Tammy Treehugger

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Tammy Treehugger

Tammy Treehugger is the younger sister of Tommy Treehugger. She appears alongside them in a segment of the Club Mario show, a segment that aired along with The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and The Legend of Zelda. Tommy does not really appreciate her being on the show, saying it was meant for him and Co-MC. She is often seen putting on a puppet show and thinks the show will help her become a movie star.


  • Tammy is a likely reflection of "Evil Eric", although Co-MC is as bothered by her appearance as is Tommy of Evil Eric's, likely in that she is not much of a troublemaker as is Evil Eric, just a nuisance for the guys.
  • Although the two main characters were played by adults, their teen personas did not look too out of place, whereas Tammy appeared to be more like a young girl. Tommy once remarked how strange that she is much younger than he is but almost as big. Tammy's reply was that she gets plenty of exercise and eats healthy, such as wheat cereal each morning, and she has become a gigantic little girl.