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WarioWare Gold
North American cover for WarioWare Gold.
North American box art
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Nintendo EPD
Intelligent Systems
TOSE Software Co.
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release date Europe July 27, 2018[1]
Australia July 28, 2018[2]
Japan August 2, 2018[3]
HK August 2, 2018[4]
ROC August 2, 2018[5]
USA August 3, 2018[6]
Language(s) Deutsch
English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
Español (España)
Español (Latinoamérica)
Français (Canada)
Français (France)
Genre Action
ESRB:ESRB's E10+ rating symbol - Everyone 10+
PEGI:PEGI 7.svg - Seven years and older
CERO:CERO rating A - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
USK:USK 6.svg - Six years and older
RARS:RARS 6+.svg - Six years and older
FPB:FPB's PG rating symbol - Parental guidance
Mode(s) Single player
Nintendo 3DS:
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Nintendo 3DS:

WarioWare Gold is an installment in the WarioWare series released in 2018, and is the only entry in the Wario franchise released for Nintendo 3DS. It features a collection of microgames from previous games in the series, as well as several new ones. Many returning microgames have been updated to provide new control schemes, scenarios, and visuals, similarly to Rhythm Heaven Megamix, another Nintendo 3DS game developed by the same team as the WarioWare series. WarioWare Gold features a total of 316 microgames, the largest number in any WarioWare game, a record previously held by WarioWare: Twisted! for the Game Boy Advance.

WarioWare Gold is the final Nintendo 3DS game to be developed by Nintendo, as well as the final game on the system to be published by Nintendo and not be a remake or port. It is notable as the first game in the WarioWare series to feature fully voiced cutscenes; Charles Martinet reprises his role as Wario in the English version while other languages have new voice actors for him, and other characters all receive new voice actors. Every language the game was released in has its own voice acting, with separate dubs for the Latin American Spanish and European Spanish versions.

WarioWare Gold succeeded Game & Wario from 2013, and was itself succeeded by WarioWare: Get It Together! in 2021.


Wario insists everyone to start cheering
Wario on the jumbotron at the Diamond City Stadium

After stealing a golden pot from a temple in Luxeville, Wario realizes that he is completely out of money. While reflecting on this in his house in Diamond City, he sees a report on television about Super Pyoro, a new entry in the Pyoro video game series that fans are eager to get their hands on. Recognizing the money that could be made in the booming industry, Wario again sets out to capitalize on the video game craze. Using his computer and a recording device, Wario streams his latest scheme to the residents of Diamond City: a gaming competition with a steep entry fee, but a ten million coin reward to the victor. Wario then calls up his friends to do most of the work for him, and they agree. With his fortune on the line, Wario sets out to begin Diamond City's first "Wario Bowl" games. Unbeknownst to Wario, however, a small girl named Lulu is pursuing him in an attempt to retrieve the golden pot that was stolen.



Story mode is divided into four leagues. The first three leagues all use a different control scheme: the Mash League (using the buttons like in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!), the Twist League (using gyro controls like in WarioWare: Twisted!), and the Touch League (using the touch screen like in WarioWare: Touched!). The fourth league is called the Ultra League and it uses all three control schemes plus a fourth involving blowing the microphone, which is unlocked by beating all three other leagues. The first three leagues each consist of five stages, with each one having a theme. The first stage is always an introduction stage hosted by Wario; as a result, all microgames in said categories feature him in some way. The other four stages are hosted by one of Wario's friends and have one of the following themes: That's Life, Fantasy, Sports, and Nintendo Classics. All themes appear once in every league. In the Ultra League, there are three stages, including two "remix" stages, which each compile all the microgames from six of the previous stages and center on two of the themes, and a final stage hosted by Wario's alter-ego Wario Deluxe, which compiles all the microgames from the introduction stages and a brand-new set centered on a new theme: Anything Goes.

Image Host
Microgame genre
Host Greeting
Mash League
Artwork of Wario for WarioWare Gold Wario (Mash)
Intro Games
"Mash League! Ready to play some Intro Games and mash some buttons? That's what I thought. You're welcome!"
Artwork of Jimmy T for WarioWare Gold Jimmy T
"Heyo! Jimmy T here. You made it to the first stage in the Mash League. Congrats. Know what we should do to celebrate? Take a little stroll around the town. It'd be real groovy. Speaking of groovy, I've got a cool set of Sports games for you to try. Now let's get movin'!"
Night on the Town
On Sapphire Street, a stray cat jumps into Jimmy T's afro without him noticing. Amy and Mimi approach him, calling him cute, and begin taking photos of him. Jimmy assumes that they are fans of him and strikes various poses, but when Mimi sends him their best photo, he is shocked to see that it is a photo of the cat. However, he shrugs it off after they leave.
Artwork of Mona for WarioWare Gold. Mona
That's Life
"This is Mona! I'm psyched you made it to the second stage of the Mash League! I'm about to head over to Joe's Clothes to find the perfect outfit for my party tonight. Come along and check out the games I put together for you. Their theme is That's Life! C'mon, let's motor!"
Search for Style
In preparation for a party, Mona visits Joe's Clothes to find a dress. When Joe tells her to envision her perfect dress, she describes it as "sweet like a parfait", "cute like a plushie", and "super cool like Wario", then proceeds to describe Wario as her "fashion icon", to Joe's bemusement. She also praises Joe's own fashion, particularly his tie. Eventually, Joe helps Mona buy the dress she wanted, and she invites him to the party. However, while Joe is wondering what to wear, Mona realizes she is late for the party and drives off on her scooter, leaving Joe behind.
Practice Makes Perfect
Lulu is training in Crystal Park with her water gun, the Hydrocannon LX. The water causes a target that looks like Wario to fall over and a rainbow to appear, amusing her.
Artwork of Dribble for WarioWare GoldArtwork of Spitz for WarioWare Gold Dribble & Spitz
"You made it to the third stage of the Mash League! My business partner, Spitz, and I are about to take a detour into space to drop off a customer. We got a bunch of Fantasy games that'll keep you busy during the drive. You ain't afraid of lasers, are ya?"
Cool Cabbies
Dribble & Spitz drive their taxi through The Farthest Edge of Space, amidst lasers being fired by Space Gangs. Having just been stiffed, Dribble's frustration grows after nearly being hit by a laser, but Spitz calms him down, advising him to "stay cool". However, after the taxi gets hit by a laser, Spitz snaps and angrily deploys the Octoblazooka to fight the Space Gangs off. After successfully fending off all of the spaceships, Spitz attributes his success to his ability to stay cool and the duo returns to Earth.
Artwork of 5-Volt for WarioWare Gold 5-Volt
"You've arrived at the final stage of the Mash League! Good for you! Oh–I'm 5-Volt! Most of the time, I'm chasing after a rambunctious fourth grader, so whenever I get a chance to kick back and unwind, I take it. My games are all inspired by the Nintendo Classics games and toys I played with as a kid. Enjoy!"
Time to Sparkle
In her house, 5-Volt channel surfs on her TV, seeming bored. Realizing that 9-Volt will be home soon, she is reminded to prepare dinner. However, a TV program starring Mr. Sparkles begins, which she decides to watch instead. Mr. Sparkles begins advertising frying pans, to 5-Volt's confusion, but she becomes increasingly intrigued by them as he describes various miraculous qualities they have. Because the pans weigh a ton each, Mr. Sparkles hosts a workout session using them with the goal of making his consumers strong enough to carry them before they buy them, and 5-Volt participates. Later, 9-Volt returns home, where 5-Volt has prepared hamburgers for him. In his excitement, 9-Volt accidentally throws his Nintendo 3DS under a shelf, leaving him unable to reach it. 5-Volt solves the problem by lifting the entire cabinet with one arm, to 9-Volt's surprise.
I Love Gold!
Wario takes a gold coin bath, bragging about his plan to the Alien Bunnies. When he hugs the artifact he stole from Luxeville, he notices it smells bad, but brushes it off as "the smell of victory".
Twist League
Artwork of Wario for WarioWare Gold Wario (Twist)
Intro Games
"Twist League! With Intro Games! Twisting stuff is fun, that's what I say. And what do you say? Wario is the greatest!"
Artwork of Ashley for WarioWare GoldArtwork of Red for WarioWare Gold Ashley & Red
"This is the Twist League! I guess I, Ashley, am in charge of amusing you now. How do you feel about demon summonings? It's not dangerous...usually. Come watch, or just play my Fantasy games. Either way, it's bound to be wicked."
Summon the Courage
In her mansion, Ashley successfully summons a demon named Gahrumble. As Ashley cannot understand Gahrumble's unintelligible screams, Red translates for her, explaining that Gahrumble is starving due to the actions of Dark Lord Hum Gree, a demon famous in the demon realms for his huge appetite. Ashley promptly decides to take on Hum Gree, to Red's terror. Despite Red's unwillingness, Ashley transforms him into her broomstick and assures Gahrumble that she will defeat Hum Gree before leaving. They later return to the mansion after their success, having pacified Hum Gree, and Red decides that they should eat.
Artwork of Dr. Crygor for WarioWare Gold Dr. Crygor
"You've reached the second stage of the Twist League, so I can only assume you are quite intelligent. I should know–I'm Dr. Crygor! Why not join me and my lovable robot Mike on our research expedition? It'll be very educational. Plus, you'll have a chance to play my Sports games. Lucky you!"
Paranormal Frequencies
Dr. Crygor and Mike venture into Agate Forest in search of fungi, though Crygor is apprehensive about the area. Mike detects an unknown signal and suggests that it may be a "paranormal frequency", claiming that the forest may contain a ghost, to Crygor's fear. However, they instead encounter a robot named Doris 1, who claims she was abandoned by her creator. After activating face recognition, she identifies Crygor as her creator and angrily chases him into the forest, wanting revenge for being left to die, leaving Mike to wait on his own. Later, Dr. Crygor and Mike bring Doris 1 back to Dr. Crygor's Lab after Crygor decides not to abandon Doris 1 in the forest, which he believes to be haunted. Mike confesses that he made up the paranormal frequencies and states that ghosts do not exist. Doris 1, however, states that ghosts are real and that she felt one walk through her. Crygor then realizes that he dropped the fungi in the forest, and Mike immediately refuses to accompany him in retrieving them, to his dismay.
Snack Time
Lulu is eating food, "carbing up" for her fight against Wario. A dog stops nearby, and Lulu shares her food with him.
Artwork of 18-Volt for WarioWare Gold 18-Volt
"You must be killin' it if you made to the third stage of the Twist League. Now you get to hang with me, 18-Volt. Whaddaya say we find a place to play some games? I've got some Nintendo Classics I think you'll love. I mean, I love 'em. Why wouldn't you?"
Game to Rap
18-Volt walks along Emerald Street after school, excited about the upcoming summer break. He encounters Ralphie, who is crying due to having lost his Nintendo 3DS and games to 13-Amp, a self-proclaimed "rapping phenomenon". 18-Volt offers to help Ralphie and engages in a rap battle with 13-Amp, wherein if 18-Volt wins, 13-Amp must return Ralphie's games, and if he loses, 13-Amp gets to take 18-Volt's games. 9-Volt also joins in as the DJ. Later, 18-Volt wins the rap battle and returns the 3DS to Ralphie, much to his pleasure. 13-Amp claims she will win next time and asks 18-Volt what school he goes to, only to discover that he attends Diamond City Elementary in fourth grade. As he leaves, 18-Volt tells 13-Amp to "find him on the playground" if she wants a rematch, leaving her shocked at having been defeated by a fourth grader.
Artwork of Penny for WarioWare Gold Penny
That's Life
"Penny here with the final stage of the Twist League! Long time, no see. I've been cooped up in my lab, working on my latest invention. I'm still putting on the final touches, so in the meantime check out these games I made. They're all part of the That's Life theme, and they're all awesome!"
Star Scientist
In her lab, Penny presents her new invention to Dr. Crygor: the Tonally Transformative Elixir, designed to make the voice of whoever consumes it "audible gold". Penny intends to use it to accomplish her dream of becoming a famous pop star, to Crygor's surprise. She promptly tests the elixir on Dr. Crygor, despite his reluctance. The elixir makes Crygor's voice high-pitched, which both he and Penny enjoy; however, he complains about its taste and suddenly suffers a massive stomach ache. Penny decides to feed him her Super-Special Tummy Tonic to ease the pain. Afterwards, Crygor's stomach pain is cured and Penny asks him what she should improve about the elixir, to which he advises her to make it not cause stomach pains. He then asks her when the effects will wear off, to which she laughs nervously, worrying Crygor.
Nap Time
Wario wakes up, believing half of the contestants must have given up already. When he learns eight stages have been beaten, he decides to "rage-nap".
Touch League
Artwork of Wario for WarioWare Gold Wario (Touch)
Intro Games
"Touch League! These Intro Games make touching stuff easy, even if you're not Wario. All right, all right! I'll show you how it's done."
Artwork of Kat for WarioWare GoldArtwork of Ana for WarioWare Gold Kat & Ana
That's Life
"This is the first stage of the Touch League. We're Kat and Ana, and we're off to get our ninja learner's permits. To prepare for the test, we designed a whole bunch of games in the That's Life genre. Everyday fun is the best kind, 'cause it's every day!"
True Ninjas
Kat & Ana visit Diamond City Castle, hoping to pass a ninja test to obtain ninja learner's permits. The duo encounters Ms. Munchly, who Kat assumes is a ninja administrating the test. Ana initially doubts that she is a ninja, but Kat insists that "true ninjas" never appear as such. After signing them in, Kat discovers that their test requires them to eat everything Ms. Munchly presents. The two of them (especially Ana) become increasingly excited at the prospect of eating a variety of dishes, until Kat comes to her senses and realizes that the test is about to begin. Later, they successfully pass the test and are awarded the title of "Gourmet Master" by Ms. Munchly, leaving them disappointed that they did not get their ninja learner's permits. Ms. Munchly then reveals that Department of Ninja Licensing is next door, at which point Ninja Steve appears and apologizes for having been in "the little ninja's room", to the shock of Kat & Ana. Steve then announces that the test for their learner's permits is about to start. Kat promptly readies herself for "the true challenge", with Ana reluctantly following despite being full of food.
Artwork of 9-Volt for WarioWare Gold 9-Volt
"I'm 9-Volt, and this is the second stage of the Touch League! I bet it's gonna be way more fun than what I'm doing–studying math. I'd rather be home with my pet Fronk, or playing the Nintendo Classics games that I made for the tournament. Think of me when you're gaming like a pro!"
Math Quest
At Diamond City Elementary, 9-Volt is disappointed about having to attend another math class. Fronk suddenly reveals himself, to which a frustrated 9-Volt reminds him that pets are not allowed in school (though Fronk insists that he is not a pet). Fronk is concerned about 9-Volt's hatred of math and helps him by presenting the problems in the context of attacks in an RPG, which enables 9-Volt to solve them with ease. As such, Fronk advises him to "imagine math's a game", causing 9-Volt to conclude that math is a war in which numbers, his "mortal enemies", must be defeated in a series of problems (serving as battles). Eventually, having completed the problems, 9-Volt declares that he heroically "beat the game" and thanks Fronk for being his apprentice, to his ire. To thank him for making math fun, 9-Volt offers for Fronk to eat his dessert later, but he declines it, stating that "an old guy like me's got to avoid the sweets", to 9-Volt's confusion. Fronk explains that he turned one year old last month and that his "secret" is "8-bit yoga".
Wakey Wakey!
Lulu is still in the park, sleepy, and realizes she is late to meet Wario. She runs off, only to then return to continue petting Ruffington.
Artwork of Young Cricket for WarioWare GoldArtwork of Master Mantis for WarioWare Gold Cricket & Mantis
"Welcome to the third stage of the Touch League! My name is Cricket, and I suggest you to pay close attention. My mentor, Master Mantis, is about to introduce me to a state-of-the-art training center. I can only imagine what kinds of Sports-themed games we'll encounter while we're there. Let's go!"
Precious Prancers
Master Mantis tells Young Cricket that they must train "harder than ever", and for this reason, he has put them in "the gravest of danger". Cricket is initially confused, as the two of them are at the Diamond City Amusement Park, but after Mantis tells him to open his inner eye, he realizes the danger posed by the various rides. At Mantis's instruction, the two of them ride the Precious Prancers carousel for their training. Afterwards, Cricket reflects on the training, soon realizing that Lulu is latching onto his arms when Mantis points her out. Cricket tells her to get off, to her shock. Before his next trial on the Diamond Wheel, Mantis instructs Cricket to first complete "the Trial of the Lost Child", and Lulu tells him to giddyup like a horse.
Artwork of Orbulon in his Oinker for WarioWare Gold. Orbulon
"Greetings. You've come upon the final stage of the Touch League. I am Orbulon. I am no Earth folk like you, but I still enjoy the savory delights of this planet. Mmm...delights. While they do not satiate hunger, my Fantasy-themed games will surely provide ample amusement."
Orbulon enters the drive-through of Gigantaburger and orders chilly fries from Danny, the drive-through clerk who speaks through an intercom. After Orbulon enjoys his food, he finds he is still hungry and returns, this time ordering a chili shake. After finishing his drink and entering the drive-through a third time, he orders ten Megaburgers, only to be told that they are sold out. At this, Orbulon announces that he will "procure the hams" needed to make the hamburgers, to Danny's confusion. He then teleports to a farm to capture Little Hammies. Later, Orbulon returns to the Gigantaburger drive-through once more, with his Oinker now full of Little Hammies. He asks Danny to "burger these hams" for him, and Danny becomes alarmed after he hears oinking, informing Orbulon that they cannot be cooked here. Orbulon is confused, having believed Danny to be a chef. Increasingly angry, Danny explains that this is not the case, revealing that he is currently in high school and is not allowed to "work the grill". He then tells Orbulon to leave, and he hastily teleports away with the Little Hammies, though he leaves one behind at Gigantaburger.
In the stadium, Wario tries to perform a bungee jumping stunt to promote the Ultra League.
Ultra League
Dancing Team sprite for WarioWare Gold Dancing Team
Sports & That's Life
"Jimmy T is back and ready to par-TAY! Up next we got the Ultra League. Get excited, 'cause we're gonna mix up the controls from the Mash, Twist, and Touch Leagues! The Dancing Team's headin' over to Club Joe now with all their best Sports and That's Life games... Fronk and Mike are going to be there too, and they got a few surprises up their sleeves. Ooooh yeaaah!"
Dance Floor Dilemma
Joe is cleaning up at his barren nightclub, Club Joe. He decides to close early due to the lack of attendants. However, Jimmy T, Mona, Dr. Crygor, Penny, Kat, Ana, Young Cricket, Master Mantis, Mike, and Fronk all suddenly arrive. Jimmy T and Mona announce their intention to attract more visitors to the club for a party and begin to do so. The group attracts crowds using various methods: Kat & Ana present large amounts of food, Young Cricket shows off his techniques, Dr. Crygor attempts to dance (though this instead scares away the crowds), Master Mantis also tries dancing (which pleases Crygor but does not attract nor detract any crowds), and Penny begins singing (attracting droves of people once more). Additionally, Mike and Fronk introduce their microgames and explain their unique traits to the player. Jimmy, while dancing, then announces that it is time to party, with everyone having a good time (except Joe, who appears bewildered). Later on, as the party continues (with 13-Amp being seen as the DJ), the group celebrates their success, though Joe remains stunned. Mona says that they should invite Wario, to Fronk's surprise. Jimmy declares that they should keep the party going, to everyone's enthusiastic agreement.
Potluck Gang sprite for WarioWare Gold Potluck Gang
Nintendo Classics & Fantasy
"Come join me, 5-Volt, for an extra-special second stage of the Ultra League! I'm throwing a barbecue, and everyone's going to bring their favorite food. 9-Volt and Fronk have been drooling since yesterday! Join the Potluck Gang for some games too, including some from the Nintendo Classics and Fantasy genres."
It's a Potluck
5-Volt, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Dribble, Spitz, Ashley, Red, Orbulon, Mike, and Fronk arrive at the Peridot Campgrounds for a potluck. 5-Volt declares that the grills are ready for cooking, to 9-Volt's excitement. The group begins to announce what food they each brought, with 5-Volt having hot dogs, 18-Volt having vegetables, Spitz having chicken, and Dribble having s'mores. However, 9-Volt gets concerned when Orbulon brings radioactive carotene logs and Red brings exploding fresh oysters. Ashley brings what she claims to be garlic, though Red worriedly identifies it as mandrake root, the cry of which can be lethal. Spitz then screams like a mandrake as a prank, terrifying Red. 9-Volt concludes that a potluck was a bad idea, but he soon cheers up when 5-Volt reveals she also brought games for them to play, to everyone's excitement. After everyone plays card games together, 18-Volt defeats 9-Volt at them, which he attributes to luck. Dribble suggests that they should invite Wario the next time they have a potluck. Ashley acts unhappy about the idea of having a second potluck, although Red claims that she likes the idea. 5-Volt decides they should meet up again tomorrow and takes a photo of everyone, along with the Sasquatch Family.
Wario Deluxe and Lulu sprite for WarioWare Gold Wario Deluxe
Anything Goes
"What are YOU doing here?! Are you thinking you could beat ME? THE Wario?! Well, think again. The theme for this last stage is Anything Goes. That's right! You're about to see all kinds of crazy stuff! I'd pay attention if I were you. I'm not gonna make this easy!"
Wario is shocked to see the crew in the Wario Bowl Stadium

Who Is Wario Deluxe?
In Diamond City Stadium, Wario, now somewhat angry, tells the player that they cannot get their reward as he already claimed it himself, then laughs at the competitors, claiming that they never had a chance of winning. Wario then puts the Pot of Luxeville onto his head as a crown, which causes it to change shape slightly and the sky to darken throughout Diamond City. The pot's power transforms Wario into Wario Deluxe, and he rides on a platform hoisted by several balloons (including a large one shaped like his head). He then challenges the player to the last of his microgames, certain that they will fail. During the challenge, he uses his new powers to confuse the player by hiding what function is needed for the coming games.

Luxeville's Greatest Hero
Wario Deluxe suggests that the player should surrender, but Lulu appears and distracts him by firing arrows at some of his balloons to pop them, causing the platform to start slowly falling. She then grabs the pot in an attempt to pull it off of his head, telling the player to win while she defeats Wario.

Let's Split
After Wario Deluxe is defeated, he is surprised and disappointed at his loss and angrily asks Lulu who she is. She introduces herself as "Luxeville's greatest hero", to Wario's confusion. She then demands that Wario give her the pot back, but he refuses, calling it his crown. After asking a second time (increasingly loudly), she shoots him with water from the Hydrocannon LX, causing the pot to fall off and reverting Wario to his normal self, to his disappointment. Lulu is overjoyed to get the pot back, stating that the people of Luxeville have been "holding it long enough", confusing Wario. Lulu reveals that the pot is a potty and that it had just been cleaned and put out to dry when Wario stole it. Wario begins laughing and allows her to take it, thoroughly amused. Lulu uses a balloon tied to the pot to fly home as the credits begin to roll, and Wario states that the game is over and tells the player to leave. However, the credits are interrupted by a yell from 9-Volt. Suddenly, all of Wario's employees appear in the stadium, with Mona, Dribble, and Penny asking Wario to pay them for their work. Wario initially stares at them, stunned, but he soon declares that the money is his and runs off with a suitcase, annoying Red. However, Ashley easily causes him to trip using a spell. At Master Mantis's instruction, Young Cricket unleashes Precious Prancing Pounce and grabs Wario to incapacitate him; Wario complains, but 5-Volt tells him he will be fine as she takes photographs with her camera. The suitcase opens to reveal the money inside, to Spitz's glee, and 18-Volt reminds Wario that stealing is wrong. Kat is disappointed at how little money they made, with Ana assuming that Wario spent the rest. Wario admits that he spent it on the balloons before demanding the money back. Jimmy T states that they will all get a share of the profits, with Orbulon promising to compensate Wario too. Dr. Crygor decides to split the pay equally and the group begins negotiating amongst themselves, ignoring Wario's objections. Wario's shouts of discontent at not getting all of the money continue to be heard as the camera zooms out to show Earth from space.

A Hero's Journey
Lulu returns to Luxeville using a balloon tied to the Pot of Luxeville, with Ruffington hanging onto the pot as well. After the two land, Lulu announces her return, to which Pops, the village's mayor, guesses that her absence was due to her sneaking off to use their new "high-tech toilet", which he speaks highly of. Lulu falls down in frustration.

Other characters[edit]

These characters appear in Story mode as side characters. Mike and Fronk have their own sets of microgames, but they are exclusive to the remix stages in the Ultra League.


Challenge mode is unlocked after completing Story mode and features stages with altered rules. The following Challenge stages are as follows:

Stage Description In-game description
Title of All Mixed Up All the microgames from all stages are mixed. "It's one big mash-up of all the microgame genres! Brush up on your skills in the Story first, and then you can knock it out of the park here!"
Title of Thrill Ride All the microgames are mixed, start at the highest difficulty level, and only one life is available. "Fail just once in this mode, and it’s game over for you! We’re not messing around with these games. They're super tough right from the start. How long do you think you can last?"
Title of Super Hard All the microgames are mixed at high speed. "Want a whole lot of games coming your way at top speed? You’re in the right place. It only gets faster from here on out. Try to keep up!"
Title of WarioWatch Similar to its version in WarioWare: Twisted! No lives can be lost in this mode. Instead, the game ends when the clock reaches 0. When a microgame is completed successfully, one point is scored and more time is added to the clock. Microgames must be completed as fast as possible to get high scores. The game has separate modes for the Mash, Twist, Touch, and Ultra control schemes. Each control scheme also comes with a harder variant called "Close Shave," in which the clock starts with less time. "A mode produced by the one and only Wario! Time will keep slipping away, so try to earn it back! How do you do that? Clear the microgames!"
Title of Sneaky Gamer Similar to its version in Game & Wario. The player has to keep watch for 9-Volt while he is playing microgames after bedtime while avoiding being caught by 5-Volt. When 9-Volt hides, he becomes tired, so he cannot hide for a long time. The game ends when 5-Volt catches 9-Volt playing, if 9-Volt loses all of his lives, or if 9-Volt falls asleep. "Hey, you guys! 9-Volt here! I love to play games right before I go to bed. Too bad my mom doesn’t approve. Could you keep watch for me?"
Title of Wario Interrupts Wario Interrupts is available after completing the Story mode. Every single microgame using the Mash, Twist, Touch and Blow controls gets mixed in this mode on the lowest difficulty level only. Speed-ups happen gradually every five microgames without warning. Wario Deluxe is shown on the Top Screen, while every microgame occurs on the Touch Screen. Every three microgames, Wario Deluxe will unleash a distraction to block with or mess with the microgames. After each microgame, a small gauge in the bottom-right corner of the screen will fill up. Once full, tapping the Hero Button will summon Lulu, who will clear the current distraction for the next three games. After that, the meter will have to fill up again. The game ends once the player loses all four lives, which are represented by gold blocks at the top of the Top Screen. Wario Deluxe will distract the player by:
  1. Turning the touch screen upside-down, reversing the up, down, left and right controls on +Control Pad and gyro controls.
  2. Reversing the Touch Screen's colors.
  3. Replacing all sounds in microgames with the Baby Face's signature sound effect.
  4. Hiding the control schemes used before each microgame, just like in Story mode's Anything Goes stage between the tenth and fifteenth games before the boss stage.
  5. Blocking the screen with three Tiny Wario heads attached to balloons, which can be popped by mashing either A Button or directions on the +Control Pad, preventing Mash League microgames from appearing until the distraction is cleared. Similarly, it prevents Twist League microgames that use the A Button button from appearing if that button is required to pop one of the balloons.
  6. Farting three times in a row, blocking the screen with noxious gas, can be blown away by blowing into Microphone, preventing Mike's microgames from appearing until the distraction is cleared.
  7. Blocking the screen with two paint blobs, which can be wiped off using Stylus, preventing Touch League microgames from appearing until the distraction is cleared.
  8. Shrinking the Touch Screen.
  9. Blocking the screen with a glass full of wine, which can be removed by tilting the system to the far left or right, preventing Twist League microgames from appearing until the distraction is cleared.
  10. Randomly speeding up or slowing down the microgame.
"Wario Deluxe is back...and this time I'm powered up! If you thought Wario was aggravating, wait till you get a load of me!"
Title of Cruise Controls Cruise Controls is a game mode unlocked after playing the Wario Interrupts mode once. The player controls the speed of the Dribble Taxi by tilting the Nintendo 3DS. The faster the taxi's speed, the faster the microgames are played. The player must complete a set of 15 microgames in as little time as possible. "Remember your ol' pal Dribble? I'm keeping cool with my new mode that lets you adjust a game's speed by tilting your system. When you reach the finish line, we'll see how you did on time."
Title of Split Screen Kat & Ana take turns playing microgames. Kat's games are played on the top screen of the Nintendo 3DS, while Ana's are played on the bottom. There are no transitions between games, so the player has little time to prepare. This mode can be played using the Mash or Ultra control schemes. "This is Kat and Ana! There's no time for rest in our mode! When the game on the top screen stops, another one'll start right away on the bottom screen. You're gonna need all your concentration skills here!"
Title of Battle Time Battle Time is a Local Multiplayer mode hosted by Young Cricket & Master Mantis. Two players battle against each other by playing the same microgame at the same time. The objective is to keep playing microgames until the opponent loses their last life. Lives are lost after losing microgames. The players can choose one to four lives, and the host can also choose which league to play from. If both players lose their last life from the same microgame, the mode will enter sudden death and the next person to lose a microgame will lose the battle. After a winner is declared, the results for each microgame played will be shown. "Hello, player. I, Young Cricket, have the honor of introducing an exciting new mode. Here, you challenge your friends who also have WarioWare Gold! Face-to-face competition is key to any training regimen, so don't hesitate. Let the battle begin!"

Names in other languages[edit]

All Mixed Up
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ごちゃまぜ
French Tout mélangé All Mixed
Spanish A lo loco All Over the Place
Thrill Ride
Language Name Meaning
Japanese スリリング
French Mort subite Sudden Death
Spanish Muerte súbita Sudden Death
Super Hard
Language Name Meaning
Japanese げきむず
Extremely difficult
French Super difficile Super Hard
Spanish Hiperdifícil Hyper Hard
Wario Watch
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリウォッチ
Wari Wocchi
French Wario Watch -
Spanish Wario Watch -
Sneaky Gamer
Language Name Meaning
Japanese こっそりゲーマー
Kossori Gēmā
Stealthy Gamer
French Gamer furtif Stealthy Gamer
Spanish A escondidas In Secret
Wario Interrupts
Language Name Meaning
Japanese おじゃまワリオ
Ojama Wario
Interruption Wario
French Wario s'en mêle Wario Gets Involved
Spanish Incordio Wario Wario the Nuisance
Cruise Controls
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピコピコレース
Piko Piko Rēsu
Mashing Race
French Contre la montre Against the Watch
Spanish Gas a fondo Pedal to the Metal
Split Screen
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノンストップ
Non Sutoppu
French Sans arrêt Nonstop
Spanish Sin parar Nonstop
Battle Time
Language Name Meaning
Japanese たいせん
French Mode duel Duel Mode
Spanish (NOA) Batalla Battle
Spanish (NOE) Combate Fight


Main article: List of WarioWare Gold microgames

WarioWare Gold is a collection of 300 microgames (not counting the boss microgames), 54 of which are new to the series. Each microgame falls under a specific genre – "Intro Games," "Sports", "That's Life", "Fantasy", "Nintendo Classics", "Anything Goes" – and a control scheme – "Mash", "Twist", "Touch", "Blow".


Main article: List of souvenirs in WarioWare Gold

Similarly to WarioWare: Twisted! and Game & Wario, WarioWare Gold features extra content in the form of souvenirs, obtainable via the Capsule Machine. These souvenirs are divided into eight categories: Minigames, Phones, Studio, Movies, Cards, Nintendo, Records and Miscellaneous.


Main article: List of WarioWare Gold missions

Missions are certain milestones that can be achieved, similar to medals in WarioWare: D.I.Y. Once a mission is completed, the player is rewarded with a certain number of coins.

Changes from previous WarioWare games[edit]

Main article: List of WarioWare Gold microgame changes


  • All microgame speeds are 120 bpm by default.
  • Some of the sounds and music in the microgames are either remixed, rearranged, or replaced entirely.
  • Several returning microgames are given new names; for example, I Spy from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! was renamed to Busted!
  • Microgames returning from WarioWare: D.I.Y. and WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase now have three difficulty levels like the microgames returning from other games, rather than simply using one set difficulty level.
  • All WarioWatch microgames are usually set to normal length.

Nintendo eShop description[edit]

American English version
The infamous schemer, Wario, is back! Play his brand-new microgame collection, where you'll have seconds to complete 300 different microgames. Better think fast to succeed! You'll use the touchscreen, tilt the system, push buttons, and rock the mic as you laugh through fully voiced stories featuring new and classic characters!
British English version
The latest in the WarioWare series is coming to Nintendo 3DS family systems! Which means, there's a new way to play Wario's strangely satisfying microgames. With classics and new additions, there are 300 microgames to enjoy, making this the biggest entry in the series! Press buttons, tilt the system, use the Touch Screen and microphone, and dig that crazy action while it's hot!


For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:WarioWare Gold.

As in Game & Wario, the characters have been redesigned in a much more simplified style, with some details being removed like Wario's gloves lacking Ws and characters looking far more angular such as Dribble.


For a complete list of media for this subject, see List of WarioWare Gold media.
Audio.svg 18 x 13
File infoMedia:18 x 13 WarioWare Gold.oga
Audio.svg Ashley's Theme
File infoMedia:Ashley's Theme - WarioWare Gold Soundtrack.oga
Audio.svg Body Rock
File infoMedia:Body Rock WarioWare Gold.oga
Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?


Audio.svg Index Jingles
File infoMedia:IndexJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Wario Jingles
File infoMedia:WarioJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Ashley Jingles
File infoMedia:AshleyJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?


All returning microgames in WarioWare Gold were reprogrammed and redrawn from scratch.[7] To select microgames for inclusion, Goro Abe polled the staff on their favorites and then ranked them according to other factors, such as how easily understood the microgame is or if it did not feel dated.[7] The team aimed to update the microgame with new scenarios, more gameplay variables and also created connections between them that did not exist in their original form, with Abe citing how the remade versions of Hookin' Up, Love Tester, Rocky Reunion, Tearful Reunion, and Long Lost Love depict "a drama between a man and woman that spans several microgames." The Split Screen Challenge mode was an idea that the WarioWare development team had wanted to do since the days of the Nintendo DS, but the concept had been too taxing on the hardware.[7]

Full voice acting was included for the first time in the series as the development team felt that it would lead to a deeper connection between the player and the game and make the characters feel more alive, although Abe stated future games would not necessarily retain full voice acting.[8] While the game was released after the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Goro Abe ruled out porting WarioWare Gold to the platform, stating it would "come with a number of issues" and that it would be difficult to reproduce "the same sense of fun".[8]

Speaking about the design of the unlockable souvenirs, Goro Abe explained that while WarioWare: Twisted! and WarioWare: Touched! featured a large number of toys centered around the touch screen and gyro as both technologies were still fairly novel at the time, the team felt such unlockables were unnecessary for Gold due to how commonplace both forms of inputs had become and that with the end-of-development crunch, they preferred to focus on extras that did not require as much programming effort like Records.[7]

In a 2018 interview with GameInformer, Goro Abe explained that the future of the WarioWare series would be contingent on the reception to Gold.[8] A sequel, titled WarioWare: Get It Together! would be announced for release on the Nintendo Switch in 2021.


WarioWare Gold has received positive reviews from critics, being hailed as a return to form for the series after the poor reception to Game & Wario. Reviews praised the return to the microgame formula, the amount of content, the humor of the cutscenes, and the quality of the voice acting. Common points of criticisms were that due to the game's nature as a compilation, WarioWare Gold lacks much of the sense of surprise found in previous titles, as well as the game's large number of "filler" unlockables such as alarm clocks and phone calls.

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo 3DS Tristan Ogilvie, IGN 7/10 "Like the gaming equivalent of binge-watching a playlist of the funniest Vine videos, WarioWare Gold provides some enjoyable short attention span shenanigans, particularly for newcomers. But in the absence any[sic] substantial new additions and a paucity of worthwhile extras, WarioWare Gold is more like a runner-up silver for long term fans of the series."
Nintendo 3DS James O'Connor, GameSpot 8/10 "WarioWare Gold might not be entirely new, but it's the best representation available of what makes this series special. It's a true greatest hits package that showcases Wario's unique weirdo vibe, and this style of play remains inventive and thrilling 15 years after the original Game Boy Advance game. We're still hoping for an entirely new title on Switch in the future, but for now Gold is a compelling, generous victory lap."
Nintendo 3DS Steve Bowling, Nintendo Life 9/10 "WarioWare Gold is proof that there's life yet in the venerable 3DS line of handhelds. The microgames on offer are some of the series' best, and the fully-voiced cutscenes in the Story mode are hilarious. Challenge mode will give you plenty of reason to come back and the unlockable souvenirs are our favourite in the series to date. We would have loved to have seen this on Switch as well, but it's clear this game was designed for the 3DS from the ground up. With its absurdist humour, wonderful voice acting (courtesy of Charles Martinet, naturally), immensely satisfying gameplay and stern challenges - many of which will make even the most seasoned players' palms sweat - WarioWare offers something for everyone. If this does turn out to be the 3DS' swansong, then it's going out on a high."
Nintendo 3DS Chris Carter, Destructoid 6.5/10 "My main concern with WarioWare Gold, exacerbated by the lack of download play and only one real multiplayer gametype at that, is that it doesn't really have legs. Many of the extra modes are homogenized to the point where if you've played a few of them you've played them all, and it only took me a few days to unlock every game and peruse them individually. It's a step down from the Wii U's Game & Wario; a flawed but creative romp that I still play to this day."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 78
GameRankings 79.98%


According to Japanese sales tracker Dengeki Online, WarioWare Gold sold 138,024 units by December 30, making it the best-selling new 3DS release of 2018.[9] In a Top 100 list of the best selling games of 2018 published by Famitsu, the game was ranked #38th.[10]


Main article: List of WarioWare Gold staff

Unlike previous WarioWare titles which were even collaborations between Intelligent Systems and Nintendo's SPD 1 team, WarioWare Gold was primarily developed by Intelligent Systems staff (most of which had previously worked on Paper Mario: Color Splash) outside of the involvement of series lead Goro Abe (who returns as the chief director) and Ko Takeuchi, who produced the character art, storyboarded and animated the game's cutscenes, and voiced Joe in the Japanese dub of the game[11]. Youichi Tada acts as the game's sub-director and Nami Komuro, one of the writers of Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates, wrote the game's cutscenes.

WarioWare Gold notably recasts every character beside Wario, who were previously voiced by members of Nintendo of America's Treehouse department, with professional anime and video game voice actors. It is also the first game in the series to be fully dubbed in languages other than English.

Pre-release and unused content[edit]

  • An early version of Penny's intro cutscene exists in the game's files. This cutscene mostly consists of sketches by the game's character design Ko Takeuchi, and features a few minor differences in character and background designs as well, like for the laboratory in the background.[12][13]
  • Just like the other stage jingles, the Index has an intro jingle too in the game's files, but it goes unused.[14]
  • The \Toy\Afreco\Texture\ directory contains previews of each character cutscene, although with a black border and a resolution (180x108) beneath it. The image filenames are full file paths: for example, C:/Projects/Wax/share/Development/Resources/Toy/Afreco/Lyt/NoArc_tga/ThmAfreco_Ashley_Ep.tga.

References to other games[edit]

References in later games[edit]

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: WarioWare Gold's artwork for Wario, 5-Volt, 9-Volt & 18-Volt, Ashley, Dr. Crygor, Dribble & Spitz, Fronk, Jimmy T, Kat & Ana, Orbulon, Mona, and Young Cricket is reused for their spirits in this game.
  • WarioWare: Get It Together!: This game uses the same character designs and voice actors from its predecessor. The microgame genres also return in this game. A bag from Joe's Clothes appears in Mona's room during the intro of her story. The chef from Top Notch appears in So Kneady. In one of 9-Volt's gallery images, he and Fronk wear the outfits they wear in 9-Volt's stage from this game. Goro Desert resembles the background of the Mash League.
  • WarioWare: Move It!: Long-Lost Love and Distant Darling appear in a microgame. The characters reuse their designs from this game, as well as some voice clips in the story stages. The carotene logs that Orbulon brought to the potluck in this game appear as memories in the background of Orbulon's stage. Mr. Sparkles returns as the host of Megagame Muscles.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メイド イン ワリオ ゴージャス
Meido in Wario Gōjasu
Made in Wario Gorgeous


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