Barnacle and Long John

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Barnacle and Long John

Barnacle and Long John are two antagonists who appear in the Saturday Supercade episode, "Gorilla My Dreams".

Barnacle and Long John first appear when they make a plan to steal Miss Persimmon O'Hara's money and kidnap her to do so. Ms. O'Hara calls for help and Donkey Kong heard the cries, saving her from Barnacle and Long John. They appear later to try and kidnap her once again and are successful. After she was kidnapped Donkey Kong saved her once again. Barnacle and Long John are never seen after that.


  • Their names are based on barnacle, which is a type of sessile crustacean, and Long John Silver, a fictional pirate. Barnacles tend to be parasitic and cumbersome to whatever they're attached to, while Long John Silver was the main antagonist of Treasure Island, hence their bad natures.