario the Juggler 1991

Game Boy[edit]

Game Release date
Alleyway 1989
Super Mario Land 1989
Baseball 1989
Dr. Mario 1990
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins 1992
Yoshi's Cookie 1992
Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 1994
Tetris Attack 1996
Wario Land II 1998

Virtual Boy[edit]

Game Release date
Mario Clash 1995
Mario's Tennis 1995
Virtual Boy Wario Land 1995

Game Boy Color[edit]

Game Release date
Game & Watch Gallery 2 1998
Wario Land II 1998
Game & Watch Gallery 3 1999
Wario Land 3 2000

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Game Release date
Wario Land 4 2001
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! 2003

Notable members[edit]