Fan Kids in the Shop

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Shop Manager Iwata displaying the system for the children gathered at his shop

The Fan Kids in the Shop are a small collection of characters appearing in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. They make their appearance during the opening cutscene of 9-Volt's and 18-Volt's story. After being unable to locate the system he broke at a gaming store, 18-Volt notices four figures gathering excitedly at a nearby store. It is revealed they are then inside the shop, viewing the exact gaming system, shown to them by Shop Manager Iwata. He proceeds to put it away and show the children several ? Blocks, each one containing a microgame, providing the set for these characters.

Whenever a microgame is successfully completed, the shop manager happily puts away the ? Block and takes out a new one, as the children wave their arms in celebration. If a microgame is lost, however, the manager becomes frustrated as a customer leaves the store. As such, they serve as the life counter for this microgame set. If all four of them leave the store, the player has lost this round. If the set is completed successfully, the children cheer as the system is shown again, though 18-Volt is the one to reach for it, only to find 9-Volt next to him, resulting in their reconciliation.

The children vary in appearance, though they are all relatively the same size and presumably age. One is a boy with tan skin, a baseball cap, and black hair. Another boy has brown and grey hair with a green striped shirt. One of the girls has full blond hair and a pink shirt, while the other is more tan with brown hair in ponytails. All four children are listed collectively in the credits as "The Fan Kids in the Shop", between Shop Manager Iwata and the Legendary Dog Dancers.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしがりなこどもたち
Hoshigari na Kodomo-tachi
Desiring Children