Ted Bull

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Ted Bull
Ted Bull
Species Human
First appearance "Texas Tea"
Portrayed by Norman Fell

Ted Bull is a white-suited, cowboy hatted and exceedingly wealthy oil tycoon who owns the company Bull Oil Company. Claiming he can "smell a gusher a mile away", Ted seems to instinctively know when oil has been struck, or when an oil well runs dry.


Ted Bull only appears in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Texas Tea". When Mario and Luigi strike oil in their tomato garden at Mario Brothers Plumbing, Ted Bull, sensing that oil has been struck, visits them. He introduces himself to Mario and Luigi, the former of whom gives him an oily handshake, which Ted claims is the best kind of handshake. Ted then offers them a deal for their oil which can make them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Near the episode's end, Ted, who was away getting a cheque ready for Mario and Luigi, returns to their plumbing shop. Seeing that all of the things Mario and Luigi have bought themselves are being repossessed, Ted tells the two he's sorry their oil well has run dry, saying he can't do business with them unless they have oil. After saying his goodbye to Mario and Luigi and before leaving, Ted tells the two that if they ever strike oil again, to give him a call.