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The following is a list of all the microgames that appear in WarioWare: Touched!. Each microgame was developed by a WarioWare employee, which can be played by going to either Games or Album on the main menu. Every character has 20 normal microgames (Wario has 21) and 1 boss microgame. There are a total of 190 microgames.

A microgame with an italic font means that it lasts twice as long.

Touch Training[edit]

Touch Training is Wario's set of microgames. This is the only set of microgames which are available from the start. Basically, the microgames involve touching objects. Before reaching the boss stage, 8 microgames are played. The intermission stage consists him of riding his bike. Number of lives are represented by speedometers. If the player wins, the speedometers spike back and forth. If the player loses, Wario gets shakened. Wario is not involved in any of these microgames, even though they were created by him.


Don't be an embarrassment to your family; play my Touch Training stage!


Icon Microgame Description Icon Microgame Description
Party Popper Icon.png Party Popper Balloons are lame. Pop 'em! Pet Peeved Icon.png Pet Peeved Poke a kitty...before we're all DOOMED!
Waste with Haste Icon.png Waste with Haste Tap the end of the mechanical pencil! WASTE, WASTE, WASTE! Big Bang Icon.png Big Bang Tap the fireworks to set 'em off! KABOOM!
Taping a Leak Icon.png Taping a Leak Nobody likes leakage. Patch it! Sleepy Head Icon.png Sleepy Head Bang on something loud! They didn't want to sleep, anyway.
Up for Grabs Icon.png Up for Grabs Some people will tell you that grabbing is rude. Ignore 'em! In fact, touch this falling stick to grab it! Tune Out Icon.png Tune Out Pay attention and play the same notes the teacher plays or she'll go ballistic!
Freak Mutation Icon.png Freak Mutation Watch whatever falls from the top screen and choose the thing that changed. Bug Eyed Icon.png Bug Eyed A starving, carnivorous bug is hiding over there on that tree trunk. Go ahead and poke it! It probably won't bite.
Lose Your Marble Icon.png Lose Your Marble Chisel the marble block! Not everyone can have a chiseled body like Wario. Wrap Sheet Icon.png Wrap Sheet Squish, pop, snap! This is almost as much fun as sitting on birthday cakes!
Swamp Things Icon.png Swamp Things Poke 'em in the eyes before they go for your head! Number Cruncher Icon.png Number Cruncher Tap 'em in order!
Perfect Match Icon.png Perfect Match Study the cards; when they flip over, find a match! Housewares Icon.png Housewares Search the house for an item that matches the example!
Profiler Icon.png Profiler Check out the spinning silhouette on the top screen, and then tap its match on the Touch Screen! Into the Sunset Icon.png Into the Sunset Smack everything into the sunset!
Character Development Icon.png Character Development Tap flying letters to spell the word. If you grab the wrong letter, you have to start all over! Accountant Assault Icon.png Accountant Assault Calculate the equation! If you're a geek and already know the answer, just punch it in and press the = button.
Rump Roast Icon.png Rump Roast Whip that rump and race to victory!
You Break It You Buy It Icon.png BOSS: You Break It, You Buy It Flies are crawling all over your window! Swat the screen to knock 'em off, but don't crack it too many times or you'll shatter the screen!

Cute Cuts[edit]

Cute Cuts are Mona's set of microgames. These are unlocked after completing Wario's stage. The microgames mostly involve cutting objects, but there are some microgames that involve dragging stuff. After reaching the boss stage, 10 microgames are played. Her intermission stage consisted of her being chased by the Dinosaur's ship view through 4.2's periscope. Number of lives are represented by soccer balls. If the player wins, Mona smiles and the word "HIT" appears (or a heart in PAL versions). If the player loses, the ship closes on the screen, Mona shows her "death" face and the word "MISS" appears (or a broken heart on the PAL versions).


Rock out with my Cute Cuts!


Icon Microgame Description Icon Microgame Description
Steel Chef Icon.png Steel Chef Go on a chopping rampage and slice anything that gets in your way! Clog It Icon.png Clog It Use up the entire roll!
Snivel Disobedience Icon.png Snivel Disobedience Snip the Drip! Zoooooooo Icon.png Zoooooooo Grab the animal and stretch it! Not recommended with venomous snakes.
Blowin Up Icon.png Blowin' Up Pull the string and plug your ears! Running of the Bull's-eye Icon.png Running of the Bull's-eye Tag the target right in the bull's-eye!
Sinking Feeling Icon.png Sinking Feeling Hold the sagging road up to get the car across the sinkhole! Star Struck Icon.png Star Struck Ninjas are cool, except when they try to steal your ice cream! Hurl a star to show him what's up!
Face-Lift Icon.png Face-Lift Make the face match the one on the top screen. Cage Match Icon.png Cage Match Slice the rope to drop the cage and trap the animal!
Straight Faces Icon.png Straight Faces Spin the wheels to make 'em all match! No Love for You Icon.png No Love for You Tear off the petals! Don't get your hopes up...
Quite Puzzled Icon.png Quite Puzzled Slide the panels to solve the puzzle! Pass Aggressive Icon.png Pass Aggressive Don't be a hog; pass the ball!
Tuft It Out Icon.png Tuft It Out Life getting a little hairy? Grab hold of the problem and pull!! Sweeping Victory Icon.png Sweeping Victory Drop him like a sack of potatoes!
Fresh Squeezed Icon.png Fresh Squeezed Tug on the udders to full your bucket with milk. Alternate udders for maximum milking action! Got the Chops Icon.png Got the Chops Prove you've got the chops!
It Slices It Dices Icon.png It Slices, It Dices Don't ask; just CUT! Middle Management Icon.png Middle Management Slash your stylus across the clown's belly blocks, but don't let it topple over!
Pro Bowling Icon.png BOSS: Pro Bowling Bowl like you've never bowled before!

Dance Club Rub[edit]

Dance Club Rub is Jimmy T.'s set of microgames. These are unlocked after completing Wario's stage. These microgames involve rubbing objects. After reaching the boss stage, 12 microgames are played. Jimmy's intermission consists of Jimmy and his family standing behind a microphone. Lives are represented by disco balls. If the player wins, the Thang Family and the disco balls smile. If the player loses, the Thang Family frowns and a disco ball falls.


My Dance Club Rub microgames are so booty shakin', they break the scientific of funkstication!


Icon Microgame Description Icon Microgame Description
Impressionism Icon.png Impressionism Rub the paper to make a copy of the coin underneath! Shakedown Icon.png Shakedown Shake the tree!
Pet Petter Icon.png Pet Petter Bleh, it's a hideous monster! You go ahead and pet it, sicko! Arms Race Icon.png Arms Race Hey, weakling! Lift that body and do some chin-ups!"
Chalk Full Icon.png Chalk Full You've been scribbling on the blackboard! CLEAN UP YOUR MESS! Oh Snap Icon.png Oh, Snap! Tickle tickle tickle!
Scratch and Match Icon.png Scratch and Match Scratch away the silver circles to find a match! Wishful Thinking Icon.png Wishful Thinking Rub the magic lamp to free the genie! Hmm...wealth, fame, or a swimming pool full of custard?
Power Chord Icon.png Power Chord Do you wanna rock? I mean, really ROCK?! Wail on your electronic axe and take the concert to the next level! Dish It Icon.png Dish It As long as you keep the dish spinning, Mom will never find out!
Early Release Icon.png Early Release Rub the rusty bars to let out the lady! The prison guards said it was fine. Really. Ick Magnet Icon.png Ick Magnet Rub the plastic to charge it up with static juice and suck up the gunk!
Drama Clean Icon.png Drama Clean Clean the window! Touchdown Icon.png Touchdown Wave the fans to guide the floating dude to the ground.
Public Transportation Icon.png Public Transportation Pump the lever to ride the rails away from that psycho! Burning Rubber Icon.png Burning Rubber Rub away the eraser! Has anyone ever used up an entire eraser?
Sweet Sorrow Icon.png Sweet Sorrow Your annoying relatives are FINALLY going home; wave 'em good riddance! Washed Up Icon.png Washed Up That kid's face is filthy! Wipe it off!
Erosion Icon.png Erosion Smoosh the mountain or you'll go splat! Worked to a Lather Icon.png Worked to a Lather Work up a lather!
Rainbow Juice Icon.png BOSS: Rainbow Juice Rub the rainbow to fill the happy, dancing bucket with rainbow juice. Ugh, I can't believe I just said that...

Ninja Scribble[edit]

Ninja Scribble is Kat's and Ana's set of microgames. These are unlocked after completing Jamie T.'s stage, which is a mix of Wario, Mona and Jimmy's microgames and in second level. The microgames involve drawing objects, lines, and so on. After reaching the boss stage, 12 microgames are played. Their intermission stage consists them navigating through a forest. Number of lives are represented by bananas and spearheads. If the player wins, they grasp their fists in triumph. If the player loses, they cry.


Show off your sharp skills in our Ninja Scribble microgames!


Icon Microgame Description Icon Microgame Description
Finger Painting Icon.png Finger Painting Paint those nails and make 'em pretty! Pink is the new mauve! Long Division Icon.png Long Division Separate the two types of stuff!
Domestic Issue Icon.png Domestic Issue Thread the needle! Feeling Saucy Icon.png Feeling Saucy Squirt ketchup all over that grub!
One-Liner Icon.png One-Liner Trace the line without lifting your stylus! Finish Line Icon.png Finish Line Draw a line through the course to the finish line!
Hair Supply Icon.png Hair Supply Draw a sweet 'stache or a beefy beard on the dude's face! Just match the picture above! Bright Idea Icon DS.png Bright Idea Connect both ends of the battery!
Whats Your Sign Icon.png What's Your Sign? Connect the stars to draw a constellation. If the line breaks, you aren't connecting 'em right! Divide and Conquer Icon.png Divide and Conquer Press the Touch Screen to saw stuff in half!
Write On Dude Icon.png Write On, Dude Trace the lines to paint a Japanese character. Hookin Up Icon.png Hookin' Up Draw a line to hook up the couple! Watch out for dogs, cats, and other relationship destroyers!
Corrections Officer Icon.png Corrections Officer Circle all the answers on the test! Midnight Weirdo Icon.png Midnight Weirdo A creepy little man is lurking in this dark room. Use this flashlight to find him!
The Proud the Fuse Icon.png The Proud, the Fuse Draw a fuse through the maze to set off the bomb! Ring Master Icon.png Ring Master Drag a line between the rings to make 'em disappear!
Shoo Icon.png Shoo! Get off my screen, ya darn dirt monsters! In the Loop Icon.png In the Loop Draw a circle around the buttons to make 'em disappear. Don't draw a circle that's too big, or it'll fade away.
Hi Wire Icon.png Hi, Wire! Draw a bridge across the pit of spikes! It took a lot of convincing to sell him this house... Ramp It Up Icon.png Ramp It Up Draw ramps to roll the ball into the hole!
Galaxy Bounce Icon.png BOSS: Galaxy Bounce Draw lines to bounce Orbit Ball into space! The sooner you get him outta here, the better!

Total Drag[edit]

Total Drag is Ashley and Red's microgames. These are unlocked after completing Jamie T.'s stage. The microgames involve dragging objects. After reaching the boss stage, 12 microgames are played. Also, Ashley's Theme plays during the microgames. The intermission stage consists of a steel door which opens to reveal a microgame. Number of lives are represented by Jack-O-Lanterns. If the player wins, the skull decorations sing and the Jack-O-Lanterns talk. If the player loses, the skulls and Jack-O-Lanterns appear to be angry.


All you have to do is grab stuff and move it around! But, I'm sure you'll still find a way to mess it up!


Icon Microgame Description Icon Microgame Description
Separation Anxiety Icon.png Separation Anxiety Sort stuff! I'm too lazy to do it myself. Farm Fresh Icon.png Farm Fresh Chuck the fugitive animals back in their pen!
Basket Case Icon.png Basket Case Catch the ball in the basket! Was that so hard to figure out? Greedy Hands Icon.png Greedy Hands Get greedy! Stuff the coins into your wallet!
I am Number 1 Icon.png I'm #1! Catch falling rings on your finger! Next time, I gotta make this game with doughnuts... Rock Fever Icon.png Rock Fever Move the slide around under the microscope to find the virus that matches the example. Wooohoooo...VIRUS DANCE PARTY!
On Strike Icon.png On Strike Rub the match along the rough stuff! Drop in a Bucket Icon.png Drop in a Bucket Catch every drop from the leaking ceiling before it hits my vintage shag carpet!
Sugar Rush Icon.png Sugar Rush Tap and stretch the tongue to gobble up the candy, then let go to send it snapping back into his mouth! Pipe Dream Icon.png Pipe Dream Grab that thing and drag it through the machine to turn it into some other thing. Things are cool.
Birdcicle Icon.png Birdcicle Make a bridge for the fancy penguin. It's too good to swim! Sneeze Please Icon.png Sneeze, Please! Tickle until it sneezes!
Fatapult Icon.png Fatapult Lift the big-boned guy and plop him down to catapult the acrobat! Catch of the Day Icon DS.png Catch of the Day Catch some fish!
Cheap Thrill Icon.png Cheap Thrill Dig through the sale pile, find what you want, and chuck it into your cart! Fill Er Up Icon.png Fill 'Er Up Open the hatch to fill the jar with candy, but don't let it overflow! Oh, and NO MORE "TASTE TESTING"!
Don't Blow It Icon.png Don't Blow It Light all the candles with the match! Don't even think about singing that song. Chance of Showers Icon.png Chance of Showers Aim the statue's fountain to douse the fire!
Oh, the Irony Icon.png Oh, the Irony Iron my clothes, slacker! Very Attractive Icon.png Very Attractive Drag the paper clip between the magnets without getting sucked in!
Global Warning Icon.png BOSS: Global Warning Grab the earth and use it to crush an alien invasion!

Slightly Unscrewed[edit]

Slightly Unscrewed is Dr. Crygor's set of microgames. These are unlocked after completing Jamie T.'s stage. The microgames involve spinning or rotating objects. After reaching the boss stage, 12 microgames are played. His intermission consists the TUNA. Number of lives are represented by half-metal apples. if the player wins, the TUNA glows with different colors. If the player loses, steam appears out of Dr. Crygor's compartment.


Spin, twirl, and whirl my Slightly Unscrewed microgames!


Icon Microgame Description Icon Microgame Description
Free Range Icon.png Free Range Spin the cage to free the beast! Heads Will Roll Icon.png Heads Will Roll Roll the snowball to build an enormous snowman! Use it to take over the world... or at least the cold parts.
Space Buffet Icon.png Space Buffet Spin the black hole! It's hungry enough to eat an entire intergalactic buffet! Big as a Whale Icon.png Big as a Whale Spin the reel to haul in the fish!
Watered Down Icon.png Watered Down Spin the valve to fill the cup over the line, but don't let it overflow! Goin Loopy Icon.png Goin' Loopy Spin circles around their head! Better keep a bucket handy...
Engine Trouble Icon.png Engine Trouble Spin the propeller as fast as you can until the gauge hits MAX, then let her rip! Catch a Tune Icon.png Catch a Tune Brrrrrrzzzzt... turn the... brrrrrzzzztttt... radio... bzzzt... dial to... bzzzzzttttt... tune in!
Unwind Icon.png Unwind This picture is all wonky! Spin it back to normal! Stroke of Genius Icon.png Stroke of Genius Swing the swimmer's arms in a circle to beat the other fools to the end of the pool!
Drop the Ball Icon.png Drop the Ball Tilt the box to roll the ball through the hole! It's just not right to cage a wild ball! Track and Field Icon.png Track and Field Spin the turntable to get the cart to the people: they need their applesauce!
Straight to Video Icon.png Straight to Video Turn the VCR dial to match the picture on the two screens! Fried Goodness Icon.png Fried Goodness CHOMP! Spin. CHOMP! Spin. CHOMP!
Good Times Icon.png Good Times Spin the long hand to set the clock! Im Gonna Hurl Icon.png I'm Gonna Hurl Spin the beefy boy and throw the hammer!
Flower to Tower Icon.png Flower to Tower Spin the crank to raise the basket and deliver flowers! Hey, where's my tip?! Gym Locker Icon.png Gym Locker Follow the directions on the top screen and spin the dial to crack the safe.
Spin a Yarn Icon.png Spin a Yarn Unravel the yarn! Luna-see Icon.png Luna-see Aim the telescope at the moon: there's some kind of alien infestation!
Living Room Rally Icon.png BOSS: Living Room Rally A giant, slobbering monster is chasing after you! Steer your radio-controlled car to get away!

Mic Rocking[edit]

Mic Rocking is Mike's set of microgames. These are unlocked after completing James T.'s stage, which is a mix of Kat and Ana, Ashley and Dr. Crygor's microgames and in second level. The microgames involve blowing on the microphone that's on the Nintendo DS system. After reaching the boss stage, 10 microgames are played. His intermission stage consists of him performing on a karaoke stage in front of the alien bunnies. Number of lives are represented by microphones. If the player wins, everyone dances. If the player loses, everyone gets disappointed.


Karaoke algorithms running at maximum efficiency! Ready to initiate Mic Rocking microgames!


Icon Microgame Description Icon Microgame Description
Spindy Day Icon.png Spindy Day This is just a pinwheel. You can blow on it if you want. Sweet Nothings Icon.png Sweet Nothings Blow into the microphone to whisper sweet nothings! You love the Wario!
Pop Art Icon.png Pop Art Blow a bubble with your gum. Blow gently, or you'll pop it and get it all over your face! Call of Nature Icon.png Call of Nature Blow the right horn to imitate the animal on the top screen!
Cup Runneth Over Icon.png Cup Runneth Over Blow into the straw to make your water bubble up. Fun, right? Try it next time you eat dinner at a fancy restaurant! Everyone will love you. Winter Fresh Icon.png Winter Fresh Fog up the window!
Light Sleeper Icon.png Light Sleeper Keep the old man floating over your head! Admiral Blowhard Icon.png Admiral Blowhard Blow some wind for that ship!
Cool It Icon.png Cool It Use your minty-fresh breath to cool things off. Rising Inflation Icon.png Rising Inflation Inflate the balloon and send it flying!
Crowd Control Icon.png Crowd Control Rabid fans cramp your superstar style! Blow 'em off! Deep Breath Icon.png Deep Breath Blow air bubbles to rocket to the surface!
Abdominal Blowman Icon.png Abdominal Blowman Blow air into the inflatable doll to make it do sit-ups! Why? I have no idea. Clearing the Air Icon.png Clearing the Air Blow away the smoke!
Lung Capacity Icon.png Lung Capacity Trumpet until the song is over! In Your Face Icon.png In Your Face Blow as hard as you can to push the ball back at your friend's face!
Silent but Deadly Icon.png Silent but Deadly Blow into the microphone to hit the targets with your blowgun! Hit the Gust Icon.png Hit the Gust Blow the wind-powered car! Don't blow it too far, or it'll get flattened!
Over Easy Icon.png Over Easy Blow it over! On the Fly Icon.png On the Fly Blow the airplane through the hoop!
Seedy Area Icon.png BOSS: Seedy Area Blow the seed to the ground! Beware: geese and fish are evil!

Retro Action[edit]

Retro Action is 9-Volt's and 18-Volt's set of microgames. These are unlocked after completing James T.'s stage. The microgames involve various Nintendo classic titles and consoles, and also use all controls that were used in the past microgames. After reaching the boss stage, 10 microgames are played. His intermission stage consists of him deejaying with his turntable while 18-Volt stands in the background. Number of lives are represented by vinyl records. If the player wins, 9-Volt and the mini Mario and Luigi figures hold their fists in triumph while 18-Volt chatters and "V"s appear on the vinyl records. If the player loses, 9-Volt gets dizzy, 18-Volt looks down with his glasses turning blue, and the mini Mario and Luigi figures faint.


Old-school rules in my Retro Action microgames!


In localized versions of WarioWare: Touched!, one microgame, Famicom Tantei Club 2, was replaced by a completely different game, Metroid.

Icon Microgame Description Icon Microgame Description
Super Mario Bros. WWTouched A Icon.png Super Mario Bros. Bump the blocks to get some coins! Don't forget the hidden blocks! The Legend of Zelda WWTouched Icon.png The Legend of Zelda Grab the fairies!
Duck Hunt WWTouched Icon.png Duck Hunt Gun down anything that flies! Metroid WWTouched Icon.png Metroid (localization) Pull those things off her head!
Famicom Tantei Club 2 WWTouched Icon.png Famicom Tantei Club 2 (Japan) たんていクン、じけんよ!はやく うえがめんとの ちがいをさがして! Game Watch Toss Up WWTouched Icon.png Game & Watch Toss Up Grab the hands and move 'em to keep the balls in the air.
Pushing Buttons Icon.png Pushing Buttons Flip and spin the game system to find the right button, and then press it! Mario Paint WWTouched Icon.png Mario Paint Finish the ugly painting!
Game On Icon.png Game On Plug in, turn on, and start playing! 8-Bit Hero Icon.png 8-Bit Hero Look at both pictures and tap the pixel that's different!
Game Watch Flagman WWTouched Icon.png Game & Watch Flagman Pay attention to the order that the flags are waved, and then repeat it! Gold Digger WWTouched Icon.png Gold Digger Push the button to dig for gold! Ooooh, that's a big one!
Super Mario Bros WWTouched B Icon.png Super Mario Bros. Poke your foes! Button Masher Icon DS.png Button Masher Tap the A Button button to issue an 8-bit beatdown!
Game Watch Oil Panic WWTouched Icon.png Game & Watch Oil Panic Catch the leaking oil in your bucket! You can use it later to fry me up something greasy! Clawing for More Icon.png Clawing for More Pull the claw handles together to stretch the arm and grab the ball! Fear the claw!
Donkey Kong 3 WWTouched Icon.png Donkey Kong 3 Blow the ape to the top! Balloon Fight WWTouched Icon.png Balloon Fight Tap enemy balloon riders to make 'em crash and burn, but don't hit the dude with the red balloon!
Hogans Alley WWTouched Icon.png Hogan's Alley Grease the goons! You better spare the innocent hostages, too. Game Watch Lion WWTouched Icon.png Game & Watch Lion Lions may be ferocious, but they can't stand up to the awesome power of a...chair.
Famicom WWTouched Icon.png Famicom I ordered this weird old system from Japan. It has a microphone built into the controller. Blow it to crush the enemies!
Gunslinger WWTouched Icon.png BOSS: Gunslinger Shoot the cans to the bins. I can't be bothered to carry 'em there.

Super Zero[edit]

Super Zero is Wario Man's set of microgames. These are unlocked after completing Mike and 9-Volt's stage. The microgames involve all the controls that were used in the past microgames. Pretty much every microgame involves Wario in some way. After reaching the boss stage, 14 microgames are played. His intermission stage consists of him punching a concrete wall to reveal a microgame. Number of lives are represented by smiling garlic. If the player wins, Wario-Man holds his fist in triumph. If the player loses, Wario-Man shows his "death" expression.


My explosive Super Zero microgames will blow your un-super mind!


Icon Microgame Description Icon Microgame Description
Bubble Head Icon.png Bubble Head Don'tcha hate bubbles? Destroy 'em! You Scratch Mine Icon.png You Scratch Mine Scratch my back! Eh? You want me to scratch yours? Bwahaha!
Hot Flash Icon.png Hot Flash Get me out of all these clothes! I'm sweating like a Goomba at a plumber parade! Launch Line Icon.png Launch Line Draw a fuse and push the launch button!
Scrambled Egg Icon.png Scrambled Egg Sticking your finger into heavy machinery is usually a bad idea. Except in this game. Short Fuse Icon.png Short Fuse Cut the blue wire! WAIT... no... the red one! Maybe the yellow one? Oh, no...
Spario Icon.png Spario Punch the bags to get in shape for the title fight! You gotta want it, kid! Wheres Wario Icon.png Where's Wario Roll the ball to find a picture of His Stankyness!
Air Male Icon.png Air Male Pump the plunger to fill the balloon and pop it! Wanna Slice Icon.png Wanna Slice? Spin the melted mound of cheesy goodness and cut along the lines.
Nitpicking Icon.png Nitpicking Squish the fleas! Fan Fair Icon.png Fan Fair Don't let my sweet, sweet cash fall into the incinerator! Oh...the humanity!
Daily Grind Icon DS.png Daily Grind Tear away the pages to match the date on the top screen! Feel the Beat Icon.png Feel the Beat Some freak is trying to pop out of the drums! Whack him!
Domino Theory Icon.png Domino Theory Tap to punch the domino blocks over. If you see a piece out of line, fix it! Upper Cut Icon.png Upper Cut Punch me with the fist!
Dead Simon Says Icon.png Dead Simon Says Change the skeleton's pose to match the example! Buried Treasure Icon.png Buried Treasure Blow away the sand to search for a buried coin, then grab it!
Itll Grow Back Icon.png It'll Grow Back Grab the tail and pull it off! Don't worry; it'll grow back. Right? The Crate Escape Icon.png The Crate Escape Get off your duff and pile up some crates!
Being Nosy Icon.png BOSS: Being Nosy Golden treasures await you in scenic Nostril Cavern!

Unlisted microgame[edit]

Main article: Tread Carefully
WarioWare Touched! Tread Carefully.png

At times the player will get a microgame in which they cannot blow on the microphone while a group of Fronks are crossing a gap. This microgame only appears when the main microgame involves using the microphone. It may appear in Mic Rocking, Retro Action and Super Zero, but is not listed on any character's game album. It can also be played in the post-game mix stages.

This microgame was later named Tread Carefully in its WarioWare Gold appearance.