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Erika Strobel was a Canadian animation writer who wrote episodes of a large number of shows, including Blazing Dragons, Tales from the Cryptkeeper and the first series of Total Drama Island. Strobel was the most prolific writer on the Donkey Kong Country animated series, being involved in 14 of the show's episodes.

In a post on an online page about Donkey Kong Country,[1] Erika posted various details about the behind-the-scenes of the show's production and her own opinions about it. She stated Funky Kong was her favorite character to write[1] and that she hated Candy Kong, stating "just looking at her weird design made me cringe" and "[s]he looked like a burn victim."[1] She also said "Monkey Seer, Monkey Do" was her favorite episode she wrote and that Donkey Kong Country was one of her favorite television gigs in general.[1]

Due to long-term depression, Strobel died by suicide in March 2017.[2]

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