Nicole Eggert

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Nicole Eggert
Full name Nicole Elizabeth Eggert
Species Human
First appearance "Neatness Counts"

Nicole Elizabeth Eggert (born January 13, 1972) is a famous television actress who appeared in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Neatness Counts".


Needing her kitchen sink repaired, Nicole decided to employ Mario and Luigi to fix it after seeing an advertisement for Mario Bros. Plumbing in the Brooklyn Times.

Inexplicably appearing behind the medicine cabinet of Mario and Luigi's apartment, where she claimed to be looking at the expiration date of Mario and Luigi's toothpaste, Nicole told them about the clog in her sink. Deciding to show-off their plumbing skills to Nicole, Mario and Luigi attempted to fix a nearby, clogged sink for her, only to end up spraying Nicole in the face with filthy water.

Apologizing to Nicole, Luigi proceeded to guide her over to the apartment furnace to dry off, unfortunately, this furnace backfires, spraying Nicole with smoke. Luigi and Mario, frantically apologizing to Nicole, guide her to a nearby chair, accidentally causing her to step on a cake on the way.

Matters are made worse when Nicole sits on the chair, which had a pie on it; getting off the chair, Nicole proceeded to have a large amount of garbage dumped on her from a nearby garbage disposal.

As Mario and Luigi continually apologize to Nicole, who, oddly, says everything is alright; Nicole goes on to explain to the confused Mario and Luigi that she was going to go to a "sloppy party", a party where the filthiest attendant wins a prize. All of the adversity that had been occurring to Nicole was actually helping her, as it saved her the trouble of buying a costume. Now knowing this, Mario and Luigi proceed making her more and more filthy by smearing cake on her.