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An Awful Virus is an entity appearing exclusively in WarioWare: Touched!, along with the Wario Virus. Like the Wario Virus, only three appear in the game, and very briefly. Unlike them, however, Awful Viruses, as their name suggests, are harmful rather than beneficial.

During the prologue of Wario-Man's story, Wario, being very sick and in pain, retrieves Nasty Garlic from his refrigerator, believing it is regular garlic and will help cure him. However, consuming the garlic causes a few Awful Viruses to appear in Wario's system as very small, cells that are green with yellow eyes and pink lips. The player is tasked with poking each virus to nullify it, turning it into a blank, circular cell lacking in energy. This strengthens the Wario Viruses, allowing them to consume the Awful Viruses and become even stronger, turning Wario into Wario-Man and beginning his set of microgames.

The Awful Virus is listed in the game's cast credits (along with the Wario Virus).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese わるいウイルス
Warui Uirusu
Bad Virus

Chinese (simplified) 可怕病毒
Kěpà Bìngdú
Terrible Virus

Italian Virus terribile
Terrible virus
Korean 못된 바이러스
Motdoen Baireoseu
Mean Virus