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NES Remix
English logo of NES Remix.
First installment NES Remix (2013)
Latest installment Ultimate NES Remix (2014)
Number of installments 4

The NES Remix series is a series which remixes various NES games and proposing challenges of very different nature, from defeating a certain number of enemies while invincible to playing Super Mario Bros. in reverse or with broken lights to playing Donkey Kong as Link. Gameplay is comparable to the WarioWare series. The series has also Miiverse integration to let other people know of their results. The first two games are available only on the Nintendo eShop while that last two games are compilations that are also available for physical purchase.

The series is overall well received by fans and critics.[1][2] Nintendo has also suggested the possibility of expanding the series to cover games from other consoles, such as the SNES, due to the demand and support by fans.[3]


Image, original release and system Synopsis
NES Remix
English logo of NES Remix.
USA 2013
Wii U eShop
NES Remix was the first NES Remix game to come out. It comprises various challenges from many old Mario games, but also from other franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, overall covering sixteen games. It comprises a Miiverse integration, where the player may write about their scores. Stamps are also unlocked throughout the game, also to use within Miiverse. The player can earn up to 3 stars in each challenge, depending on how well they performed, and they are used to unlock certain challenges. The player may also receive a Rainbow Rank if they did very well, but this doesn't earn them another star and is simply for 100% completion.
NES Remix 2
English logo of NES Remix 2.
USA 2014
Wii U eShop
NES Remix 2 is the second game of the series and the direct sequel of the game: in fact, it has very similar gameplay from the predecessor. It features twelve games of various franchises, and half of them regards the Mario series. The Miiverse and Stamps systems returned, while the star and challenge system was slightly modified. The game, though, adds two modes to the game: Super Luigi Bros., which challenges the player to beat a mirrored Super Mario Bros. by playing as Luigi and Championship Mode (inspired by a rare competition game), which goal is to get the highest score while racing through Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario. The game was praised for having new modes, but was criticized due to some easy and unoriginal challenges.[4]


Cover, original release and system Synopsis
NES Remix Pack
Cover art of NES Remix Pack
Japan 2014
Wii U
NES Remix Pack is a compilation of both NES Remix games. It was first released in Japan and later released in other countries both physically or through the eShop. This marks the first time a title of the series was released in disk form.
Ultimate NES Remix
Ultimate NES Remix NA boxart.
USA 2014
Nintendo 3DS
Ultimate NES Remix is the only NES Remix title released on the Nintendo 3DS. Unlike the NES Remix Pack, this is a "best of" compilation of the first two titles. It also contains two exclusive game modes.

Games featured[edit]

NES Remix[edit]

NES Remix 2[edit]

Ultimate NES Remix[edit]