Bird (minigame)

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Bird title screen.

Bird is Pyoro's minigame in the Wii U game, Game & Wario.


The TV and  view of the game.
The TV and  view of the game.
The TV and GamePad view of the game.

Bird plays much like the other Pyoro games. The TV screen shows the scene with Pyoro moving on some soil blocks, with green, white and yellow beans falling, in a claymation style. The GamePad screen shows the same scene, styled as a Game & Watch. The player must move Pyoro through the place, eating beans that fall from the sky. If the player lets a bean touch a soil block, it bursts and the block disappears. There are white beans that, if eaten, cause an Angel to appear and bring a block back. Rare yellow beans also appear and cause many Tenshis to fill every missed block.

This is also the first time Pyoro makes a sound. This occurs when starting the game.


  • +Control Pad/Control Stick: Move
  • A Button: Launch Pyoro's tongue


"The classic Pyoro-in vintage GAME & WATCH glory on the GamePad, plus a funkified version on the TV!"