Donkey Kong Hockey

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Donkey Kong Hockey
Donkey Kong Hockey
Developer Nintendo Research & Development 1
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game & Watch
Release date November 13, 1984
Genre Sport
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer (up to two players simultaneously)
Game & Watch:
Game & Watch:

Donkey Kong Hockey is one of the few two-player Game & Watch games ever manufactured. It was released as part of the Micro VS. System series on November 13, 1984.[1] Donkey Kong and Mario must engage each other in a two-player game of ice hockey. The game is colorless, being set up on a small LCD screen. The console is an elliptical shape, while the controllers are small and circular; the console can open up to store the controllers.[2] This was the last Donkey Kong game until Donkey Kong on the Game Boy.

The alarm man

The alarm indicator of this game is a man with an alarm clock and a bell that is located beside Player 1's score, and the man swings the bell when the alarm goes off.


  • Controller 1: Controls Mario.
  • Controller 2: Controls Donkey Kong.


  • Circle Button: Slams puck towards opposing player.
  • D-Pad: Moves characters up, down, left, and right.


  • Referee: A referee will occasionally appear to change the course of the puck.
  • Crazy Spots: If the puck passes through one of these points, it will rapidly increase in speed and change its current course.
  • Puck: The item that must stay in play in order for a player to win.


The objective of the game is basically the same as that of normal hockey: score goals against the opposing player. There are two game modes; each operates similarly, with few variations.

Game A[edit]

Game A is a one-player game; the player will play against the CPU. While using controller 1, the player must control Mario and try to win the game of hockey against the CPU, which takes the form of Donkey Kong. For each goal scored, one point is awarded; the first one to reach ten points wins the game. However, if the CPU reaches ten points before the player, the game is over.

The game can also be paused in Game A by pressing the circular button on the second controller. The game will automatically release its pause after four minutes; the pause can be ended before that time by pressing the circular button once more.

Game B[edit]

Game B is a two-player game; the first player will control Mario, while the second player will control Donkey Kong. The rules are almost the same as in Game A; the first to reach ten points wins the game. There are no CPUs in Game B, and there are no Game Overs. Game B cannot be paused.[3]


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