Ashley's Creepy Crew

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Ashley's Creepy Crew

Ashley's Creepy Crew is a group from WarioWare: Touched!. The group mostly consists of classic horror monsters: clockwise from the top left, they are Frankenstein's monster, a ghost, a vampire, a werewolf, and a character resembling Tibby (the protagonist of Rhythm Heaven Megamix) wearing a pumpkin costume. Though none of them make a physical appearance in-game, they provide backup vocals for Ashley's Theme, which plays during Ashley's stage. The group is first seen properly in a short comic on Nintendo's Japan website titled "Ashley no Halloween Night". After Ashley uses her magic to dress herself and Red in their costumes, the Crew knocks on her door. Red brings Ashley's attention to them, and everyone walks off into the night.

In Ashley and Red's character trailer for WarioWare Gold, her creepy crew are depicted by other WarioWare characters: Young Cricket as Frankenstein's monster, Kat as a werewolf, Ana as a ghost, and 9-Volt as a vampire. Tibby is not represented in the trailer, but Penny depicting Red appears instead.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese (Simplified) 合唱团 愉快的朋友们
Héchàngtuán Yúkuài de Péngyǒu men
Choir Happily Friends
French Ashley et compagnie Ashley and company
Italian La truppa di Ashley Ashley's crew
Korean 코러스 유쾌한 아이들
Koreoseu Yukwaehan Aideul

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