Susanna Ross

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Susanna Ross
Susanna Ross
Species Human
First appearance "Baby Mario Love"
Portrayed by Regina Williams

Susanna Ross is, as described by Luigi, the queen of glitz and glamour, and an apparently famous singer and dancer.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Baby Mario Love", Susanna Ross appears in Mario Brothers Plumbing while Luigi and Mario are discussing how their lives lack glitz and glamour. Knocking on the door of Mario Brothers Plumbing, Susanna is at first almost unnoticed by Luigi, who slams the door in her face; realizing what he has done, Luigi quickly re-opens the door and apologizes to Susanna while greeting her. Aside from a sore nose, Susanna is all right and greets both Luigi and Mario. She asks if they remember the promise they have made when they have fixed her plumbing, that they will always be there for her in an emergency. Taking in a heavy suitcase, Susanna reveals that the rest of her singing group have missed their flight, and, as she put wigs on Mario and Luigi's heads, asks them if they can sing. Replying they can, Mario and Luigi begin to sing terribly, which causes Susanna to simply say that Mario and Luigi can fake their way through singing.

Later, as Mario and Luigi put on their singing outfits, Susanna has to coach them through putting on the clothing, which Mario and Luigi are having trouble doing. Eventually, Mario and Luigi finish putting on their costumes, of dresses and wigs, and ask Susanna how they look, a question which causes Susanna to sarcastically reply that she thinks her career is over.

Eventually, Susanna, Mario and Luigi decide to practice their performance, and, stepping on to the raised floor of the apartment begin to sing and dance to the song Baby Love. While nearing the end of the song, Susanna is interrupted by Mario and Luigi, her backup dancers, who begin to complain about their outfits. Susanna is left looking dumbstruck as Mario and Luigi begin to point-out various flaws in the costumes.