Tawny Tyler

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Tawny Tyler
Full name Tawny Tyler
Species Human
First appearance "Adee Don't"
Portrayed by Melanie Chartoff

Tawny Tyler is a famous TV star who presumably lives either in or near Brooklyn. Mario and Luigi apparently have an awkward relationship with her, as they accidentally flooded her three-story house upon installing a sprinkler system in it. They then went on to accidentally embarrass her on live TV.


Prior to visiting Mario Brothers Plumbing, Tawny Tyler hired Mario and Luigi to install a sprinkler system in her three story house, which inadvertently flooded the place. Mario then called her back and asked her to help them with a live TV commercial they were filming, in agreeance that they would disconnect her sprinkler system.

Upon visiting Mario Brothers Plumbing, Tawny asked to see Mario and Luigi's commercial, and was unimpressed by the jingle they came up with, but pretended to like it, if only to move things along. Tawny told Mario and Luigi to go ahead and perform their commercial in front of the camera, but Mario suddenly developed a case of camera fright, rendering him motionless.

Trying to come up with a cure for Mario's camera fright, Tawny displayed several items around Mario Brothers Plumbing as if she were doing it for a commercial, while Luigi provided commentary. Although this method barely worked, a bonk to Mario's head properly cured him, but only until he stepped in front of the camera again.

Just as Luigi gave up on doing the commercial alone, Tawny insisted that he step in front of the camera as a unknown, boring plumber from Brooklyn, and return as a famous, boring plumber from Brooklyn. Just as the filming started, Tawny stood behind Mario and used her arms to make gestures for him, while she and Luigi sung the Mario Bros. jingle. At the end of the commercial, Mario took a bow with Luigi, revealing to the audience that Tawny was standing behind him, embarrassing her on live TV.