Uncle Arthur

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Uncle Arthur
Uncle Arthur.png
Species Human
First appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
Portrayed by John DiMaggio

Uncle Arthur is a minor character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, portrayed by John DiMaggio.[1][better source needed] He is a member of Mario and Luigi's family, being the brother of Mario and Luigi's father and the husband of Aunt Marie. He closely resembles Luigi, but with a longer chin, and is depicted as sporting a light brown colored flannel.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie[edit]

Uncle Arthur is introduced early in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, being shown living with Papa Mario, Mama Mario, Uncle Tony, Aunt Marie, Mario, Luigi, their grandfather and niece. During the dinner conversation, he sarcastically quips about Mario and Luigi deserving an Oscar for worst actors for the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial, causing his wife to smack him in the head. When Mario tries to continue the conversation by asking if his family saw the commercial, he and Tony ridicule him and Luigi for quitting their day job for it. When Mario sullenly leaves the dinner after his father berates him for abandoning a stable job and dragging Luigi down with him in the process, Uncle Arthur, along with the rest of the family, gives the father disapproving looks for hurting Mario's feelings.

Near the end of the film, he is later seen with the rest of the family as part of the cheering crowd after Mario and Luigi defeat Bowser in Brooklyn.


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  • "They give an Oscar for worst actors?" (His wife smacks his head) "What'd I do?!"
  • "I wouldn't quit your day job." (laughs after Uncle Tony replies with "Oops, he already did!")