Bridget the Baker

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Bridget the Baker.
Bridget singing.

Bridget the Baker is the human owner of the Sweet Spot Bakery that Wario visits in WarioWare: Touched! After the dentist Dr. Payne told Wario to stay away from the sweets (since he got a cavity from them), he leaves the Dental Clinic and picks up the scent from the bakery. Ignoring what the dentist says, Wario asks Bridget the Baker to give him 10 pies. After a few bites, Wario gets another cavity and the pain sends him all the way to the Dental Clinic. While he flies away, Bridget bids him goodbye with a friendly "Thank you, come again." She appears later in Mona's stage under the stage name Luna. She appears on the show Ear Candy as one of the artists to have cracked the Top 5, appearing at number four while singing a short portion of Ashley's Theme. Her song is also featured in Ashley's stage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Bridget the Baker[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケーキやのてんいん みやこ
Kēki-ya no ten'in Miyako
Miyako, the Cake Shop Worker

Idol Miyako17
French Bridget la boulangère Bridget the baker
German Bäckerin Birgit "Baker Birgit"
Italian Bernadette la pasticciera Bernadette the baker
Spanish Maria la pastelera Maria the baker


Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイドル ミヤコ17
Aidoru Miyako17''
Idol Miyako17
French Natacha Duchouine Partially derived from chouiner ("whining")
Italian Jesse Gemstone -
Spanish Luna Same as English; in Latin languages it means "Moon"