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Artwork of Red from WarioWare: Move It!
Artwork from WarioWare: Move It!
Species Imp
First appearance WarioWare: Touched! (2004)
Latest appearance WarioWare: Move It! (2023)
Latest portrayal Tyler Shamy[1][2] (2018–present)
“Red, at your service!”
Red, WarioWare Gold

Red is a major character in the WarioWare series, first appearing in WarioWare: Touched! He is a jovial shapeshifting imp who acts as Ashley's best friend and loyal assistant.


WarioWare series[edit]

WarioWare: Touched![edit]

Ashley's Game Over screen in WarioWare: Touched!
Red alongside Ashley in WarioWare: Touched!

In the opening cutscene of her stage, Ashley attempts to cook a potion but fails. When Ashley gets angry after Orbulon bumps into her and runs off, Red asks her if she is fine, but she only replies that the alien is the last ingredient needed for the potion. Red volunteers to catch him, but fails and asks Ashley to forgive him; she does, only to decide she is going to use Red as the ingredient instead.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves[edit]

Red returns alongside Ashley in WarioWare: Smooth Moves, where their level is named "The Loquacious Spell Book". Ashley attempts to cast a spell on a potted plant using Red as her magic wand, but she fails: it only causes the sprout to become a daisy. When Ashley successfully causes a second sprout to grow into a gargantuan, monstrous Venus flytrap that bursts through the roof, Red is visibly frightened by the development, but Ashley herself simply smiles.

The Japanese Smooth Moves website feature a blog section for the WarioWare developers. In her blog entry, Ashley states she is not interested in blogging and orders Red to write something in her place. Red then tells of an occurrence where the pair went to practice magic at a riverbed near their mansion, and Ashley paused when she saw a family of monkeys, as it reminded her of her parents in her distant hometown.

WarioWare: D.I.Y.[edit]

Game's intro

In WarioWare: D.I.Y., Red stars alongside Ashley in a film named Magical Witch Ashley. If the player fails a microgame during gameplay, Ashley turns to the screen wearing a mask, scaring Red.

Game & Wario[edit]

Red appears in the Ashley minigame in Game & Wario. He transforms into a magic wand after Ashley calls for him to transport into a picture in a book depicting monsters. When she is inadvertently transported inside another page themed around candies and sweets instead, Red is shown to take joy in this development, but as Ashley becomes furious, Red transforms into a broom so that they can escape the candy world.

WarioWare Gold[edit]

Ashley & Red with Gahrumble in WarioWare Gold
Ashley & Red with Gahrumble.

Red returns in WarioWare Gold alongside Ashley and the rest of the series cast. He and Ashley host the Twist League Fantasy microgames.

In Ashley's stage introduction, Red congratulates Ashley on her demon-summoning skills when she successfully summons Gahrumble into their mansion. Red translates his words when Ashley is unable to understand the demon's words, and learns that their guest has not eaten in days, as an insatiably hungry demon named Hum Gree is eating all the food in the demon realms. When Ashley decides to go to the demon realms to defeat Hum Gree herself, Red becomes fearful, but obliges and transforms into her broom. After Hum Gree is defeated, Red then invites Gahrumble to go eat with them.

Red later appears in the Potluck Gang set of the Ultra League, where he goes on a camping trip with Ashley, Orbulon, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Dribble, Spitz, Mike, and 5-Volt. 5-Volt organizes a potluck, with Red bringing explosive oysters and Ashley a "garlic" (which is actually a poisonous mandrake root), to Red's shock and horror. As he remarks on how dangerous the mandrake is because its cry is lethal, Spitz sneaks up on Red and does a fake cry, making Red scream and faint. He later plays cards with the others. At the end of the potluck, Red teases Ashley about the fact she is apparently enjoying herself, making her blush. In the ending of the game, Red appears with everyone else to persuade Wario into sharing the money from the tournament.

WarioWare: Get It Together![edit]

Ashley imaging Red's head as a burger.
Red's head depicted as a hamburger through Ashley's hallucination

Red returns in WarioWare: Get It Together! In the game's story mode, he appears in the opening cutscene, brewing a potion alongside Ashley. He, along with the rest of the WarioWare, Inc. employees, gets sucked in the game world due to Wario's actions.

Red appears in the opening cutscene for Ashley's stage, where they are sitting in the dining room hungry because they have nothing to eat. Ashley starts to hallucinate Red's head as a hamburger, apparently considering eating him. Mandrakes then attack the mansion, with Red immediately turning into Ashley's wand as she repels their assault.

Red appears in the post-game story where he is bound to a vine in the All Mixed Up tower. When Wario and co. reach the tower, they free Red and he joins the rest of the employees chasing down the mysterious object who initially kidnapped him. Upon clearing the Showdown stage, Red is shown to be the only one to understand Pyoro's language, translating his explanation for entering the game world.

As a playable character, Red flies around with Left Stick. Pressing A Button makes him drop a bomb, which explodes on impact. The impact of his bombs makes his abilities useful for removing heavy objects quickly (e.g. Foggy Glasses, one of 5 microgames that deems him a good fit), and registering multiple hits on objects due to the bomb's explosion (e.g. Yoshi's Story and Tempest in a Teapot, two more good-fit games). Although there are no microgames that deem him a bad fit, there are some disadvantages. The inability to target any direction other than downwards requires him to use his body for some microgames (e.g. Sand-Trap Scoop, one of 13 below-average microgames). Unlike projectile-based characters, Red can only have one bomb on-screen at a time, preventing him from repeatedly using his ability from high heights where he may miss (e.g. Donkey Kong Country Returns). Red has a majority of the microgames deeming him an average or above-average fit (85 and 109 respectively).

WarioWare: Move It![edit]

Ashley and Red's cutscene in WarioWare: Move It!
Ashley tries to turn Red back to his normal size

Red appears in WarioWare: Move It! where he, along with the rest of the WarioWare cast, join Wario on his vacation to Caresaway Island. In Ashley's stage, "Caveat Imptor", he is seen on Sandboxer Beach with Ashley making a sandcastle that resembles her mansion. Red notices some berries in a bush nearby, and proceeds to eat them. However, the berries cause him to shrink to a smaller size. He calls out to Ashley for help, who notices him when he climbs onto the sandcastle and pleads for her to make him normal again. Ashley casts multiple spells to revert Red, but to no avail, as her spells instead deform Red in different ways. She then casts a spell that causes red berries to grow in the forest and feeds them to Red. After Red eats all the berries, he slowly grows back to normal. Red is relieved, but then continues to grow until he reaches a gargantuan size, and panics again.

Mona and Red getting annoyed at Mike's singing
Red and Mona recoiling from Mike's singing

Red returns in Remix 1, "Not-So-Relaxing Rapids", where he is seen along with Mona displeased with Mike's singing. When Ashley, Dr. Crygor, and Penny accidentally cause their beach house to detach into the nearby rapids, he is seen panicking when the house falls down the waterfall and launches everyone out of the beach house. The gang lands safely on top of a tour bus, delighting everyone. After the stage is cleared, everyone exits the tour bus and find a statue of King Caresaway the First. The group looks in astonishment, but quickly changes to shock and worry when their detached beach house falls and crushes the statue.

Red, along with the rest of the WarioWare cast appear in the final stage, "Lava at First Sight", where they all dance to defeat Volcano Wario. After Wario is launched from the volcano, the cast enjoys their vacation, while Wario is stuck inside a temple.

Outside of Story mode, Red is the host of the Copycat Mirror mode. The player controlling Red holds the Joy-Con controllers and faces away from the screen, and must perform the same actions as their partner who faces the screen without controllers to complete microgames.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix[edit]

Miiverse capture of the Rhythmware set of Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
Red's appearance in "Wario...Where?"

Red makes an appearance alongside Ashley in the Challenge Train course "Wario...Where?" in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. Red appears on the left of the screen, riding the giraffe.

Web comics[edit]

Red appears in a web comic strip made by Ashley's creator Ko Takeuchi titled Ashley no Halloween Night. In the strip,[3] Red draws Ashley's attention to her group of friends and the group head off into the night.

Other appearances[edit]

Red is featured in various panels of Nintendo Badge Arcade, with badges that depict him wearing a variety of themed outfits. A set of badges based on Splatoon depicts Red as an Octotrooper, and a set of badges parodying The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D features a badge portraying Red dressed as Tingle.

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]

Red is a little red imp with sky blue eyes and a black, pointed hairstyle. He wears a yellow bib and brown pants. In Game & Wario, it is revealed that his trident is actually a part of his body. Starting with Gold, he now sports bat wings on his back.


Red is the polar opposite of Ashley in personality: whereas Ashley is a serious, easily angered person, Red is outgoing, animated, and cheerful. A clear example of this contrast is seen in Ashley's character epilogue in Touched! and Captain Wario's epilogue in Game & Wario, where he is shown dancing with everyone, except for Ashley, who stands in place without moving. He is also extremely helpful, as he is always seen assisting Ashley, whether it be with a spell or cleaning the mansion. Red is said to take care of his and Ashley's laundry, and she orders Red to write her blog entry for her on the Japanese Smooth Moves website. Despite his bright demeanor, he can be easily frightened. Ashley's epilogue in Smooth Moves shows him frightened by the monster flower that Ashley had conjured, and in Gold, he is frightened on the aspect of Hum Gree when Ashley decides to defeat him. Japanese material portrays Red as speaking with a Kansai accent (a trait shared with Dribble & Spitz), which is stereotypically associated with fun-loving, boisterous characters. Red, like Ashley, is stated to have an affinity for food: he is delighted by the dessert-themed world in Game & Wario, and his B-rank character card in Gold states that he "absolutely loves candy from the human world."

Powers and abilities[edit]

Red can levitate and transform into small objects to help Ashley, such as a broom or her wand. The Ashley 3DS theme and its accompanying webcomic show Red is able to assume a winged, bat-like form.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

WarioWare: Touched! instruction manual[edit]

"What's up? People call me Red. Well, at least my friend Ashley does. She's a pretty wicked sorcerer. We live in this big creepy mansion. While Ashley's brewing up potions and studying spells, I spend most of my time hanging out, collecting ingredients for Ashley, and poking stuff with my pitchfork."
"In Ashley's microgames, you've usually got to grab something and slide it somewhere. You'd better do it fast, or Ashley will freak out on you! I'm not even kidding."

Game & Wario character card[edit]

-Ashley's assistant
-Can transform into almost anything (as long as it's close to his size)
-Trident is actually part of his body

WarioWare Gold character cards[edit]

  • Rank CRed is Ashley's best friend and, as her magic partner, can transform into things like a wand and a broom.
  • Rank BRed absolutely loves candy from the human world. He wolfs down lollipops in almost no time at all.
  • Rank ARed's really a big scaredy-cat and gets scared by his reflection. But only late at night, in the bathroom mirror.

WarioWare: Get It Together![edit]

  • Intro description: "Sometimes he seems to be more scaredy-cat than demon. Still, Red takes good care of his fave witch, Ashley."
  • Break Room description: "Sometimes he seems to be more scaredy-cat than demon. Still, Red takes good care of his fave witch, Ashley, transforming into a broom or wand at her command."

WarioWare, Inc. Official Site[edit]

If you need any transforming done, leave it to me!
"Hiya! I'm Red, Ashley's sidekick— not to mention her best friend! Now that you're here, I hope you stay for a spell!"

  • Home: "We live in Ashley's Mansion at the edge of town! But just between us, the place kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies..."
  • Skills: "I can transform into stuff that's about the same size as me: magic wands, brooms... Pretty cool, huh?"
  • Personality: "I guess I'm sort of a scaredy-cat..."
  • Recent freak-outs: "Um, there was this incident when I saw myself in the mirror at night... I only screamed a little! I swear!"
  • About Ashley: "Despite how she acts, she actually hates being alone. She gets this faraway look in her eye whenever she remembers her parents and where she grew up."
  • Ashley news: "The other day, I caught her by the mirror practicing how to smile! I couldn't believe it... B-b-but don't you DARE tell anyone!"
  • Scariest thing in the world: "Ashley when she's angry... *shudder*"
  • CEO Comment: "Red's the little imp who looks after Ashley. Sometimes I think he's half chicken, though! The only "buck buck" I've got time for is cash flying into my pockets, so he'd better get out there and sell more of my games—and I DON'T mean for a commission! Wahaha!"


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レッド

Chinese (simplified) 小红魔[4]
Xiǎo Hóng Mó
Little Red Demon

Chinese (traditional) 小紅魔
Xiǎo Hóng Mó
Little Red Demon

Dutch Red
French Red
German Red
Italian Red
Korean 레드

Portuguese Red
Russian Рэд[5]

Spanish Red


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