Koichi Hayashida

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Koichi Hayashida
Koichi Hayashida.png
Born 1969[citation needed]
Super Mario–related role(s) Programmer, level designer and director

Koichi Hayashida (林田 宏一, Hayashida Kōichi) is a Japanese video game developer and programmer employed at Nintendo EAD. He was one of the chief planners of the Tokyo Software Development Department of Entertainment Analysis & Development division.[1] After the release of Super Mario Odyssey, he joined the Nintendo EPD Production Group No. 10 in Kyoto and would eventually work on the 2D game Super Mario Bros. Wonder.[2]

History and work[edit]

Following his graduation in 1991, Koichi Hayashida attended the "Nintendo Dentsu Game Seminar" in 1992, a programming seminar for prospective Nintendo employees. During the course of the seminar, Hayashida programmed and directed Joy Mech Fight with Koichiro Eto, the game being published after both programmers were hired by Nintendo.[3] Hayashida's first Super Mario-related project was Super Mario Sunshine, where he held the position of main programmer. After being transferred to the newly created EAD Tokyo Software Development Department,[1] Hayashida went to work as an assistant director in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. He later directed the level designs in Super Mario Galaxy, and also provided the voice for Major Burrows. He served as the director of its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and again in Super Mario 3D Land.[4]

Hayashida was working at EAD Tokyo when the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake hit the country. The event reportedly inspired him to complete the game in time for its planned end-of-year deadline,[4] and to create a private forum to continue development while the Tokyo office was closed.[5]

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