Captain Wario (Game & Wario)

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Captain Wario

Captain Wario is Wario's alter-ego in Game & Wario. In this appearance, Captain Wario has red clothes with yellow outlines, and wields a sword. In this game, he hosts the Pirates minigame. In the minigame's introduction, Wario, who is sitting inside his house, is bored, and decides to ride his motorbike around Diamond City. While he is doing this, he notices a pirate costume for sale. He obtains it (it is not seen whether he purchased or stole it), and starts riding his motorbike around a beach.

Later on, Captain Wario is humorously "attacked" by a group of players who had played his minigame, causing him to crash into Club Sugar.

Character card[edit]

-Wario in a pirate costume
-Above-average sense of rhythm
-Carries a sword, but it's of poor quality and can't cut anything