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A default male Mii.A very basic female Mii.
First appearance Wii Sports (2006, overall)
WarioWare: Smooth Moves (2006, Mario-related media)
Latest appearance Pikmin Bloom (2021, overall)
Mario Golf: Super Rush (2021, Mario-related media)

Miis are digital avatars that appear in the Mii Channel, Mii Maker, StreetPass Mii Plaza, Miiverse, and various other Mii-centered games and applications. Miis get their name from how the word "me" would be written in rōmaji, in the same way that the Wii gets its name from a similar spelling of "we." Miis are based off of human beings, and players can design what their Miis look like and use them in compatible games.

Shigeru Miyamoto had wanted to create digital avatars for Nintendo consoles since the Nintendo Entertainment System and kept trying to create them with every system released, such as the Nintendo 64DD add-on and Nintendo DS.[1]

Players can start from scratch or create a Mii from an existing template Mii. Only 100 Miis fit in one Wii console, while each individual Wii Remote can hold ten Miis. Miis can also be created on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and the Nintendo Switch, as well as through the smartphone application Miitomo. They can be created either from scratch or from a photo, using Mii Maker, where they can be edited as well. Also, Miis can be made into QR Codes, to be scanned from another Nintendo 3DS, or a Wii U. Each 3DS and Switch system can have up to 100 Miis, and each Wii U system can have up to 3,000 Miis.[2]

On May 24, 2018, Nintendo introduced a browser-based Mii editor called Mii Studio.[3] The editor is available for all Nintendo Account/My Nintendo users in all regions. Mii Studio supports all Mii attributes and standards introduced for the Nintendo Switch. Up to six Mii avatars can be created at a time, including any Mii imported from a linked Nintendo Network ID.


WarioWare series[edit]

WarioWare: Smooth Moves[edit]

Hiroji Kiyotake's Mii appearing in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

Miis appeared with Wario in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. In this game, the Miis are used as personal files for the players, and are used in several microgames and in Multiplayer Mode to represent those playing. One of the multiplayer modes starring the Miis is very similar to the minigame Balloon Bang. The creators of the game also appeared in the credits as Miis, but were wearing costumes unable to be used by the player, such as Mario overalls.

WarioWare: D.I.Y.[edit]

In the microgame Tightrope (one of 9-Volt's microgames) in WarioWare: D.I.Y., the purpose of the game is to prevent a male Mii from falling while holding a pole and crossing a tightrope. This microgame is based on the Tightrope Walk minigame in Wii Fit.

WarioWare Gold[edit]

Like in WarioWare: Smooth Moves, the player uses Miis for personal files, and the selected Mii is the protagonist in the story. Additionally, the player's Mii appears in the "Tomodachi Life" microgame in 9-Volt's stage.

Mario Party 8[edit]

A Mii playing the Chomping Frenzy mini-game in Mario Party 8.

In Mario Party 8, Miis are playable characters and are sometimes seen in the background of mini-games, which are only playable in the "Extras" section. The Miis in this game wear overalls, gloves, and shoes like the Mario brothers. The shirt they wear depends on the player's color (blue for P1, red for P2, green for P3, and yellow for P4), not their favorite color. Miis are also available to personalize players' file. Miis have no voices in this game.

Mario & Sonic series[edit]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games[edit]

In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Miis are playable characters, just as capable of competing as the characters from the Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog series. Their stats are all five out of ten. In this game, the Miis have no voices and are simply called "Mii" during events.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games[edit]

A Mii being customized in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

Miis return in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. This time, Miis can be customized to wear different clothes and accessories. Unlike the last game, the stats differ depending on the gear. They can even wear different costumes of the playable characters in the game. Some of the bosses from Festival Mode also give off their costumes for Miis to wear once defeated.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games[edit]

Miis appear again as playable in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. As in the previous installment, players can customize their Miis with accessories and wear various costumes. These are earned when playing in the Olympic events and the London Party mode.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games[edit]

In Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, just like in the three previous installment on the Wii, the player can use their Miis as characters. As with the previous three installments Miis are customizable, however this time around Miis will actually show what type their clothing makes them.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games[edit]

Miis appear in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games once again as playable characters. Unlike previous installments, they are now playable in both the console and handheld version of the game. In the 3DS version, they are customizable as they were in past console games and are one of three characters who can be used in any event, the others being Mario and Sonic. They are the primary character in the Road to Rio mode of the game. Other Miis who act as townsfolk and opponents also appear in the story mode, and unlike the playable Miis, they have text dialogue.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 marks the first complete absence of Miis in the series.

Dr. Mario Online Rx[edit]

A Mii replacing Dr. Mario as the main character in Dr. Mario Online Rx.

In Dr. Mario Online Rx, Miis are able to replace Dr. Mario as the playable character. Here, they must maneuver Megavitamins tossed into a glass jar in order to destroy the Viruses. In order for a virus to be destroyed, it must be connected to at least one Megavitamin of the same color. Unlike Doctor Mario, Miis speak. Miis can tell the player how many minutes have passed and how many capsules they've thrown.

Mario Kart series[edit]

Mario Kart Wii[edit]

Mii (Outift A) driving in a kart in Mario Kart Wii.

In Mario Kart Wii, Miis first appear as spectators, found in various race courses such as Daisy Circuit. They also appear in posters, and other signs, as seen in Coconut Mall, and represent different players on in-game licenses.

After winning the Special Cup on 100cc, Miis can be unlocked as playable characters. There are two outfits available for Miis, and both are unlocked individually. The first one (Outfit A), which is available when the Mii character option is unlocked, is a plain racing suit of the Mii's favorite color, represented by a blue Mii logo. The other (Outfit B), is unlocked by unlocking all 32 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials mode, and depends on the gender of the Mii, represented by a red Mii logo. If the Mii is male, he receives blue overalls over a shirt of his color (similar to Mario), and if the Mii is female, she receives a minidress of her color, loosely resembling Princess Peach's gown, though unlike her, female Miis do not get a separate outfit for bikes. Originally, a Mii Outfit C was going to be added, but was cut from the final version of the game.

Miis also receive generic voices for the first time, not counting the small background noises they made in Wii Play's Shooting Range event. There are four different voice recordings for both male and female Miis; a different voice is given to each gender and favorite color combination, with the pitch being higher or lower depending on the Mii's size. The weight class for the Mii driver depends on the size given to it in the Mii Channel. If the Mii's height is above average, then it will be large; if the Mii's height is below average, then it will be medium; and if the Mii's height stays average while the weight is below average, then it will be small. All Miis have +3 speed and Mini-Turbo bonuses regardless of size.

A kart's color scheme changes depending on the Mii's gender: primarily blue for males, and primarily pink for females. Notably, when any player plays as a Mii, statues and pictures in various courses, including one battle course, seen in Moonview Highway, Luigi Circuit, DK Summit, Dry Dry Ruins, Toad's Factory, Koopa Cape, Wario's Gold Mine, Daisy Circuit, and Block Plaza, will replace the character heads with that of Mii heads, consisting of the Miis saved on the player's Wii console. Depending on whichever Mii is present on the player's license, the cutscene that plays during the game's credits will show that Mii's head on the Luigi statue regardless of whether or not the player was playing as their Mii.


Small Mii

  • Speed: 3
  • Weight: 3
  • Drift: 3
  • Mini-Turbo: 3

Medium Mii

  • Speed: 3
  • Weight: 3
  • Off-Road: 3
  • Mini-Turbo: 3

Large Mii

  • Speed: 3
  • Acceleration: 3
  • Handling: 3
  • Off-Road: 3
  • Mini-Turbo: 3

Mario Kart 7[edit]

A Mii, from Mario Kart 7.

Miis later appear as racing participants in the Nintendo 3DS title, Mario Kart 7. They can be unlocked by completing all the Grand Prix cups on any engine class and are the only unlockable characters who do not have to be unlocked from a 150cc cup. Unlike in Mario Kart Wii, however, all the Miis get the same stat boosts and are the same weight (in this case, medium, as Mario and Luigi), which are at around average levels, and they have new voice clips. Miis also appear as spectators in several courses. Also, the Miis have two of their own courses, Wuhu Loop & Maka Wuhu, as well as their own battle course, Wuhu Town. All of these courses come from the game Wii Sports Resort. Their artwork is the only character artwork to show the character inside the vehicle.

  • Class: Medium
  • Speed: 3.5
  • Acceleration: 3
  • Weight: 3.25
  • Handling: 2.75
  • Off-Road: 3.75

Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[edit]

A Mii sprite from Mario Kart 8.
All amiibo racing suits as of version 4.1 of the game.

Miis appear as unlockable playable characters in Mario Kart 8. Here, they are the only unlockable characters who are not unlocked at random, always being the eighth character to be unlocked. Their weight class is based on their size, just as in Mario Kart Wii, and their voices from that game return but in a higher pitch. The Miis also sport a new outfit unlike their appearances in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 where they now wear a new racing suit (which is similar to the biker suits that Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and Pink Gold Peach wear) with some white trimmings, a helmet with their color, and a light-colored scarf similar to the ones Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina wear along with black short boots. However, certain colored Miis have a unique coloring scheme. As of version 4.1, the player can also scan one of 19 amiibo into the game to obtain a racing suit and helmet for Miis based upon the scanned character. If the Miis have not been unlocked yet, they will be when any amiibo is scanned.

Miis return in the Nintendo Switch port Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, this time available from the start, a first in the Mario Kart series. All of the amiibo Racing Suits return in this game along with an additional 20th costume based on the Splatoon series.

They also appear as a spectator in Mario Kart TV.

Color schemes[edit]
amiibo racing suits[edit]
amiibo Racing Suits
Name Description Color
Mario Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Mario Suit
Based on Mario's outfit. The overalls design has a white trim, with a pair of brown boots and a white scarf. The helmet has an "M" design on the front, and an "M"-shaped stripe on the back. The "Mario Super Motor Team" logo can be seen on the sides of the helmet and the back of the suit. Red
Luigi Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Luigi Suit
Based on Luigi's outfit. The suit is similar to Mario's, though with an "L"-shaped stripe running across the top and back of the helmet, the "L" logo is on the side of the helmet rather than the front, and a "Luigi Gusters" logo is on the back of the suit. Green
Princess Peach Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Peach Suit
Based upon Peach's bike outfit. The helmet has a gold decorative design on the front that resembles the front of her hair, a crown on top, and a pair of jewels on the side. The "Princess Peach" racing team logo can be seen on the back of the suit. Pink
Yoshi Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Yoshi Suit
Designed after Yoshi. The helmet features Yoshi's nose, eyes, and neck spines. The suit is white and green, with a saddle design on the back as well as featuring a red scarf. Green
Donkey Kong Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Donkey Kong Suit
The helmet is designed after Donkey Kong's head, with flames and a "Burning DK" logo on the side. The suit is brown and yellow, with a standard Donkey Kong emblem on the back Brown
Link Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Hylian Suit
Based upon Link's design, and colored green and gold. The helmet has a pair of goggles, and the Royal Crest on the back. The suit features a brown pair of gloves and boots and a belt, with a Triforce patterns on the back and on the gloves. Blue
Captain Falcon Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Captain Falcon Suit
Based upon Captain Falcon's appearance. The helmet features a large gold falcon like Captain Falcon's helmet, and the suit has a similar design to its origin, though with only the Falcon design on the back of its helmet rather than the design seen on his suit. Blue
Kirby Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Kirby Suit
Designed after Kirby. The front of the helmet has a pair of star-shaped goggles, while the back has Kirby's design on it, and his hands on the side. The outfit is a pink and white-striped outfit, with a Kirby logo on the back. Pink
Samus Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Varia Suit
Designed after Samus's Varia Suit. The helmet features a visor over the Mii's eyes, with Screw Attack emblems on the sides. The suit features a pair of cyan gloves in place of the arm cannon, and additional Screw Attack emblems on the chest and back. Orange
Fox Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Fox Suit
Based upon Fox's outfit in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, itself a combination of the outfits he wears in Star Fox: Assault and Star Fox Command with some elements of his outfit from Star Fox 64. The outfit features a long sleeve jacket with the original SNES Star Fox logo on the back over the green outfit, with a two tone colors of red and black gloves with boots and a red scarf. The helmet is based on Fox's head, with a headset on one side. Blue
Toad Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Toad Suit
Designed after Toad. This racing suit has his mushroom cap as the helmet with a deep blue and white racing suit color with red buttons and belt along with a pale yellow scarf and beige colored boots. Blue
Bowser Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Bowser Suit
Designed after Bowser. This racing suit is unlike the other amiibo racing suits where this one has a biker design with a red orange gloves and scarf, studded braces and boots design with a unique horned helmet that has a long mohawk piece. Black
Wario Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Wario Suit
Designed after Wario and his classic plumber outfit. The helmet is based on Wario's face, but with a green scarf and steel-toed boots. Yellow
Rosalina Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Rosalina Suit
Designed after Rosalina and her bike outfit. The helmet is based on Rosalina's hair with a shooting star motif that matches the boots as well. However the gloves are a yellow color and the color of the scarf and boots is oddly slightly darker making it a small difference from Rosalina's bike outfit. Light Blue
Olimar Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Pikmin Suit
Based upon Olimar's outfit where a red Pikmin motif piece hangs on the helmet. Red
Animal Crossing Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Animal Crossing Suit
Designed after characters in the Animal Crossing series. Light Green
Mega Man Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Mega Man Suit
Based upon classic Mega Man's outfit where it has the Energy Tank logo on the back. Light Blue
Pac-Man Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Pac-Man Suit
Designed after the original arcade version of Pac-Man where the back of the helmet shows a small moving animated Pac-man chomping. Yellow
Sonic Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8
Sonic Suit
Designed after Sonic the Hedgehog. The racing suit has a red scarf with the Sonic The Hedgehog logo on the back. Blue
Inkling Mii racing suit from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Inkling Suit
Based on an Orange Inkling’s color scheme. The helmet has a face cover and both it and the bodysuit are imprinted with various logos seen in Splatoon. This suit is exclusive to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Orange

Small Mii

  • Speed (Ground): 2.25
  • Speed (Water): 2.75
  • Speed (Air): 2.25
  • Speed (Anti-Gravity): 2.5
  • Acceleration: 3.25
  • Weight: 2.25
  • Handling (Ground): 4.75
  • Handling (Water): 4.75
  • Handling (Air): 4.5
  • Handling (Anti-Gravity): 5
  • Traction: 4.5
  • Mini-Turbo: 3

Medium Mii

  • Speed (Ground): 3.75
  • Speed (Water): 4.25
  • Speed (Air): 3.75
  • Speed (Anti-Gravity): 4
  • Acceleration: 2.5
  • Weight: 3.75
  • Handling (Ground): 3.25
  • Handling (Water): 3.25
  • Handling (Air): 3
  • Handling (Anti-Gravity): 3.5
  • Traction: 3.75
  • Mini-Turbo: 2.25

Large Mii

  • Speed (Ground): 4.75
  • Speed (Water): 5.25
  • Speed (Air): 4.75
  • Speed (Anti-Gravity): 5
  • Acceleration: 2
  • Weight: 4.75
  • Handling (Ground): 2.25
  • Handling (Water): 2.25
  • Handling (Air): 2
  • Handling (Anti-Gravity): 2.5
  • Traction: 3.25
  • Mini-Turbo: 1.75

Mario Super Sluggers[edit]

A Mii ready to bat in Mario Super Sluggers.

Miis are playable characters in the game Mario Super Sluggers. Miis cannot be chosen as team captains, but up to 8 Miis can be used. Mii stats in this game are 6/10 and chemistry with other characters is based solely on favorite color (excluding Diddy Kong) e.g. red Miis have chemistry with Mario, green Miis have chemistry with Luigi, pink with Peach, etc. Miis of the same color but opposite genders also have chemistry with each other. Also, they possess the quick throw ability, which allows the players to make faster throws to teammates.

All male Miis are right-handed batters in this game, while the female Miis are left-handed batters. However, both genders are right-handed fielders. They do not speak in the game.

Mario Sports Mix[edit]

Male and female Miis appearing during a commercial for Mario Sports Mix in North America.

Miis are one of the nineteen playable participants in Mario Sports Mix. They are the all-rounder (All-Around) type, with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Ninja. Despite their height and width, they all receive the same stats: 3/5 in every stat. The color of their outfits depend on their favorite color and their clothing depends on their gender; male Miis receive a sporting outfit, while female Miis receive a skirt. Miis are also seen as spectators.

Their special ability is very similar to Mario's special ability; they throw the object into a goal which can be blocked by a struggle of the opponent. In dodgeball, the shot causes a damage radius that hits anyone inside the radius. Miis receive voices in this game, a quality somewhat rare in games they appear playable in.

On a side note, Miis will never appear as opponents in tournaments.

Real life Miis made an appearance in various commercials to help promote the game in North America. They are sports anchors during these commercials under the names Mii-guel (later Michael) and Mii-chelle (later Lisa), showing gameplay footage to the players in various segments like the Super Top 3 Show, for example. Also, they announce a press conference on the day of the game's release, asking questions for Mario.

Fortune Street[edit]

Miis appear as playable characters from the beginning of Fortune Street. If the player decides to start a solo profile, they have to choose a Mii for their profile. The only characters the player can use in solo mode is their Miis. The player can unlock clothes to dress up their Mii in the Dressing Room. Miis do not say anything to the other players; the time where they would talk is replaced by two of the Mii's opponents talking to each other. The color of the Mii's shop depends on the color of the Mii, but if one or more Miis have the same color, they will be changed depending upon order chosen.

Mario Tennis Open[edit]

Yoshi costume QR Codes.

Miis also appear in the Nintendo 3DS title Mario Tennis Open as playable characters. Miis can be given different stats when they wear different clothes or costumes and have different rackets. When a Mii is equipped with a full gear set based on a character, enemy, or item, all stats will be boosted. Miis do not earn a star rank after winning all Mario Open cups. Only the player can control Miis; they cannot be selected as opponents or doubles partners.

Super Mario series[edit]

New Super Mario Bros. U / New Super Luigi U / New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe[edit]

Four Miis on a grassy level with Giant Piranha Plants.

Miis make their first appearance in New Super Mario Bros. U as playable characters only in the Boost Rush, Challenge, and Coin Battle Modes (although they were intended to also be playable in the Story Mode). The Miis can now use the same abilities as Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad, as they can use power-ups like the Super Acorn and Fire Flower. If the Miis are selected as either P1, P2, P3, or P4, each will be colored with the overalls of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and a coloration similar to Luigi's blue alternate costume from the Super Smash Bros. series. Randomly generated Miis appear in various places of the background in Boost Rush Mode. Miis have the ability to play with or without a hat and female ones wear shorter overalls, revealing black socks underneath. In this game, the Miis reuse their voices from Mario Kart 7.

In New Super Luigi U, the player's Mii can also be used if a trick is done on the Flying Squirrel Ovation level in Superstar Road which has the player holding down Classic Controller ZL Button on the GamePad/Wii U Pro Controller White.png or B Button on the Wii Remote while selecting the level (if this trick is used on a different level in the game, the player plays as Nabbit instead).

Miis were also able to post comments online about a level they had played through Miiverse before its shutdown on November 7, 2017.

Super Mario 3D World[edit]

Official artwork of Miis in Super Mario 3D World.

Miis return in Super Mario 3D World. Here, they are referred to as Ghost Miis,[4] and serve as representatives of people who send messages and ghost data through Miiverse. The player can spot them standing around on the world map, where their messages pop up when Mario and co. get close. Players can also opt to send out ghost data on completed levels, and try to beat the time records on other people's ghost data as well. The player can race up to three Miis at once, in an attempt to beat their record. In the game, the Miis appear in Sprixie Princess costumes corresponding to their favorite color, and are shown to mimic the exact movement of the person using the Mii (using Luigi's Scuttle, running on all fours like the Cat Suit, etc.). Miis also have voices in the game while doing a type of move, once again based on their gender and favorite color combination. Occasionally, a Mii will have a present behind it that, when opened, will either contain coins or a power-up. However, as of November 7, 2017, Miiverse is discontinued and Ghost Miis no longer appear in the game.

Ghost Miis are the only characters in Super Mario 3D World who do not return in its Nintendo Switch port Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury.

Super Mario Maker 2[edit]

In Super Mario Maker 2, the player's Mii appears as part of their Maker profile. The player can dress their Mii up with various Mario-themed hats and outfits obtained by clearing certain objectives in the game.[5]

Mario Golf series[edit]

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

In Mario Golf: World Tour, the Castle Club is a game mode where players play as their Mii and compete in tournaments and various other challenges. Like in Mario Tennis Open, player can customize their Miis with various clothing and clubs to alter their stats. The Miis in this game reuse the voices from Mario Kart Wii. In its post-hole animations, the player's Mii is joined by six others that wear the player's chosen color. Many more also appear in the tournament awarding ceremony wearing regular clothes, but the only Miis that wear costumes or clothing from the boutique are the player's, and the top three finishers.

Mario Golf: Super Rush[edit]

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, Miis appear as playable characters. Their Special Shot is Power Stinger and their Special Dash is Power Dash.[6] In Golf Adventure, the player can improve their Mii's stats by earning experience points in practices and matches.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

The Super Smash Bros. series emblem, from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.
Super Smash Bros. character
Mii Fighter
Artwork of the Mii Fighters, from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.
Game appearances
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (unlockable)
Special moves

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U[edit]

SmashWiki article: Mii Fighter (SSB4)

Miis (named Mii Fighters) were confirmed to be playable fighters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U at Nintendo's E3 2014 event. When creating a Mii Fighter, the player can select it to have one of three different classes: Mii Brawlers, Mii Gunners, and Mii Swordfighters. Brawlers specialize in fighting melee style, while Swordfighters and Gunners utilize a sword and a gun in their movesets, respectively. Each class can select four out of twelve special moves, making up a total of thirty-six special moves. When playing online, Miis can only be used when playing in With Friends mode.

When customizing a Mii, the player is able to equip it with custom outfits and headgear, with more available to be purchased as DLC. In terms of equipment, all Miis can use the Jacket and Boots equipment; Mii Brawler can use the Gloves; Mii Swordfighter can use the Sword; Mii Gunner can use the Arm Cannon.

The Multi-Man team in this game is also composed of Miis, called the Fighting Mii Team, replacing the Fighting Alloy Team from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Miis are loaded from those saved on the console and given a random class of Mii Fighter. These Miis are dressed full black, and cannot use shields, special moves, and items. They also cannot grab ledges, but will use a Footstool Jump on other Miis to recover.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, regular Miis also appear in the Tomodachi Life stage, also randomly loaded from the system.

At E3 2014, Masahiro Sakurai explained that Miis were considered to be included as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but they were ultimately not included as Sakurai felt that it did not seem right at the time for Miis to be punching and kicking.[7] The Miis were also removed due to online bullying and Sakurai thought that the Miis had a lack of character to themselves and would not be interesting enough characters.[8]

Trophy information[edit]
Name 3DS Image Wii U Image Appears In NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerTrophy3DS.png Mii Brawler trophy. Wii U Super Smash Bros. for Wii U This fighter is based on a player's Mii. It excels at fighting with punches and kicks. This type of Mii is very agile, blending attacks with movement to get the battle flowing. It has superior dash and jump compared to other types. Stay close and keep whaling on foes - you'll KO them in no time! A Fighter based on your Mii! Brawlers focus on kicks and punches, and a lot of their specials send them hurtling towards opponents. They're better at dashing and jumping than other types of Mii Fighter, and their speedy attacks really pile on the pressure at close range. And, just for good measure, they can also lob shot-puts!
Mii Brawler (Alt.) MiiBrawlerAllStarTrophy3DS.png Mii Brawler trophy. Wii U Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Shot Put is the only projectile attack a Mii Brawler can have. It drops quickly and only bounces a tiny bit. Try using it on foes hanging off an edge to knock them off. The down special Head-On Assault can bury enemies in the ground. It also sends the Mii Brawler downward-don't KO yourself, too! Shot-Put is the only projectile attack a Mii Brawler can have. It drops quickly and only bounces a tiny bit. Try using it on foes hanging from the stage to knock them off. The down special Head-On Assault can bury enemies in the ground. It's also a kind of meteor smash, but if you use it while off the stage, you'll probably KO yourself, too.
Mii Swordfighter MiiSwordfighterTrophy3DS.png Mii Swordfighter trophy. Wii U Super Smash Bros. for Wii U This fighter is based on a player's Mii and favors a sword in battle. Enjoy the extra reach the sword offers, but remember that it takes a bit longer for strikes to reach your opponent as a result. Customize your Mii with chargeable moves, counters, or projectile attacks. A fighter based on your Mii! The main draw of Sword Fighters is the extra reach that they get thanks to their swords. On top of that, they have a lot of varied moves to choose from. Unfortunately, a lot of sword attacks have a bit of delay between pressing the button and landing the attack, so you'll need to be very careful not to leave yourself open!
Mii Swordfighter (Alt.) MiiSwordfighterAllStarTrophy3DS.png Mii Swordfighter trophy. Wii U Super Smash Bros. for Wii U One of the Mii Swordfighter side specials actually uses a throwing disc called a chakram! How quickly you press your desired direction controls how fast and far the chakram flies and how much damage it does. Several other moves, like Skyward Slash Dash, also work in this manner. One of the Mii Sword Fighter side specials actually uses a throwing disc called a chakram! How quickly you choose a direction controls how far and fast the chakram flies, as well as the kind of damage it does. This kind of quick-aiming action also applies to other special moves, like Super Slash Dash.
Mii Gunner MiiGunnerTrophy3DS.png Mii Gunner trophy. Wii U Super Smash Bros. for Wii U A Mii sporting a blaster arm, this fighter is a great choice for those who prefer to fight the battle from a distance. The Mii Gunner has a lot of special projectile moves available, so pick your favorites and use them when needed. Don't forget about standard and smash attacks! A fighter based on your Mii! Gunners are all about the guns, of course. No matter how you set up your specials, you'll end up with a powerful arsenal. And it's not just their special moves that have excellent range - they have standard and smash attacks that can really go the distance too. Use them to dominate the battle from afar.
Mii Gunner (Alt.) MiiGunnerAllStarTrophy3DS.png Mii Gunner trophy. Wii U Super Smash Bros. for Wii U One of the Mii Gunner's side specials is Stealth Burst. The missile blends in, making it tough to see. Plus, you can control when it explodes, so it's handy for surprise attacks! You could also use Absorbing Vortex to absorb damage done to you by energy weapons. This is one fighter with a lot of tricks up its sleeve! One of the Mii Gunner's side specials is Stealth Burst. This burst blends in, making it tough to see. Plus, you can control when it explodes, so it's handy for surprise attacks! You could also use Absorbing Vortex to absorb damage done to you by energy weapons. This is one fighter with a lot of tricks up its sleeve!
Omega Blitz N/A Omega Blitz trophy. Mii Brawler's Final Smash will strike opponents with a powerful uppercut and then deliver a rush of attacks in midair. If the uppercut misses, the rush of attacks will fail as well. However, there is no escaping this move once caught in it. The final blow consists of kicking opponents down and bouncing them off the stage. In this Final Smash, Mii Brawler lifts a foe into the air with an uppercut, then delivers a barrage of strikes. If the initial uppercut misses, the whole thing stops there - but if it hits, the other blows can't be dodged. It ends with a series of kicks followed by a chop, sending the victim smashing into the ground and bouncing way up high.
Final Edge N/A Mii Swordfighter's Final Smash trophy. The Mii Swordfighter will rise its sword, firing multiple shock waves forward in its Final Smash. The waves will expand outward and push foes off the screen. Walls and the ground can't stop this display of power, so this Final Smash is exceptional at taking out several rivals at the same time. With sword held high, Mii Sword Fighter unleashes a barrage of shock waves. They spread out in a fan pattern, dealing multiple blows to foes they touch, while also pushing them towards the edge of the screen. This Final Smash can even hit through walls and floors, making it easy to attack lots of opponents at once!
Full Blast N/A Full Blast trophy. The Mii Gunner's Final Smash unleashes a a wide, long-range beam of painful energy. The laser will hit several times, pushing back opponents before launching them with the last blow. You can adjust the laser beam's angle, so punish a foe who thought he or she was safe by trying to duck under the beam! Mii Gunner's Final Smash is a set of laser beams fired straight ahead that reach all the way across the screen. These can hit repeatedly and push foes back, ultimately launching them at the end. While firing the beams, you can tilt them up and down, so fine-tune the angle to really go for your foes!
Fighting Mii Team FightingMiiTeamTrophy3DS.png Fighting Mii Team trophy. Wii U Super Smash Bros. for Wii U These weak fighters show up in droves in Multi-Man Smash. There are Brawler, Swordfigher, and Gunner types. Since they're based on the Mii characters saved on your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U console, you could end up battling friends and family! Don't get soft - just take them out! Almost any attack does the trick. These weak fighters show up in droves in Multi-Man Smash. There are Brawler, Sword Fighter and Gunner types. Since they're based on the Mii characters saved on your Nintendo 3DS system or Wii U console, you could end up battling friends and family! But forget that - just take them out! Any strong-ish attack does the trick.

Blue indicates the Trophy or description is exclusive to the Wii U version.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

SmashWiki article: Mii Fighter (SSBU)
Artwork for the Mii Fighters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Mii Fighters return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Their proportions have been altered so that they have smaller heads, and their default clothing have been altered as well. Additionally, players can choose between 12 different voice options to set for their Mii Fighters, each of which can be played at three pitches: low, medium, and high. In total, Mii Fighters have 36 selectable voices, all voiced by different voice actors:

Additionally, the Mii Fighters are unique in the sense that they are the only characters to retain custom specials. Though Mii Fighters still have customizable outfits, their body proportions cannot be adjusted in-game; Mii Brawlers have set weights of 94 units, Mii Swordfighters have set weights of 100 units, and Mii Gunners have set weights of 104 units.

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Miiファイター
Mii Faitā
Mii Fighter
Chinese (Simplified) Mii斗士
Mii Dòushì
Mii Fighter
Chinese (Traditional) Mii鬥士
Mii Dòushi
Mii Fighter
Dutch Mii-vechter Mii Fighter
French (NOA) Combattants Mii Mii Fighters
French (NOE) Combattant Mii Mii Fighter
German Mii-Kämpfer Mii Fighter
Italian Guerriero Mii Mii Warrior
Korean Mii 파이터
Mii Paiteo
Mii Fighter
Portuguese Lutador Mii Mii Fighter
Russian Mii-боец
Mii Fighter
Spanish (NOA) Combatientes Mii Mii Fighters
Spanish (NOE) Luchador Mii Mii Fighter

Other appearances[edit]

Miis in Mario Strikers Charged used to represent the player.

Miis also appear in games such as Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, and Mario Strikers Charged to represent the player, similar to an avatar. In Super Mario Galaxy (though not in the Nvidia Shield and Super Mario 3D All-Stars ports) and its sequel, players can personalize their files with Miis. This has also been done with other non-Mario related games. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, players can use their Mii on Wi-Fi to represent themselves. In Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, Miis were likewise used to represent users with a profile, which allowed them to post levels in the Community mode, although this is no longer possible due to the discontinuation of Miiverse.

Miis appear along with Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad in the Wii U experience game New Super Mario Bros. Mii. If the Miis are selected as either P1, P2, P3, or P4, each will be colored with the overalls of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Mario's colors from Mario Bros., respectively, just like New Super Mario Bros. U.

Check Mii Out Channel[edit]

One of the channels on the Wii is the Check Mii Out Channel (or the Mii Contest Channel in the PAL region), where Nintendo holds contests in which participants must create a Mii that looks most like a certain person or character. Some of the contests have been Mario-related:

  • Mario, without his hat, was the first contest in the Check Mii Out Channel.
  • Luigi, without his hat, was a later contest.
  • Another contest had players create Princess Peach.
  • Another contest was "Someone like Mario, but a little different".
  • One contest focused on Bee Mario.
  • A contest focused on "someone that helps a princess", which makes a reference to Mario and Link.
  • One contest was "Wario without his hat".



  • Mario Kart series / Mario Golf series: Fumihiro Okabayashi, Katsuhiro Harasawa, Takuya Sato, Tomoyuki Higuchi (also in Mario Tennis Open)
  • Mario Sports Mix: Greg Irwin
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Yuji Kishi, Takashi Ohara, Ryotaro Okiayu,, Michihiko Hagi, Hideo Ishikawa, Kiyoyuki Yanada


  • Mario Kart series / Mario Golf series: Ayumi Nagao, Hitomi Hirose (also in Mario Tennis Open), Tomo Adachi, Yuko Kaida
  • Mario Sports Mix: Bianca Allen
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Umeka Shoji, Ayumi Fujimura, Makiko Omoto, Minami Takayama, Kimiko Saito


Mario Kart 7[edit]

  • North American website bio: "Put yourself in the race by using any Mii character you've created on your Nintendo 3DS system."

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Smash Blog bio[edit]

  • You can choose from the three types of Mii Fighter and select from a set of three specials for each type. You can also choose one of 12 voice options!


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  • If the player goes on the Internet Browser on the Wii U from the home menu and the curtains are closed, the spotlights shine on the curtains for about 15 seconds, then the current user's Mii comes up and starts doing different activities. They include singing, juggling, twirling a baton, dancing with a striped cane, doing a magic trick, playing rock–paper–scissors with the user, and sleeping.
  • Miis are the only playable characters in the Super Smash Bros. series represented with the Super Smash Bros. emblem and the only fighters in the series not to be fought in All-Star Mode.