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WarioWare Gold
WarioWare Gold Boxart NA.jpeg
Developer(s) Nintendo
Intelligent Systems[1]
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release date Europe July 27, 2018[2]
Australia July 28, 2018[3]
Japan August 2, 2018[1]
USA August 3, 2018[4]
Genre Action
ESRB:ESRB E10+.svg - Everyone 10+
PEGI:PEGI 7.svg - Seven years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
USK:USK 6.svg - Six years and older
Mode(s) Single player
Nintendo 3DS:
3DS Card Icon.png Cartridge
Nintendo 3DS:

WarioWare Gold[4], known as Made in Wario Gorgeous (メイド イン ワリオ ゴージャス Meido in Wario Gōjasu) in Japan[1], is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will feature 300 microgames (including both new and returning microgames); the largest number of microgames in the WarioWare series, surpassing WarioWare: Twisted!.[5] WarioWare Gold will also feature fully voiced cutscenes, instead of silent cutscenes with subtitles used in previous WarioWare games.[6]


After stealing a gold spherical object from a temple at Luxeville, Wario comes to the realization that he is completely out of money.[7] While reflecting on this in his house in Diamond City, Wario sees a report on television about a new entry in the Pyoro video game franchise that fans are eager to get their hands on.[7] Acknowledging the money that could be made in the booming industry, Wario again sets out to capitalize on the video game craze.[7] Using his laptop and a recording device, Wario streams his latest scheme to the residents of Diamond City; a gaming competition with a steep entry fee, but a ten million coin reward to the victor.[7] True to form, Wario calls up his closest friends to do most of the work for him and again, they agree.[7] With his fortune on the line, Wario sets out to begin Diamond City's first "Wario Bowl" games.[7]

Story Mode

Story Mode is divided into 4 leagues. The first 3 leagues all use a different control scheme: the Mash League (using the buttons like in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!), the Twist League (using gyro controls like in WarioWare: Twisted!), and the Touch League (using the touch screen like in WarioWare: Touched!). The 4th league is called the Ultra League and it uses all three control schemes. The Ultra League is hidden at the beginning of the game and must be unlocked.[8] Each league consists of 5 stages, with each one having its own theme. The first stage is always an introduction stage hosted by Wario. The other 4 stages are hosted by one of Wario's friends and have one of the following themes: That's Life, Fantasy, Sports, and Nintendo Classics. All themes appear once in every league.

Story Mode Stages
1st stage 2nd stage 3rd stage 4th stage 5th stage
Mash League Wario
Jimmy T.
(That's Life)
Dribble & Spitz
(Nintendo Classics)
Twist League Wario
Dr. Crygor
(Nintendo Classics)
(That's Life)
Touch League Wario
Kat & Ana
(That's Life)
(Nintendo Classics)
Young Cricket
Ultra League Currently unknown Currently unknown Currently unknown Currently unknown Currently unknown

Other Characters

These characters appear in Story Mode as side characters and/or aren't confirmed to have their own Story Mode Stages yet.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode features stages with altered rules to make the game more challenging. Challenge mode is unlocked after completing Story Mode. The following Challenge stages have been confirmed.[9]

Stage Discription
All Mixed Up All the microgames from all stages are mixed together.
Thrilling All the microgames are mixed together and only one life is avaiable.
Expert All the microgames are mixed at high speed.
WarioWatch Similar to its version in WarioWare: Twisted!. Play as many microgames as possible within the time limit. When a microgame is completed, more time is added to the clock.
Cruise Controls Control the speed of Dribble and Spitz's taxi, while playing microgames.
Sneaky Gamer Similar to its version in Game & Wario. The player controls 9-Volt playing microgames after bedtime while avoiding being caught by 5-Volt.
Non-Stop Microgames are played like usual, but there are no transitions between games.
Battle Time This is a multiplayer mode hosted by Young Cricket and Master Mantis. Two players can compete with each other and the first who loses all his/her lives loses.
Unknown 9th Challenge stage Currently unknown


WarioWare Gold is a collection of 300 microgames, approximately 50 of which are new to the series.[10][11][12][13][14][15] Each microgame falls under a specific genre – Wario's games, "Sports", "That's Life", "Fantasy", "Nintendo Classics" – and a control scheme – "Mash", "Twist", "Touch", "Blow".


  • A microgame featuring a man who must catch a pizza thrown into the air with his mouth.
  • A microgame involving plucking out a man's nose hairs.
  • A microgame in which the player must use the microphone to blow a dandelion flower.
  • A microgame based on Balloon Fight.
  • A microgame featuring the Love Tester, in which the player must take the boy's hand to the sensor sphere.[1]
  • A microgame in which Wario must block his front door to keep another character from entering.
  • A microgame featuring an alien model walking down the runway.
  • A microgame involving keeping an astronaut from drifting away.
  • A fencing microgame.
  • A microgame set in Rainbow Road in Super Mario Kart.
  • A microgame involving installing wheels on a racecar.
  • A microgame based on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
  • A microgame involving hanafuda cards.
  • A microgame involving a latte cup.
  • A microgame involving one cat copying the movements of another.
  • A microgame involving smoothing out a rock into a ball.
  • A microgame based on Rhythm Tweezers from Rhythm Tengoku.
  • A microgame based on Dr. Mario.
  • A microgame involving attaching Joy-Con to a Nintendo Switch.
  • A microgame in which a surfer must keep his balance.
  • A cake decorating boss microgame.
  • A microgame in which the player must climb a wall using pegs.
  • A microgame based on Pushmo.[16]
  • A microgame based on the Mii Maker.[16]
  • A microgame based on Fire Emblem Awakening.[17]
  • A 3D dungeon crawler microgame.
  • A microgame based on Manhole.
  • A microgame based on a footrace.
  • A microgame based on Pinball.[16]
  • A microgame based on Super Mario Land.[16]
  • A microgame based on Super Mario Maker.[16]
  • A microgame involving browsing the Wii Menu.[18]
  • A microgame involving amiibo.[19]
  • A microgame involving pumping air into a camel.[20]
  • A microgame involving answering a message on an instant messaging app with the appropriate sticker.[20]
  • A microgame in which the player must take down a gorilla.[16]
  • A microgame involving taking a picture at the right moment.[20]
  • A microgame based on Donkey Kong Country.[21]


WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

WarioWare: Twisted!

WarioWare: Touched!

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

WarioWare: D.I.Y.

WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase

Downloadable D.I.Y microgames

Game & Wario


Similarly to WarioWare: Twisted! and Game & Wario, WarioWare Gold features extra content in the form of souvenirs, obtainable via the Capsule Machine.[20][7] These souvenirs are divided into eight categories:

  • Minigames
  • Phones
  • Studio, which allows the player to dub over cutscenes from the game.
  • Movies
  • Cards
  • Nintendo, trivia on several Nintendo products.
  • Records
  • Miscellaneous


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  • WarioWare Gold marks the first game since Mario Kart: Super Circuit where Wario is voiced by someone other than Charles Martinet, in non-English versions of the game (though Martinet does reprise his role in English-speaking territories).


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