Taxi (minigame)

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Taxi title sceen.

Taxi is Dribble and Spitz's minigame in the Wii U game, Game & Wario.


Dribble and Spitz are driving their taxi through Route 56, starting to fall asleep. Not long after, they encounter a hitchhiker waiting on the side of the road. A UFO suddenly appears overhead and abducts the person. Spitz then grabs a laser gun, opens the top of their taxi, and attempts to shoot at the UFO. He then tells Dribble to follow it and he cooperates, following the UFO over a hill leading to a farm.


A general view of the game.

Taxi is played by moving around in Dribble and Spitz's taxi, shooting down the UFOs trying to abduct animals. The GamePad is used for a first-person view of the game while the television screen is a third-person view. Fronk flies overhead on a balloon; he can be picked up as well.


  • +Control Pad/Control Stick: Steer
  • A Button: Forward
  • B Button: Reverse
  • Classic Controller ZL Button: Pull bazooka out
  • Classic Controller ZR Button(With bazooka out): Shoot bazooka
  • +Control Pad/Control Stick(With bazooka out): Control bazooka


"Swerve, steer... and shoot UFOs?! Eh, just another day of life for us cabbies Dribble and Spitz!"