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“Hey! I’m Mona! I report on all sorts of stuff, and I’ve got some big-time scoops to reveal! There are 24 in all. Hope you like them!”
The first Mona Superscoop in the British English version

Mona Superscoop is a set of Cluck-A-Pop capsules in Game & Wario. They feature Mona sharing anecdotes and gossips about events in Diamond City and its residents. They are represented by purple capsules in the Cluck-A-Pop machine and take up spots 124-147 in the capsule collection.


1: The best café ever![edit]

Caption: I recommend the fresh tomato juice!

This is the place that shows up at the end of my game, SHUTTER. It's a café Editor Joe runs. I work part-time here too, so you should come visit me sometime!

2: PIGS, the smash-hit musical![edit]

Caption: The ensemble dance scene is my favorite!

PIGS is the touching story of an upstar group of pigs who yearn to be awarded the highest grade of pork and must use their gift of dance to prove themselves worthy. The scene where they all come out to dance gives me chills every time.

3: Not exactly a model model![edit]

Caption: Wait—maybe this wasn't the right guy...

I was going through my photos from the beauty train and found one that just doesn't give off that model vibe. I swear I took this shot of the right target, but... yeah. I have no idea.

4: Bump Canyon at sunset![edit]

Caption: I kinda wish Jimmy wasn’t in this shot…

Jimmy told me about a picturesque spot in Bump Canyon, and I just had to go check it out. This is my favorite shot from shoot. Isn’t that sunset breathtaking?

5: Jimmy time![edit]

Caption: Where did he even get that gold outfit?!

Ha ha! Don't tell Jimmy, but I just had to get a picture of him in his gold outfit. Unfortunately my flash reflected off his shiny suit so much that it turned out like this. I still think it's pretty great, though!

6: Meet the SKI bunnies![edit]

Caption: They said they'll teach me to ski!

From top to bottom, that's Cathy, Mitchel, Nancy, Lisa, Marie, Emily, Lucy, Catherine, Sara, Linda and Yoshiko, the SKI bunnies! That bear showed up out of nowhere. And of course Jimmy just had to photobomb the shot!

7: A visit with Kat and Ana![edit]

Caption: It’s pretty impressive for kindergartners!

I went and visited Kat and Ana the other day, and they showed me this drawing they did in kindergarten. Their teacher loved it, and they’re so proud of it that they decided to use it as the title screen for their game PATCHWORK. Isn’t that neat?

8: The dumpling lowdown![edit]

Caption: I hear the curry ones aren't too spicy!

Cricket told me that the really big dumplings in KUNG FU's All You Can Eat mode have curry and pizza filling. Yum! I have no idea how that guy can eat so much and stay in such good shape, though.

9: A Master's masterpiece![edit]

One of the Mona Superscoop in Game & Wario.

Caption: Of course he’s holding a dumpling...

Did you know that Master Mantis’s hobby is painting? He let me take a picture of this one he did of Cricket in training. I think it’s really great!

10: GAMER concept art![edit]

One of the Mona Superscoops in Game & Wario.

Caption: I love early concept art!

This is a drawing 9-Volt did of his mom, 5-Volt, when he was in the early stages of developing GAMER. I'll never forget the look on her face when she first saw it!

11: My short stint as Dr. Crygor's assistant![edit]

Caption: It's like nothing is good enough for him.

When I heard Dr. Crygor was looking to hire an assistant robot designer, I applied right away! I was pretty confident I could do a good job at it, but after my first day he said my work was absolute garbage. He seems really difficult to please.

12 : A robot designer with an eye for fashion![edit]

Caption: I just love the look of that sleeve!

I took this of a guy who works as a designer in Dr. Crygor’s lab. I’d never seen a schnozz-print suit before, so I had to snap a picture! As you can see, he’s pretty good at drawing circles too.

13: Perhaps Ashley’s happiest moment ever![edit]

One of the Mona Superscoop in Game & Wario.

Caption: I so wish I had a flying broom!

The other day I saw Ashley out flying on her broom with the most pleasant look of contentment on her face. It was such a shock, I can’t believe I managed to take a picture. Trust me, you never see Ashley looking remotely this happy.

14: Interview with a giant![edit]

Caption: Look—he has a picture of Lily!

I went to interview the giant from TAXI. Turns out his name is Pat! He works at city hall in the land of giants and has a crush on a coworker named Lily. Isn't that sweet? He's such a nice guy!

15: The mysterious Adventure King![edit]

Caption: I'm not convinced he can be trusted.

You know the guy from PIRATES who calls himself the Adventure King? Apparently Captain Wario put a curse on him and trapped him in a stone tablet (that works great as a shield). But even after defeating the captain, he didn't come out. Weird, huh?

16: Just a guy who loves to dance![edit]

Caption: He shows up in GAMER too!

I was playing PIRATES the other day and spotted this little guy just dancing away! He loves music with a lot of energy, so keep an eye out on him when the action picks up!

17: Life in space? Not so bad![edit]

Caption: To be honest, I'm a bit jealous!

Did you notice those people who got abducted by UFOs in BIRD? I asked around a bit and it turns out they don't want to be rescued. Apparently they're having the time of their life partying with the aliens up there in space!

18: He just really, really, really loves fruit![edit]

Caption: You think he'd get sick of fruit eventually!

Have you ever wondered why the thief in FRUIT only targets fruit? Word on the street is he simply can't get enough of it. He just loves fruit so much that he'll do anything to get his hands on more of it.

19: Not a team effort![edit]

Caption: These guys really need to start cooperating.

Rumor has it the agents responsible for capturing the FRUIT thief are always squabbling over how to divvy up the reward money. You'd think these guys would have learned to work together by now! I guess they never really do though, huh...

20: An ISLANDS getaway![edit]

Caption: There's nothing like a tropical vacation...

I took a vacation to Roulette Rock a few months ago! The way that water shimmers when you're out there launching Fronks... Man! It's so great. This is the photo of the little cottage I stayed at. Isn't it quaint?

21: The mysterious Fronk![edit]

Caption: Where won't he show up?!

This is 9-Volt's pet Fronk. It's said that if you see one Fronk, there are probably at least 30 more lurking around nearby. I guess they travel in packs or something. They sure do like to make their presence known!

22: ISLANDS's unsung heroes![edit]

Caption: Watch out for this guy if you're a Fronk!

This is one of the famous seagulls from ISLANDS. He not only performs flybys to liven up the action but also looks after the islands by disposing of things that tourists leave behind and doing other chores. He's great!

23: Mr. Left and Mr. Right![edit]

Caption: Their dance battles only make them better!

I had a rare opportunity to interview the famous DISCO dancers. They're known as Mr. Left and Mr. Right! Turns out Left likes pop music best while Right loves rock and roll. One thing's for sure—these guys have got rhythm for days.

24: Granny Miiverse![edit]

Caption: Have you encountered Granny Miiverse?

I scored an exclusive interview with the elusive Granny Miiverse! I had so many questions for her, but she wouldn't go into much detail about anything. I guess her work is highly confidential. She did teach me how to make a perfect pot of tea, though!