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“It's the mysterious musical phenomenon Bugband, here to perform their hit song from <minigame name>! You can even call the members offstage and onto GamePad for an up-close-and-personal performance!”
Cluck-A-Pop description

Bugband is a set of Cluck-A-Pop capsules in Game & Wario. They feature an ensemble of insects, performing a short piece from a certain minigame. While the music is playing, the player can press A Button on the member which is on the spotlight, calling them to the GamePad screen, which also make their respective instrument heard from the GamePad. They are represented by green capsules in the Cluck-A-Pop machine and take up spots 28-40 in the capsule collection.


# Name Minigame Crew Description
The icon for the Bugband #1, "Strawbenemy". Strawbenemy Arrow A Bugband screenshot
Patrick, Nishimakki
Powerful beats with guitar riffs closing in. A classic example of Bugband's fat-tone sound!
The icon for the Bugband #2, "On Target". On Target Shutter A Bugband screenshot
Moris, Zakikana, Nobumasa, Nishimakki
The lively trumpet builds the suspense; dueling keyboards hint at their fate.
The icon for the Bugband #3, "Jimmy Lovin'". Jimmy Lovin' Ski A Bugband screenshot
Yukie, Naoko, Eiko
The hot minigroup born out of Bugband, the Slopestars! They're good skiers too, of course. Don't pass up this chance to hear their sweet, sweet harmonies that cold make flowers blossom out of ice-cold snow.
The icon for the Bugband #4, "Hydrangeaville". Hydrangeaville Patchwork A Bugband screenshot
Marcia, Moris, Baba
A cheery melody with a unique guitar sound. It feels exotic yet warm and familiar. Does it remind you of home?
The icon for the Bugband #5, "Masterpath". Masterpath Kung Fu Patrick and Nishimakki performing Strawbenemy from Arrow minigame.
Marcia, Nobumasa, Sho
A tempting, mysterious melody to make you feel like going somewhere far and exotic. Don't you feel enlightened just listening to this?
The icon for the Bugband #6, "Retro4Life". Retro4Life Gamer A Bugband screenshot
Baba, Nishimakki, Zakikana
An old-school-tastic tune we know you gamers have been waiting for! Three lively keyboards, one sound at a time. Long live 8-bit!
The icon for the Bugband #7, "ReDESIGN". ReDESIGN Design A Bugband screenshot
HARU, YOU-HEY, Nnoyama
A rhythm designed in minute detail. Boh! Boh! Bowaa! Shwaaa.
The icon for the Bugband #8, "Ashley's ☆ Revolution". Ashley's ☆ Revolution Ashley A Bugband screenshot
Marcia, Baba, Sho
With melodies darker than the blackest night and harmonies that outweigh the heaviest silence... That's why it shines so bright! Taste a perfect blend of light and shadow in this rapidly changing tune.
The icon for the Bugband #9, "Crazy Cabbie". Crazy Cabbie Taxi A Bugband screenshot
Marcia, Nobumasa, Patrick
Where we're headed there are no enemies, just good vibes. Listen up! You're going to love the twin guitars.
The icon for the Bugband #10, "Dancin' Pirates". Dancin' Pirates Pirates A Bugband screenshot
Yukie, Naoko, Eiko
Ahoy! You can almost hear the pirates singing along! The Slopestars really go out of this world on this number.
The icon for the Bugband #11, "Strange". Strange Sketch A Bugband screenshot
Zakikana, Baba, YOU-HEY
Like a choir of phantasmagoric aliens... Transport yourself into Bugband's new state of mind, and stimulate your soul.
The icon for the Bugband #12, "Hustlebustle Town". Hustlebustle Town Fruit A Bugband screenshot
Moris, Marcia, Maris
Where did those fresh-picked fruits go? Zero in on this cute tune that takes your attention this way and that!
The icon for the Bugband #13, "Adrift". Adrift Islands A Bugband screenshot
Zakikana, Patrick, YOU-HEY
Fuzzy phrases layered over top of each other for a unique sound that makes you feel both lost and found at the same time. Listen up for the crazy bit of vocals!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムシーズ[1]
Portmanteau of "Mushi" (insects) and "-es" (a suffix used for signifying a group)


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