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Kung Fu title screen
Kung Fu title screen.

Kung Fu is a single-player minigame in Game & Wario, hosted by Young Cricket & Master Mantis.


Young Cricket & Master Mantis are training. Master Mantis builds up energy and creates a dumpling out of thin air, eats it and quickly runs off. Young Cricket realizes he is hungry and follows his master.


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Kung Fu is a platforming minigame in which the player controls Young Cricket and travels across a series of obstacle courses. The TV screen has the camera set behind the character, while the GamePad screen offers a top-down view of him. Rather than walking, Young Cricket moves by continuously jumping, so the player must control the direction of his jumps by tilting the GamePad to progress. Young Cricket also has the "quick drop" technique, which functions similarly to a Ground Pound. Another aspect of the game is his energy meter, which serves as a timer for the player. Each stage starts with 100 seconds on the timer. The player can collect dumplings along the way to increase it by five seconds.

Five Trials[edit]

This mode comprises five courses with different themes. The stages require Young Cricket to get to the goal, where Master Mantis waits. Clearing a course for the first time grants the player a Cluck-A-Pop token. Hidden in each stage are three scrolls, which also grant the player a token if all three are collected in one run.

Stage 1 – Bamboo Bounce[edit]

A short, simple level set over a body of water, mostly comprised of wide sea stacks.

  • Blue scroll: In the third hole in the starting area.
  • Green scroll: Inside a crumbling pillar just before the checkpoint.
  • Red scroll: On a crumbling pillar to the left, immediately after the checkpoint.

Stage 2 – Cedar Crossing[edit]

A course set in a Japanese cedar forest. The platforms are wooden board walkways and tree trunks.

  • Blue scroll: High above the left side of the first set of walkways.
  • Green scroll: On a platform after the first checkpoint, to the left of other, taller tree trunks.
  • Red scroll: Above the moving bridge, next to the end of the level.

Description: It's getting trickier! Keep an eye on my footing, but don't forget to pay attention to what's up ahead too.

Stage 3 – Mushroom Mount[edit]

Young Cricket must utilize bouncy mushrooms to jump higher and climb the mountain walls all the way to the top. The middle section is a cluster of rotating bridges.

  • Blue scroll: In the same area the first mushroom is encountered, in the far right.
  • Green scroll: Above a rotating bridge in the middle section.
  • Red scroll: On a tall, isolated pillar to the right of the second checkpoint. The player must bounce on a white mushroom to reach it.

Description: This mountain looks grueling! At least there are bouncy mushrooms to help me rise to the occasion. Jumping really high is also a great way to lift one's spirits!

Stage 4 – Lotus Landing[edit]

A course set over water streams and waterfalls. The gimmick of this stage is lotus pads that move along the rapids.

  • Blue scroll: Above the edge of the waterfall at the beginning of the level. The player must ride a leaf to reach it.
  • Green scroll: In the area between the first and second checkpoints, the player must fall to a hidden platform to the left of the point where the main path bends.
  • Red scroll: Under the third crumbling floor right before the last section. A dumpling indicates the spot.

Description: Those leaves that move in the current are so fast and aggravating! This is the perfect spot to use my special quick drop move. Wait for it, and then... BOOM! Stick the landing.

Stage 5 – Corn Climb[edit]

A course going through a huge building flooded by lava. The player must avoid lava geysers along the way.

  • Blue scroll: On a windowsill high above the right side of the first area.
  • Green scroll: On the left side of the broken wall the player climbs with the help of the first mushroom in the level.
  • Red scroll: On the right side of the tall wall immediately after the second checkpoint, above a shifting platform.

Description: It's really getting tough now! The paths are narrow and the flames are hot, so pay attention to what's below and what's up ahead. Make it to the top, and I'll be one step closer to becoming a true master!


Jump your way to Master Mantis before you run out of energy. Clear all five stages to earn a special reward!

All You Can Eat[edit]

All You Can Eat is unlocked after the player clears all five stages in Five Trials. This mode is an endless version of the minigame with increased difficulty level, as the platforms are mostly crumbling and narrow pillars. Some elements from the thematic stages, such as rotating bridges and mushrooms, also appear.


Your reward from Master Mantis is all the dumplings you can eat! Keep jumping and eating to increase your energy. If you jump long enough, the dumplings will double up!


Scoring is based on how much time (in seconds) remains on the clock. Scrolls are only collectable in the five main levels.

  • Dumpling: 5 seconds
  • Blue Scroll: 10 seconds
  • Green Scroll: 15 seconds
  • Red Scroll: 20 seconds


  • GamePad: Move
  • ZL Button + ZR Button: Quick drop

Names in other languages[edit]

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Spanish (NOE) Kung Fu -